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RnB Music Stations

38 Stations to Explore
A Hot Mix of Soul, Urban, Funk, Groove and More
Dance, Indie, Pop, RnB, Singer/Songwriter, Light Rock
Bring miles of SMILES with our sweet, upbeat mix of soft Pop and light RnB songs! Create a leisurely ambiance for your fashion shop, pop-up boutique, retail chain, wine bar, or restaurant where you enjoy a casual clientele. This music offers a pleasant shopping or dining experience for all age groups.
Pop, Dream Pop, Dance, RnB, Funk, Synth-Pop
Vocal & Instrumental
Soulful 1990's Pop and Dance music offer a cool decade of inspiration from Janet Jackson, Phil Collins, Boyz II Men, MC Hammer, and other 90's icons. Click now to get your sweet Club Groove, Cyndi Lauper-and-Madonna vibe going in a lively mix of tempos--perfect for hot clubs, parties, and class reunions.
African Pop, Afrobeat, R&B Pop
Vocal & Instrumental
AFRO SOUL is the HOTTEST music genre in 2024 with AFRO SOUL festivals popping up everywhere. This rich, seriously addictive music style always features an emotional lead male or female vocal. Lyrics are about LOVE, FAMILY & the HUMAN CONDITION. Fab for #media & perfect for trendy retail, hotels & events.
R&B, Trap, Hip Hop, Rap
Our BLACK RUSSIAN playlist is our SEXY, SASSY, SPELLBINDING sister PL to our high-ranking WHITE RUSSIAN offering, featuring COOL, contemporary HIP HOP, TRAP & DRILL music, sung in RUSSIAN. BLACK RUSSIAN is your go-to PL for ELITE & CHIC Gen-Z retail spaces, cafes, bars, clubs & FASHIONISTA venues.
Chill, Triphop, Nu Jazz, Neo Soul, RnB
Vocal & Instrumental
Once you enter our Lovers Lounge, you may NEVER want to leave! Romancing, or slow dancing, our sexy, chilled, and edgy mix of Neo-Soul, RnB, Acid Jazz, and Triphop offers a world of PASSION! It’s cool for dark lounges, VIP rooms, posh hotel bars, hip underground hideaways, and after-party chilling.
Pop, Dance, Hip Hop, Rock, Indie, RnB
Step up your game with a spicy, edgy mix of vocal RnB, Pop-Rap, Reggae/Dub, Hip Hop, Dance Pop, and more. Great ambiance for progressive urban retail shops, trendy fast fashion, and in vogue accessories stores, offering a nice flow of lively, exciting grooves for teens and a young adult clientele.
RnB Pop, Dance Pop, Deep House, Pop/EDM
Grab a partner and get your HOT MOVES and GROOVES on! Hit the dance floor and SHAKE your BOOTY to our cool dance vibes! A hip and stylish mix of dance music perfect for Gen Z and Millennial VIP rooms, buzzy nightclubs, bars, parties, raves, and fab, runway-ready FASHION trunk shows and sales events.
RnB, Urban, Neo-Soul, RnB Pop, Contemporary RnB, Smooth Soul, RnB Ballad
Cool contemporary Urban Beatz and breathy vocals for foxy fashion shops, catwalk, casual dining, and adventurous late-night bars and lounges. RnB, Urban, and Soul music with a modern edge and a smokin' chilled vibe. Click now to groove with the rhythms, lush harmonies, and the sexy-hot lyrics.
RnB Pop, Dance-Pop, Pop/EDM, Tropical Pop
When a star wins 9 GRAMMYS and is worth 1.7 Billion Dollars, the WHOLE WORLD takes notice!! And Barbados singer, RIHANNA, has inspired millions of musicians worldwide with her Pop, EDM, Dancehall, and RnB music—great fun for fashion shops, laid-back lounges, bars, progressive hotels, pubs, and festivals.
