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Artist Directory

Explore the Music of Many Exciting Artists From Around the World
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2,576 TRACKS

Jive Ass Sleepers is the music of California artist Stuart Moore -- a keyboardist, composer, and producer. His unique Jazz- and Funk-infused music is heard on A&E's "The Jacksons - A Family Dynasty," MTV's "Cribs" and "16 and Pregnant;" HBO's documentary "Real Sex," PBS's "Wired Science," and "The Christmas Lights" DVD. Jive Ass Sleepers creates stellar music in World, House, Orchestral, Chill-Out, Retro, and Latin genres. With a degree from the University of Sheffield in England and 2,400 grooving tracks online, Jive Ass Sleepers will add panache to your projects.
7,713 TRACKS

USA artist Skip Peck is a true master composer, having written over 1,000 tracks for TV, radio and big bands, including major orchestrations. Skip’s Jazz tracks are fluid and elegant and have been used in soundtracks, commercials, and TV and Film dramatizations. Other genres include New Orleans Street Jazz, African rhythms, Gypsy Jazz, hard-driving Sambas and Bossa Novas, plus soft Latin Rock. Skip has also composed a number of fun tunes that kids around the world have discovered and downloaded with great glee.

MX47 is a collaboration of Hollywood’s most innovative orchestrators and digital music experts under the direction of renowned film composer Leonard Rogowski. Leonard thrives on the inventiveness of cutting edge music artistry and utilizes the latest sensational breakthroughs in music technology. The electrifying sounds of MX47 have been featured on HBO, CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX and The History Channel, and in such shows as The Sopranos, America's Most Wanted, NBC Dateline, Saturday Night Live and Lifestyles Of The Rich & Famous.
1,059 TRACKS

Chicago heavyweight Eddie Caldwell rolls with hot music in genres like Soul, RnB, World, Funk, Latin, Hip Hop, Rap, Jazz, Urban, Blues, Rock, and Pop -- often combined with elegant Orchestral backings. Tracks have appeared in Film, TV, Video Games, and Webcasts, as well as in-stadium events and other live applications. Many tracks were mastered by Stevie Wonder's engineer, Danny Leake, and consequently, have very high-quality production value. With cool grooves and great storytelling, these tracks often feature multiple top-notch singers and musicians.
1,568 TRACKS

Image Sounds is a savvy group of composers based in Germany that provides outstanding music, sound effects, and samples. Launched over 20 years ago, Image Sounds was developed with a total focus on producing quality royalty-free music perfect for use in film, TV, and video games. Here you will find their hot catalog of tracks in numerous genres, including Pop, Rock, Classical, Electronic, World, Jazz, Urban, Hip Hop, RnB, Dance, and Reggae.
1,131 TRACKS

Based in the UK, Deep's music is defined by his creative approach to every possible idea, reveling in unexplored territory and playing with new sounds at any possible chance. His love of music extends to all genres, but he truly excels in Bass music, from Dubstep and House to Trap, Drum and Bass, Ambient, and Trip Hop. From the uniquely textural "Europa," to the thumping and grimy beat of "Pieces Of Mind," Deep's contemporary productions are exciting, fresh, and always innovative.

Based in Germany, SoundDotCom is a production team of musicians providing high-quality music covering a variety of different genres like Cinematic, Electronic, Dance, Rock, and Pop, for TV, Commercials, Film, and Video Games. The talented composers at SoundDotCom have had their music featured on TV, Radio, across the web, and in other new media ventures.

Suchitra Lata of Bangalore, India, has written music for many commercial projects including full-length motion pictures, stage productions, jingles, promos, FM radio, and TV and Web spots. Trained in Indian Classical Music, she loves all genres of music and frequently tries out new fun styles, or dark alternative moods in her Pop, Electronic, Lounge, Fusion and Jazz tracks. Suchitra has won recognition for her arrangement, songwriting, and remix skills from renowned artists like Paul Simon and Itaal Shur.

