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Decades Music Stations

15 Stations to Explore
Here you will find great music from specific decades from the 1920s through the 1990s!
1980's Pop Songs, Indie Rock, Dance-Pop
Inspired by 70's British Glam Rock fashion, and bands like Duran Duran, Boy George, and Spandau Ballet, New Romantic's sexy Dance-Pop and Rock music is INSANELY FUN for flamboyant clubs, trendy pubs, bars, underground lounges, cafés, 80's reunions, and music festivals. Cool also for all age demographics.
Pop, Dream Pop, Dance, RnB, Funk, Synth-Pop
Vocal & Instrumental
Soulful 1990's Pop and Dance music offer a cool decade of inspiration from Janet Jackson, Phil Collins, Boyz II Men, MC Hammer, and other 90's icons. Click now to get your sweet Club Groove, Cyndi Lauper-and-Madonna vibe going in a lively mix of tempos--perfect for hot clubs, parties, and class reunions.
Dance Pop, House Music, Electronic, Pop/EDM
Okay kids, PUMP UP THE JAM! When raves were rising in Germany from the late 80s, EURODANCE (also called EURO-NRG) was influenced by upbeat Belgian New Beats + Chicago and Acid House music, and bands like Abba. Today's Gen Zs are bringing it back! Our lively singers and rappers pumped out these HOT songs.
Swing Ensembles, Big Bands, Gypsy Jazz, Dixieland Jazz, Continental Jazz
Vocal & Instrumental
Gen Z + the Millennials love this hyper-energetic music from the 30s and 40s! And all major cities around the globe have 10 to 20 buzzy SPEAKEASY BARS that are JUMPING and JIVING to this hot Prohibition Era Jazz! Jump in to entertain your friends and clients, especially if you have a secret entrance...
Soul, RnB, Pop, Dance, Jazz, Electronica
Vocal & Instrumental
Discover our GREAT, captivating 1980's music... It's all here: lively Pop, Dance, Funk, RnB, and other styles. Inspired by icons like Prince, Madonna, MJ, L. L. Cool J, and Lionel Richie, our fun 80's mix is great for casual dining, cafés, retro and vintage fashion, vinyl shops, and class reunions.
Funk, Disco, Hip Hop, RnB, Soul
Vocal & Instrumental
From Pop, Soul, and Disco music, to Funk and RnB, the 70's music excited a new generation of party-lovers. From NYC's Studio 54 to Paris' Le Privilège and Privé, fashion chic, designers, drugs and dance music circled the globe! And now, LOL, the high-flying 1970s are roaring back to Center Stage!
Alt Pop, 80's Pop, Indie Rock, Pop Rock
Thanks to the huge popularity of Netflix's "STRANGER THINGS," the 80's Pop icon, British singer KATE BUSH is dominating the headlines: #1 on iTunes + #8 on Billboard! Her wild spirit and bold lyrics inspired us! Worldly, wise, and unconventional, these awesome songs will wow a NEW GENERATION of fans.
Jazz Fusion, Latin Jazz, Lounge Jazz Piano
A hip and cool mix of playful Jazz Fusion and Lounge Jazz Piano grooves inspired by the iconic composer, pianist, and award-winning artist CHICK COREA. With 69 Grammy nominations, 27 Grammy Awards, and four Latin Grammys, these sweet rhythms are perfect for laid-back Jazz clubs, upscale bars, and cafés.
Ragtime, Swing, Big Band, Cinematic, Boogie Woogie, Speakeasy Music
Vocal & Instrumental
SPEAKEASIES and RADIO made life more exciting after WW1. Music like this BRIGHTENED the lives around the globe during a peaceful era. Our lively Ragtime, Dixieland, Jazzy Blues, and Swing music takes us on a walk BACK in TIME. Great for vintage fashion, costume parties, museum balls, and celebrations.
Soft Indie Rock and Pop, Alternate Pop, Singer-Songwriter, Adult Contemporary
Our Lilith Fair Tribute celebrates the SPIRIT of Female Vocalists from the revved-up 1997 Festival Tour booked by Singer-Songwriter Sarah McLachlan. The tour's $16 million success boosted bookings for ALL-FEMALE concerts, tours, and radio play for icons like Sheryl Crow, Tracy Chapman, Bonnie Raitt, etc.
Hard Rock, Modern Rock, Pop Rock, Indie, Roots Rock
Vocal & Instrumental
Rockin' Good Times from the 1990s -- Bringing back great memories of Indie and Heavy Metal "Hair Bands", this station explores Classic Rock sounds made famous by Nirvana, Creed, Pearl Jam, Radiohead, Sound Garden, Alice In Chains, and other fab Rockstars.
1960s Pop, 1960s Rock, 1960s RnB, GoGo
Vocal & Instrumental
The Age of Aquarius is back! Set your spirits free and become one with the music. Vocals and instrumentals to celebrate the dawning of the Age of Social Awakening and Free Love -- turn on and tune in to a lively mix of 1960's Rock, Pop, Go-Go, and Hippie Music!
Hard Rock, Indie, New Wave, Roots Rock, Melodic Rock
Vocal & Instrumental
Shredded guitars and a raucous, outrageous decade -- our 80's station includes energizing vocals and instrumentals ranging from the styles of Pink Floyd to Queen, and Styx to The Smashing Pumpkins, the Goo Goo Dolls, and everything in between.
1950's Rock, Doo-Wop, Country Rock, Folk Rock, Pop, RnB
Vocal & Instrumental
From the days of Elvis, Chubby Checker, and Fats Domino, 1950's Rock is a throwback to a simpler era. These fun instrumentals and vocals like Rock, Doo-Wop, Rockabilly, and Folk Rock are great for vintage fashion, ice cream parlors, theme parties, class reunions or wacky teenage "Sock Hops."
Glam Rock, Alt Rock, Hard Rock, Roots Rock
Vocal & Instrumental
Yay for the Millennials who WORSHIP Classic Rock, Hard Rock, and even Punk Rock of the 70s, often citing their parents' playing it so often they still hum along, and know all the lyrics! Strut to Glam Rock and play your Hard Rock air guitar TODAY in pubs, bars, vintage shops, and retro lounges.
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