Soul, RnB, Pop, Dance, Jazz, Electronica
Vocal & Instrumental
Discover our GREAT, captivating 1980's music... It's all here: lively Pop, Dance, Funk, RnB, and other styles. Inspired by icons like Prince, Madonna, MJ, L. L. Cool J, and Lionel Richie, our fun 80's mix is great for casual dining, cafés, retro and vintage fashion, vinyl shops, and class reunions.
RnB Pop, Neo-Soul, Hip Hop Soul, Pop Groove
The whole WORLD loves BRUNO MARS, and our singers and songwriters created these hot vocals as a Tribute to this Pop/RnB icon. Named a "Forbes Celebrity 100," with 15 Grammys and multiple awards from AMA, BET, MTV, Soul Train, NAACP, and Billboard, this is fun for all age groups who LOVE funky RnB music.
RnB, Pop, Soul, Trap, Hip Hop, Dance
An ambient RnB lushness slides into town with an urban chill vibe, laid-back vocals, and overtones of Trap, EDM, and Dreampop. Inspired by icons like SZA, The Weeknd, and Frank Ocean, our new late-night music's great for upscale fashion, making love, or selfies and dancing in VIP clubs and lounges.
Funk, Disco, Hip Hop, RnB, Soul
Vocal & Instrumental
From Pop, Soul, and Disco music, to Funk and RnB, the 70's music excited a new generation of party-lovers. From NYC's Studio 54 to Paris' Le Privilège and Privé, fashion chic, designers, drugs and dance music circled the globe! And now, LOL, the high-flying 1970s are roaring back to Center Stage!
R&B, Soul, Hip Hop, Pop
Our hot URBAN SISTERS will rock your world with their soulful, sensuous RnB, Pop, and Hip Hop vocals that influencers of all ages will love. If you dig this music, our "Pop & Soul Brothers" station features some cool, hip MALE CROONERS and also is great for bars, lounges, casual dining, and shopping.
RnB Pop, Dream Pop, RnB Ballads, Chilled Hip Hop
Turn down the LIGHTS and turn up the SEXY! These contemporary, soulful RnB and Pop songs are GREAT for women's fashion, trunk shows, pop-up shops, hotel lounges, trendy restaurants, cafés, or cozy hideaways. Females will LOVE these soulful MALE VOCALS and may NEVER want to stop shopping or dining...
Pop, Indie, Soul, RnB, Dance, Rock, Electronica, Singer-Songwriter
The Hottest Female Vocalists on Planet Earth, our "Divas" have the talent and sass to grab your attention. A tasty, rockin' mix of Pop, Indie, RnB, Dance, and Rock, with tributes to Ke$ha, Lady Gaga, etc. Fun for retro fashions, shopping sprees, underground clubs, pubs, bars, and trendy urban hangouts.
RnB, Smooth Soul, Neo-Soul, Hip Hop Soul
Vocal & Instrumental
Life got you down, Baby? These mellow instrumentals and vocals offer a sparkling essence and cool rhythms to chase off those dreaded blues. Flowing melodies, sensual lyrics, and a mix of warm, urban Neo-Soul and Smooth Soul could be just what the doctor ordered. Shopping, clubbing, dancing, whatever...
Nu Jazz, Neo Soul, Future Funk, Deep House,
Vocal & Instrumental
Bring on the CITY FUNK, and the JAZZY Hip Hop fused with SOULFUL RnB, as the Cocktail Circuit raves about our funky hybrid mix of genres to create the HOTTEST music! Add a little House and Neo-Lounge for a stylish COCKTAIL of new sounds and styles for happy hours, clubs, wine bars, and laid-back lounges.
RnB, Urban, Neo-Soul, RnB Pop, Contemporary RnB, Smooth Soul
"RnB Instrumental Flow" captures the essence of contemporary RnB music and is the instrumental complement to our "RnB Pop Vocals" station. Featuring a mix of RnB, Urban, Neo-Soul, Contemporary RnB, Smooth Soul, and more, this station sets a cool, progressive, urban Afro vibe.