Yigit Atilla is a talented Music Producer, Drummer, Synth Player, Sound Designer, and Sound Engineer from Istanbul, Turkey. After graduating from University, he studied Music and Audio Engineering at SAE in Istanbul. Before long, his outpouring of creativity resulted in several early EPs and numerous DJ performances. He is currently producing different styles of music and also working as a composer and mixing and mastering engineer.
3,119 TRACKS

California composer Ron Komie is a multi-Emmy Award-winning producer and multi-instrumentalist whose diverse and versatile music has appeared on hundreds of hit television series, films, trailers and commercials. His works include the DVF film Secret Agent (Karlie Kloss, film by John Lindbergh), The Night Before (Seth Rogan), Click (Adam Sandler), Marley & Me (Jennifer Aniston), Fever Pitch, Duck Dynasty, Jane The Virgin, Shameless, Ink Master, Pawn Stars, Amazing Race, The View, Enlightened, Bailey's Irish Cream, Coca-Cola and KFC.

Based in France, Nicoco is a composer, percussionist, and pianist with over 20 years experience. His catalog of music ranges from explosive Classical and Dramatic pieces to contemporary Jazz, Electronica, Soul, Pop, Ambient, RnB, Hip Hop, and Disco tracks. A critic recently described Nicoco's work as "... a rich world of sound, seasoned with peppery-sweet rhythms, brightened juicy and sparkling melodies with real pieces of bubbles in it. Yum yum! We always feel a blue chord behind it..."

L. A. composer Masterwerk's wildly popular music is featured in scores, trailers, infomercials, and more. Film and TV credits include MTV's Punk'd, ABC's Invasion, Columbia Tristar's American Yakuza, DEM's trailer for Bloodsport II, a game score for Multimedia's Little Learner, and infomercials for Learning To Fly. Their scores also appear in Nickelodeon's The Adventures Of Allen Strange, Divicomm's Documentary, Timeless Heroes, ABC's The Real Deal, and Wings Over The Atlantic. With over 800 tracks online, their flair and diversity guarantee a winning production!

The exciting USA team Side FX, with lead singer Kim Cameron (the "FX" factor), explores new sounds and combines rhythms and beats that together offer the unexpected. This high-energy Dance band made the Billboard Top 40 Charts with "A Dance," the top 40 in the Adult Contemporary Mediabase Charts in 2011, and 2012 they hit over 6 MILLION YouTube views. Over 2,000+ stores play Side FX's music, national TV and films have licensed their songs, and radio stations across the US, UK, Canada, and Australia have added them to their playlists.

California artist D.C. SoulPlusMind presents raw emotions translated through his hands and conveyed out into the world through his music. Working in the Hip Hop, RnB, Indie Rock, Pop, Dubstep, and Electronica genres, he writes both instrumentals and songs that feature male and female vocalists. D.C. SoulPlusMind's music has been featured in TV Shows like How I Met Your Mother, Love And Hip-Hop: Atlanta, VH1’s Behind The Music, Access Hollywood, and Pranked, as well as by artists like Method Man, J. Nolan, D. Larue, Roxiny, and Elle Winston.

Katey Laurel's smooth, rich voice has reaped comparisons to the likes of Natalie Merchant, Jewel, and Sarah McLachlan, but she has a style to call her own. Possessing an honesty and maturity uncharacteristic of a twentysomething artist, the Denver-based Singer/Songwriter crafts melodic, radio-friendly Pop songs that are inspired by and include tinges of Bluegrass, Americana, and Appalachian Folk Music.
1,445 TRACKS

Dan Foster is a talented and versatile composer and producer from Paris, France. Showing great diversity in styles and influences, his compositions cover everything from Pop and Rock to Dramatic and Orchestral music for films and television. Dan's music has been performed in shows, videos, films and events in the USA, Canada, UK, France, Germany, China, Austria, Italy, Russia, Australia, Israel, Switzerland, South Korea, Spain and many other countries. Some of his clients include IBM, Microsoft, Fox Pictures, Morgan Bank, Peugeot and Braun.

Netherlands Composer Roeland Ruijsch writes songs with both male and female vocals that range stylistically from sultry singer-songwriter to hot commercial Pop, Rock and Dance. He has produced several hit singles that reached the Dutch Top 40, and he was a Top Ten finalist in the 2009 Dutch National Songwriter Competition. In addition to composing, Roeland also played guitar in the hit musical "Mamma Mia." He studied guitar at the conservatory in Maastricht and composing/producing at the Faculty of Art, Media, and Technology at the Utrecht School for the Arts.

