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African Music Stations

11 Stations to Explore
Discover the Amazing Music of Africa, from Traditional to Modern to Contemporary!
African World Fusion, Ethiopian, Madagascar, Nigerian, Cape Verde, Reggae Fusion
Vocal & Instrumental
Laid-back rhythms with a funky edge inspired by the EXOTIC continent of AFRICA. A mix of chilled music and light percussion perfect for airport lounges, international clubs, cafés, ethnic restaurants, fashion, tourist venues, and places where entrepreneurial clients stop by to drink, shop or dine.
Afrobeat, African Pop, Nigerian, Ethiopian, Hip Hop
Vocal & Instrumental
SO HOT it's topping the charts and great for dance halls, progressive clubs, pubs, bars, and pop-ups. Popularized in the 70s in Nigeria by Fela Kuti, you'll enjoy Highlife, Jùjú and Fuji music fused with American Funk, Jazz, RnB, and Hip Hop, featuring chanted vocals, autotunes and party percussion.
Dance-Pop, Deep House, House Music
Vocal & Instrumental
AMAPIANO, a hugely popular new South African CHILLED DANCE genre, taking the UK and the world by storm, is an eclectic mix of DEEP HOUSE, JAZZ & SOULFUL AFRICAN rhythms, with a continuous throbbing deep bass line and emotive Zulu or English vocals.
African Pop, Afrobeat, R&B Pop
Vocal & Instrumental
AFRO SOUL is the HOTTEST music genre in 2024 with AFRO SOUL festivals popping up everywhere. This rich, seriously addictive music style always features an emotional lead male or female vocal. Lyrics are about LOVE, FAMILY & the HUMAN CONDITION. Fab for #media & perfect for trendy retail, hotels & events.
African, World Fusion
Vocal & Instrumental
Venture into the heart of Africa on an amazing Safari! On this adventure, you'll enjoy ethnic drumming, tribal dancers, bush beaters, fighters, and warriors! Perfect for wildlife photographers, theme parks, and young explorers observing nature as lions, tigers, and jungle animals roam freely in the bush.
African Hip Hop and Rap, Caribbean Hip Hop
Vocal & Instrumental
These club bangers from all around the EXOTIC continent of AFRICA fuse early 80's African American Hip Hop from the Bronx, NY, with South Africa's Kwaito House Music. Today, Hip Hop and Rap beats dominate underground clubs and VIP rooms from Morocco to Senegal, Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, and South Africa.
Reggaeton, African Hip Hop, Tropical Pop, African Pop, Pop Rap
Vocal & Instrumental
With VERY FEW live bongos, it's fun for fashion, clubs, bars, airports, and cruises. Originating in Tanzania, the word ‘BONGO’ means clever and street-smart. Introduced at the GRAMMYS and popular in Kenya and Eastern Africa, you can enjoy a tropical mix of Reggae, RnB, Afrobeats, and African Hip Hop rap.
Afrobeat, African Pop, Electro House
Vocal & Instrumental
Uplifting African Dance Pop and Afrobeat for pumping iron, doing reps, skipping rope, an uphill bike ride, or HIIT workouts! HOT MUSIC in a 100-130 BPM range is great for the heart and helps create those HARD BODIES that all ages love. Health clubs, gyms, hotel wellness centers, professional trainers...
African Pop and Hip Hop, Cape Verde, Ethiopian, Zimbabwean, World Fusion
Vocal & Instrumental
Vibrant and upbeat African Pop with a progressive style that offers a contemporary finesse and cool flow. Great for fashion shops, clubs, cafés, and malls with lively instrumentals and pulsing vocals -- a sizzling combo of Africa's leading bands and hot singers...
African Pop, Cape Verde, Dance Pop, Caribbean, Hip Hop, RnB, Soul, Future Pop, Mozambique
These spicy songs SIZZLE like the Chili Peppers in Africa's PERI-PERI SAUCE! With roots in Africa and Portugal, our Afro Pop, RnB Pop, and Hip Hop add fun for casual dining, fashion, trendy lounges, VIP rooms, and underground clubs where multicultural millennials, influencers, and newsmakers hang out.
African World Fusion, Reggae Fusion, African Pop
Vocal & Instrumental
Hot music out of Magical Africa! A mix of Kwaito and Ethnic Pop music you might hear in London's West End or Mid-Town Manhattan clubs. These bangers are perfect for lively nightclubs, bars, pool halls, ethnic fashion shops, fast-casual dining, supermarket chains, petrol stops, and music festivals.
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