Contemporary RnB, Soul, Neo-Soul, RnB Pop
Superstar Beyoncé just won her 32nd Grammy, the most ever awarded in Grammy history, and acquired with her husband Jay Z (also a Superstar!) a $200M mansion in Malibu. Regarded as one of the world’s greatest, most inspirational entertainers, our talented female singers pay tribute by honoring her legacy.
RnB, Hip Hop, Soul, Pop
Vocal & Instrumental
Ah, SWEET LOVE's in the AIR today! For all of you cool guys and your sweet babes, you can kick back and sip a bit of Cristal in the VIP room, lounge, or after-hours party -- and sail away on a LUSH, SEXY DREAM with our soulful Hip Hop, RnB, and Neo-Lounge music, a mix of loving, melodic vocals and beats.
RnB Pop, Funk, Dance Pop, Hip Hop, Soul, Party Rap, Nu-Disco
Great FUN and a high-energy vibe for urban and suburban clubs, funky fashion, food courts, convenience stores, petrol stops, 7-11's, Quick-Marts, etc. Customers ON THE GO will love our super-cool mix of SONGS featuring RnB, Funk, Soul, and Party Rap! Radio-Friendly lyrics provide fun for all age groups
Pop, Electronica, Dance, Dance Pop, House, Trance
Vocal & Instrumental
Let's MOVE IT and get up on the DANCE FLOOR! With a Dance Pop vibe, you can take a trip back through the ages of dance music, featuring the hottest blend of the '80s, '90s, and 2000's moving, grooving music. Fun for clubs, bars, retro fashion, food courts, malls, ice cream shops, and fast-casual dining.
Neo-Soul, RnB Pop, Southern Soul, Contemporary RnB
Celebrating the rich diversity of our AMAZING Black Singers around the world, we present the best of the best -- our most SOULFUL, sometimes SASSY, songs created by our BLACK DIVAS! A sweet mix of Neo-Soul and Contemporary RnB, all perfect for fashion, casual dining, pubs, and the late-night club scene.
Trip Hop, Quirky Pop, Pop/EDM, Funk, RnB, Electronica
Vocal & Instrumental
Fifty Shades of FUNK 'n' CRAZY -- so sexy, so thrilling... Grab a little mischief and fun on Peach Zebra, and enjoy an insane mix of Electronica, Pop/EDM, Indie Rock, Alt Pop, and DJ favorites. Strut your way to a world of snappy dancing, edgy fashion, club chillin’, and a stylish big-city Glam.
Cool RnB, Jazz Funk, Electronica, Blues, Hip Hop
Vocal & Instrumental
A sweet mix of SOULFUL and FUNKY rhythms celebrates iconic 70's Blaxploitation films like "Shaft," "Superfly," and Melvin Van Peebles' "... Baadasssss Song." These grooves are dope for media stars and celebs in cool-cat clubs, bars, VIP rooms, urban fashion, barbershops, fast food, and good lovin'.
African Pop, Cape Verde, Dance Pop, Caribbean, Hip Hop, RnB, Soul, Future Pop, Mozambique
These spicy songs SIZZLE like the Chili Peppers in Africa's PERI-PERI SAUCE! With roots in Africa and Portugal, our Afro Pop, RnB Pop, and Hip Hop add fun for casual dining, fashion, trendy lounges, VIP rooms, and underground clubs where multicultural millennials, influencers, and newsmakers hang out.
Funk, Soul
Vocal & Instrumental
This is the FUNKY, WILD RnB music your Mama yelled, "TURN down the VOLUME!" back in the 70s and 80s. It's BAD to the BONE, like Bootsy Collins, Prince, etc., and GREAT FUN for funky, mischievous venues where guys and gals shop, eat, or drink -- in pubs, bars, petrol stops, dive bars, and teen hangouts.