Composer Toby Tune sits high on a mountaintop overlooking the Pacific Ocean from his home in Costa Rica, watching the eagles soar overhead and writing tunes in all genres. Not a bad gig! Of particular interest are his beautiful New Age tracks, as elegant and dreamy as a sunset and equally as relaxing. Toby's orchestral music is sometimes mellow and often fun and quirky. His music has been heard on HGTV and in Target commercials and documentaries, and he won best score in the New York International Film festival for "Doggie Adventure."
1,715 TRACKS

For several decades, US Composer Gary Wolk has performed as a Guitarist and Bassist, and creates music using real acoustic and software instruments, keyboards and loops. He writes, plays, records, produces, mixes and masters his tracks, and genres range from a fusion of Classical to Pop, to Classic Rock and lively ethnic World Beat. Composing music in many different styles keeps Gary's sounds fresh, exciting and realistic. His specialty is music for film and TV, and he enjoys numerous placements in these areas of production.

Global Sound System is a German-English setup piloted by composer, multi-instrumentalist, and producer Stefan Bode, who covers many different styles and genres, including Smooth Jazz, Pop, RnB, House, Dance, and much more. Stefan's also in demand for his hot Latin rhythms, especially Cuban and Tropical tracks.

Masterwerks R&B presents a dynamic collection of Neo Soul, Hip Hop, Contemporary and Old School R&B that has been used to great acclaim in numerous Films, Documentaries and TV productions. Writing original scores, cues, trailers, and more, their credits include Punk’d (MTV), Invasion (ABC), Real Deal (ABC), American Yakuza (Columbia TriStar), Bloodsport II (DEM), Little Learner (Via Multimedia), Learning to Fly (Self-Help Workplace Infomercial), The Adventures of Allen Strange (Nickelodeon), Timeless Heroes (DiviComm), and Wings Over The Atlantic. Get Masterwerks on your Team!

Cary "CKP" Kanno is constantly in search of new musical frontiers. Based out of Chicago, Illinois, he formed and continues playing with two well-known bands, the Abstract Giants and Doko Benjo. In search of fresh creative outlets in 2009, Cary simultaneously released two solo full-length albums, simply titled "Cary Kanno One" and "Cary Kanno Two." Both were recorded and produced at CKP studios, his home studio. They feature an array of guests from Abstract Giants, Doko Benjo, and other musician friends. The albums have been well received by both fans and industry alike.

Joining us from Cape Town, DJ, producer, and songwriter, Cosher (Colin Sher) studied sound engineering with the main focus on music production. After freelancing for a few years, today he's busy creating hot music that's enjoying radio play around the clock in Africa. Since 2015, he has been signed as a solo DJ/Producer for Rude World Records and has remixes and features with big names like Jimmy Nevis, Ryan Kidwell, Amy Tjasink, Mathew Gold, and Mark Haze. And our clients love his sexy, vibrant Tropical Pop and Deep House cues...

Arizona Composer Eric Fletcher has collaborated with artists from all over the country, creating superlative contemporary music in the Dramatic, Pop, Hip Hop, RnB, Techno, and Dance genres, and others. His work has been featured on over 15 major-market radio stations across the US, as well as on DJBooth and other high-profile music blogs and web sites. Eric's background with professional photography and web design makes him an exceptional brand builder with a tremendous creative edge. He has previously worked with Beluga Heights, Baby G Music, and Mix Matters.

Mônica da Silva blends Indie Pop and Rock with Bossa Nova and Country elements, featuring great vocals in English, Portuguese, Spanish, and Italian. Growing up in both the USA and Belém, Brazil, life in two very different places helped to shape Mônica's original sound, which has been described by Miami’s Acontece Magazine as the “future of Bossa Nova with the face of youth today." Her music has been featured on the TV shows American Idol Rewind (Fox), LA Ink (TLC), I Love The 90's (VH1), Major League Baseball (Fox), Talk Soup (E!), and many others.

