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Theme Music Music Stations

7 Stations to Explore
Here you will discover music for various specific themes, including for Wedding music, News music, Game music, and more!
Neo-Lounge, Chillout Jazz, RnB Pop, Trip Hop
Vocal & Instrumental
Lush, playful, and ROMANTIC -- and GREAT for high-end retail, posh clubs, wine bars, hotel lobbies, tony restaurants, parties, and sales events between Christmas and January 1st. A touch of elegance as friends, families, and clients greet the New Year. Bonne Année! ¡Feliz Año Nuevo! Hyvää Uutta Vuotta!
Nu-Disco, Dance Pop, House, RnB, EDM
Vocal & Instrumental
A bumpin’ mix of HOT MUSIC to celebrate an EXCITING New Year! We’ve got Trip Hop, Funky RnB, Trance, House, Nu-Disco, and more. This UPBEAT music’s great for the younger crowd in trendy bars, lounges, cafes, pool halls, petrol stops, convenience stores, and retail sales events in January and beyond...
Game Show, Action, Apprehensive, Mystery, Whimsical, Quirky, Spies, Broadway
Tick-tock, the clock’s spinning out of control with our suspenseful, sometimes cheesy music like you hear on "Jeopardy" or Reality TV shows like "Survivor" or "Shark Tank." Tensions rise, hearts are pounding -- great for teens and tweens having fun in arcades, kids' shops, burger joints, or theme parties
Happy Music, Soft Pop, Chillout Jazz, Bossa Novas
Vocal & Instrumental
Our mellow, upbeat Easy Listening music is PERFECT year-round for casual or upscale restaurants, cafés, flower shops, malls, and in-store shopping. Celebrate all the special Mothers around the globe with JOY and a few LAUGHS with our jazzy, chilled instrumentals and a few cute vocals added to the mix.
Soft Pop, Easy Listening, Romantic, New Age Contemporary Music
Beautiful, romantic background music for your WEDDING DAY as your guests arrive and assemble in anticipation of the happy couple exchanging their wedding vows. Note: This elegant, tender music is for streaming BEFORE the ceremony, not during the lively wedding reception and party afterward.
Inspirational, Christian Hymns, Ethereal Gospel, Spiritual Music
Calming, inspirational music for ceremonies honoring loved ones at wakes, funerals, or memorial services to CELEBRATE the LIFE of an admired, beloved friend. These gentle melodies will lift your spirits as friends and family attend church, chapel, or funeral home gatherings for a final send-off party.
Theme songs for "Here Comes the Bride" also properly known as the "Bridal Chorus" (German: "Treulich geführt") from the 1850 opera Lohengrin by German composer Richard Wagner. This is the classic "bridal march" played for the bride's entrance at many formal weddings throughout the Western world.
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