Dance Pop, Electro-House, Nu-Disco, Jazz Funk, RnB
Vocal Samples & Instrumental
Get WILD with our FUTURE FUNK! Vaporwave morphed into hot bangers and thumping beats by revamping 80's and 90’s Electronica, Jazz Funk, and RnB with a Disco vibe. Cool and trendy for TikTok and Anime videos, underground clubs, lounges, VIP rooms, street fashion, tat studios, Gen Z raves, kinky dancing.
RnB, Southern Soul, Motown, Soul, Funk
Vocal & Instrumental
Need a Motown Sound fix? Check our soulful tribute to legendary stars like Marvin, Stevie, Diana, Gladys Knight, and other classic RnB icons. A big blast from the past, these lively 60s and 70's club-bangers and slow-jam ballads will jazz up laid-back cafés, retro shops, and other nostalgic venues.
RnB, Hip Hop, Funk, Pop
Vocal & Instrumental
With 44 tracks on Billboard's Top 100, PRINCE (the mega-talented musician and film star) inspired our artists to create some original, funky music! Their HOT RnB, Hip Hop, Funk, and Funk Rock music is perfect for laid-back clubs, retro fashion, diners, and venues into Prince's sassy '80s and 90's music.
Funk, Southern Soul, Hip Hop, RnB Vintage
Vocal & Instrumental
Say it LOUD & sing it PROUD! Honoring Washington, DC's Chuck Brown,"The Godfather of Go-Go," and artists like Rare Essence, etc., our slamming mix of 70s-80s Funk, RnB, Soul, and Old School Hip Hop's great for urban bars, lounges, gay clubs, vintage fashion, cultural events, Quik Stops, class reunions.
Neo-Lounge, Dance Pop, Deep House, Funky RnB, Alt-Pop, Nu-Disco
STYLISH, TRENDY, with FINESSE. Vocals with Euro grooves and an ALT-ATTITUDE. Cool vibes where you can network, flirt, socialize, hook up, and drink to solidarity! We've got Sexy RnB, Pop/EDM, Alt-Pop, and Deep House for buzzy Gay and Lesbian bars, hip lounges, fashion shops, tat studios, and festivals.
Classic Disco, RnB Ballads, Neo-Soul, 1970's Vintage RnB
Vocal & Instrumental
Philly Soul originated in the 1970s in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Its smooth, sophisticated sound, lush orchestral arrangements, and catchy melodies will bring fun and nostalgia to bars, lounges, and retro fashion. Iconic RnB artists like Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes, and The O'Jays ruled the day.
Blues Rock, Memphis Soul, Delta Blues, Funk, Roots Rock, Pop Groove, Modern Memphis, RnB
Vocal & Instrumental
Pack your bags, leave your troubles behind and join our band of rogues, ramblers, and gamblers on the Road to Memphis! A lively mix of Blue-Eyed Soul, Modern Memphis, and RnB inspired by Beale Street, BB King, and Sun Studio, where Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins, and Johnny Cash jammed!
RnB, Reggae Pop, Ska Punk,
Vocal & Instrumental
Wow, SKA music is back! But since it began in the 1960s in Jamaica, this UK-influenced music's so popular, it really NEVER went away! Our mix of Calypso, Reggae, and cool RnB backbeats is fun for pubs, clubs, dancehalls, bars, pool rooms, petrol stops, and venues where guys love rowdy Punk-infused music.
Christmas RnB, Christmas Soul
Vocal & Instrumental
Celebrate the season with a soulful spin on holiday traditions and enjoy Christmas music with a spiritual vibe. Smooth and joyful, our talented artists got busy and created a sweet mix of contemporary Christmas Soul, RnB and Gospel holiday music...
Funk Rock, Rock, RnB, Funk, Alt Rock, Electronica, Hip Hop
Vocal & Instrumental
When Dr. Funkenstein makes a house call, people come ALIVE. His slick grooves, cray chops, and sick level of hipness make you wanna bark at the moon. Get jumping now with Dr. Funk's raucous mix of Hip Hop, Funk Rock, and RnB -- for sports bars, ragers, arcades, pool halls, and rowdy nightspots.
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