With a smooth and expressive voice, US singer/songwriter Angela Predhomme delivers a soulful brand of positive Pop music. Her music has been heard by millions through television, with songs featured on Lifetime TV's hit show "Dance Moms." Credits include Free-form's "Switched at Birth," NBC's hit show "The Voice," MTV's "Teen Mom," TLC's "What Not to Wear," PBS's "America in Primetime" series, and a closing credit placement in "A Wedding Most Strange." Angela's sound is perfect for all ages and is an excellent choice for advertising.
1,950 TRACKS

Scott Ross is an accomplished engineer currently living in Sheridan, Oregon. He has recorded over 400 records to date, eight of which went Gold. His music blends melodic grooves, atmospheric progressions, live drum loops, tasteful keyboard layers, and horn sections, always providing an esoteric musical soundscape. Scott covers a number of genres, including New Age, Industrial, Rock, Country, Disco, and Funk -- and each track tells a story that would complement any contemporary film, TV, documentary, indie, and a host of new media.
1,446 TRACKS

Singer-songwriter Ed Napoli has performed in the US, Europe, and his home country of Brazil, where he opened for Alanis Morissette and Air Supply in 2009. Working in the Pop and Rock genres, he has participated in many collaborations with accomplished artists, including Deborah Blando and the producer Carlão de Andrade (Ritchie). Ed has also written many tailor-made songs for famous DJs and was a finalist in the International Songwriting Competition several times, and received Honorable Mention in the Billboard World Song Contest.

J Osada is a highly experienced musician, composer, and producer based in Chicago. With over 20 years of professional experience, he is well-versed in a variety of genres including Jazz, Bossa Nova, and Electronic. He is known for his ability to blend different styles in his compositions resulting in unique and memorable tracks like "Swing Cats" which has a playful electro-swing vibe. J’s music is suitable for a range of applications, including video games, iPhone apps, and advertising campaigns that require an energetic and upbeat feel.

Italian Composer Damir Kolakovic resides in picturesque Trieste, and brings us incredibly original, creative, and lush Electronic music. The master of edgy and compelling scenarios, his music is perfect for TV, Film, Documentary and various new media productions. Damir's music particularly excels in Dance themes, Science Fiction, and space travel, Nature Documentaries, and New Age. "Ambient Waves" is pulsating with playful cascades of elegant musical FX, while other tracks feature romantic piano, tender harp and dreamy Enya-styled female vocals.

Above Envy is a popular Illinois artist's special project devoted to providing the highest quality music in a diverse range of styles. Perfect for TV reality shows, commercials, and films, their music ranges from upbeat Pop and Rock to full-scale Orchestral and Dramatic cues, as well as trendy Hip Hop and EDM tracks. Credits for Above Envy include How I Met Your Mother (CBS), Criminal Minds (CBS), Days Of Our Lives (NBC), Keeping Up With The Kardashians (E!), and many more.

With a catalog of over 800 tracks, Adagio Music offers us the finest in world-class music production. These savvy musicians, composers, and sound designers bring their experience to every track on site, promising meticulous detail and ultra high-quality. Their work has been featured in Film, TV, and Radio projects by clients like Camouflage TV, Verizon, SpectraCom, AT&T, and MonsterMob, among others. From rocking action sequences to fun popular themes and delicate melodies, let Adagio Music add their professional sheen to your next project.

Indie Pop/Rock artist Linda Horwatt writes songs that are catchy, relatable, and lots of fun. Her album "Stupid Love" has gotten rave reviews from both critics and fans, and her songs have a chic retro sound that's perfect for everything from trendy ad campaigns to trailers and soundtracks. In addition to her solo work, Linda is also a member of The Orion Experience. They've had material placed in MTV and Nickelodeon shows, and they were featured on FOX during the run of their stage show based on the acclaimed album Children Of The Stars.

Mark Dorricott is a UK-based keyboard player, composer, and producer who writes everything from Jazz and Latin based numbers to more contemporary Ambient and New Age piano music. His work can be described as esoteric and cinematic, ranging from strongly thematic to dreamy and atmospheric. Mark has released several CDs, the latest being "Soul Lounge," which is a NuJazz compilation featuring fender rhodes electric piano and acoustic piano works of various styles from contemporary late night Jazz right through to mellow Ambient tracks.

Kevin Dupont is an established DJ, producer, and composer from California, and specializes in background music for commercials and soundtracks for movies. Being in the music industry for 20 years separates him from amateur artists -- he's a slick and polished professional. In the late '90s, Kevin began writing music for Film, TV and various media productions and also has worked with several singers and bands all around the globe. Published in several lounge compilations shows Kevin's mastery of his craft for producing infectious sounds.

Connecticut songwriter Larry Warren gets it so right when he says, "An artist should let his music do the talking, because in the end it's not about the artist, it's the tunes that really matter." Check out his "We're Getting Married" for one of the most heartwarming songs on our site. Larry writes a mix of Country, Adult Pop and Adult Contemporary, occasionally fused with other genres. After 20 years of playing guitar and performing around the East Coast, Larry is now putting his music into television, radio, movies, commercials, and other new media ventures.

Steve Rice is a versatile composer, keyboardist and accordionist based in Philadelphia. He records and writes with several outstanding ensembles, including Rouge (French Cabaret), Big Squeezy (Zydeco), Troy Kline (Retro Vegas Lounge), and the Steve Rice Quintet (original Jazz). Steve's compositional interests include Jazz, Classical, World, Traditional Ethnic, and Electronic music, as well as SFX. He has a Film Scoring degree from Berklee College of Music, where he received the prestigious Oscar Peterson Award.

Tony Tee is a US musician born in South London. He studied piano and guitar from an early age giving him a precise ear for crisp sound. After touring extensively in the UK and Europe as a guitarist, Tony signed deals with several labels and major management companies before relocating to the US in the '90s. He's a hard-working audio engineer in many top New York recording studios. As a creative producer in multiple genres like R&B, Pop Rock, Urban, and Hip-Hop, Tony has landed major TV credits on most networks, including "Shameless" on HBO.

Dutch composer Jacco Willems produces and records exciting Dance, Pop, and Orchestral music that has been played by famous DJs like Armin Van Buuren, Markus Schulz, Doctor P and The Crystal Method. He's also written music for many top brands, including Lexus, Audi, Sony, Monster Energy, and Red Bull. Additionally, Jacco's work can be heard in TV shows like Switched at Birth, Beauty and the Beast, The Secret Circle, Jersey Shore, The People's Choice Awards, and many others. His main influences are icons like Hans Zimmer and Thomas Newman.

Talented Composer Richard Freitas for years split his time between Connecticut and NYC with over 1,200 of his compositions broadcast in 60 countries. With three Emmy nominations, two Grammy nominations, and seven International Telly Awards, his music has been featured on Blue Bloods, Chicago Fire, Younger, and multiple seasons of Mad Men, and also appears on CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX, MTV, AMC, TNT, HBO, Disney, Sony, and many more. During his storied musical career, Richard's music has been heard on Saturday Night Live, Grey's Anatomy, America's Got Talent, The X-Files, etc.


Based in the UK, Nigel Silcock is a composer, engineer, and producer who creates background music for various media outlets and purposes. Guitars, synths, and drums feature prominently in most tracks, many of which have a Blues and Rock influence to some degree. However, melody and rhythm are Nigel Silcock's core drivers, along with the desire to create original music, with a familiar feel, that is instantly likable and often quite emotionally charged.

North Carolina-based Carlos Pacheco is a self-taught guitarist, composer, and producer with a knack for writing strong, catchy melodies and emotional instrumental music. Always having emotions and sound texture as his moral musical compass, Carlos creates music that evokes a reaction from the listener. He locks on a mood, then explores and translates it into sound. He has released one solo EP, Vol.1, played in many world music radio shows worldwide, and composed for radio ads and indie artists.

Ana Phoenixx is an eclectic composer, producer, and instrumentalist from Virginia. Her professional work began when she sang a solo on Radio Disney's Chart Toppers CD at ten years old. She later released a song featuring global rap star Gucci Mane and performed vocals with Malice of the renowned duo The Clipse. In the following years, she honed production skills that fuse Classic Rock, Jazz Harmony, and alternative styles to her RnB and Hip Hop roots. Ana specializes in distinct musical landscapes with universal appeal.

The emerging artist, G. M. E, hailing from the vibrant music scene of Greece, burst onto the scene in 2023 with a vision as diverse as their musical talents. With an unwavering passion for crafting emotive soundscapes, G. M. E has quickly established themselves as a dynamic force in the world of music composition. Their musical journey is fueled by a relentless commitment to creativity, serving as both their muse and method of expression. G. M. E's music is a powerful vehicle for inspiration, capable of evoking a wide spectrum of emotions.

Based in Wales, William Malcolm Jones is a composer, arranger, orchestrator, and conductor in the Classical idiom. A graduate of Kneller Hall Royal Military School of Music and Sheffield University, he played with world-class bands and orchestras as well as solo artists such as Tom Jones, Sammy Davis Jr., and Vera Lynn. He writes full-scored music with knowledge of timbre and tonal color that comes from years of performing experience. From the intimate to the epic, William creates original music with emotion, drama, and atmospheric nuance.

There is a certain allure, charm, and understated aggressiveness that distinguishes New Jersey’s Tim Datailor as he so eloquently dispenses his multi-dimensional mandate to inspire, inform, and entertain as an artist. He is a Singer-Songwriter, producer, musician, and engineer with an ear for sound and a passion for music. This remarkable blend has seen him go on to create beautiful catchy songs. A true visionary, Tim has mastered the craft to give way to a high level of support and determination.

Singer, composer, and guitarist Sergei Kurek has been playing gigs, touring, and collaborating with other musicians. He has performed at over 40 high-profile international festivals and music events throughout Eastern Europe, and in 2007 the jury and promoters of the Belarussian international MinskBlues Festival named him "Best Blues Guitar Player" of the year. Sergei's sizzling and authentic Blues, Rock, Country, Soul, and Funk tracks are perfect for a variety of Film, TV, and Commercial projects.

Drawing inspiration from the realms of classical and New Age music, Matthew Burgher crafts compositions that stand as diverse and captivating as the winds of a storm. Like a canvas of dreams, his compositions span from soaring orchestral symphonies to serene piano tracks, evoking emotions of warmth and passion. Garnering international acclaim, professional pianist Jim Guerin shares “I was doing yoga while listening, and actually got lost in the music," and Polish producer Patu said “I found harmony and peace here. You’re doing rare music. ”

Connecticut’s Scott Waters, a professional singer, songwriter, and musician with 25 years of experience on stage and in the studio was a hired gun for many projects and scored a #1 hit on ReverbNation. Scott finally unleashed his true talent, his first solo album, the catchy, poppy, and fun “Peace Signs & Dragonflies” which is currently #30 on the Relix Jamband charts and still climbing. Much like the artists who influenced him, including The Beatles, Bon Jovi, and Elton John, every track Scott creates is radio ready with something to say.

A producer of Electronic and Ambient instrumentals, iconDARK is based in Atlanta. His tracks lean toward the darkly atmospheric, with a particular love of eerie, drone-based dark ambient songs with occasional forays into Synthwave, Cinematic, Lofi, and Techno. His musical influences range from Theory to Coil to Junkie XL. The unifying thread throughout iconDARK’s work stems from a lifelong love of imaginative fiction, horror movies, and tales of the paranormal, all of which make their way into the titles and emotional themes of his music.

London and LA-based Composer Leon Luis has an impressive client list, including NBC, CBS, Fox, MTV, MTV UK, and Channels Four/Five UK. He also provided music for all of the Fox Sports Major League Baseball Games, including the All-Star Game and the World Series. A musical prodigy, Leon began playing guitar and piano at a very young age, and later was mentored by Arthur “Killer” Kane, a founding member of the New York Dolls. Leon honed his musical skills as a Musician’s Institute student, and writes in the Rock, Dramatic, Classical, and Big Band genres.

Hailing from Buenos Aires, Guille Pareja is an Electronic Music artist sculpting auditory landscapes for film, TV, and beyond. His signature style fuses Post-Punk, Industrial, Techno, Downtempo, and Trip-Hop with an unexpected Latin twist in some of his instrumentals and beats. Crafting sound for the screen, Pareja composes worlds within worlds, daring listeners to explore. In 2010, Pareja started producing music with several music projects. His most recent project was Esas Noches Derrotadas, an avant-garde Electro-punk group.

USA Alexander Grawoig is a self-taught artist, musician, and producer. Since 2008, he's released critically acclaimed albums on several labels, including Leaving Records, Preservation, and Shelter Press as Deep Magic and D/P/I. He toured with Sun Araw playing guitar and saxophone and shaping the band's direction over six years. Alexander has adopted his grandfather's original surname and is focused on producing Ambient music that evokes deep emotions for listening and adds to any visual content.

Ted Peters & JaBig create Deep House music under their releases Deep and Dope sessions. From Spain, JaBig is a successful Canadian DJ based in Montréal whose DEEP & DOPE YouTube channel attracts one million listeners a week. Ted Peters (NL) is a music producer who has created 100 songs under the names of Soulful-Cafe and Deep House Amsterdam. These artists are unstoppable and will deliver nothing but the best for any project need.

Soul-Ty, established in the Netherlands and Spain, is not just a band, it is a musical experience crossing all genres from Soul, Dance, RnB, Soulful House, Pop, and Indie to Funk, Disco, music from the 70s, 80s, and 90s, and today’s Top 40. Combining the knowledge of producer Ted Peters and the talent of well-known singer, songwriter, and entertainer Jeanet Dorothy Martherus, they have created innovative, soulful house music perfect for retail, restaurants, bars, lounges, and anywhere a lively beat is needed for atmosphere.

Soulful Cafe Jabig is a cooperation between famous DJ Jabig and music producer Ted Peters (with more than 30 songs in world hit-charts). Together they create Deep House music with Top ten songs across the world. JaBig is a successful Canadian DJ based in Montréal who attracts one million listeners a week. Ted Peters is an accomplished creator of music tunes, spending hours perfecting his craft and delivering unbelievable sounds for songs, labels, and various project needs.

Coming to us from Girona, in the Catalonia region of Spain, producer Ted Peters is the brainchild behind Bahia Lounge. Their sound delivers the magic formula of exciting and sophisticated Chillout, Trap, and stylish House music. Tune in to Bahia Lounge’s sleek, playful, and fashionable tracks, the perfect touch of drama for sizzling branding promos, TV, Film, and Reality programs featuring contemporary urban scenes.

Bahia de Roses is the Lounge brand name of Ted Peters, music creator in the genre of Soulful House, Chillout, Dance, Reggaeton, Modern Reggae, and Lounge music. Since 1999 Ted Peters spent over 35,000 hours creating music in his private studio in Spain with a variety of the best artists from all over the world. He loves working with the best artists from over the world making it possible to produce the best music for you.

Darko Malcevic, a composer from Croatia, creates in diverse styles both Acoustic and Electronic, including EDM, Dance Pop, House, Electronic, Experimental, and Techno. He recognized the influence of music on human emotions from an early age, and his journey began by joining an orchestra where he played trumpet. His passion for crafting original music has grown beyond his passion for playing instruments, and that passion is still at its peak after 20 years of producing. Darko’s tracks are epic, dramatic, rhythmic, modern, and cutting edge.

Angellisa joins us from Amsterdam, along with Ted Peters. She's a Dutch artist with roots in South America, creating fabulous Urban, Fashion, Electronica, Tech House, and Dance music. Her early influences include the sounds of Motown, Etta James, James Brown, Al Green, Sam Cook, Otis Redding, and Tina Turner. Angellisa's sophisticated voice is warm, sensuous, and uplifting. Working with Ted Peters, you're guaranteed the best Soulful House and Deep House songs! Their music is unstoppable and will deliver nothing but the best for any project.

Coming to us from Girona, Spain, producers Maurits Malherbe and Ted Peters are the creative forces behind TM Grooves. Their sound delivers the magic formula of exciting, sophisticated, and stylish urban music. Tune in to TM Grooves’s sleek, playful, and fashionable tracks, with groovy beats and basses and experience the best of two worlds, Soul and the modern character of House music.

CosmoMoose is the Electronic and Cinematic music project from composer/producer Chris Medway from Devon, UK. By combining catchy melodies with multiple textures, Chris aims to take the listener on musical journeys full of imaginative themes with dramatic, emotional, and playful qualities. The music of CosmoMoose spans many genres, from Ambient to Trance and Neo-Classical to Synthpop. Chris has composed music for the stage, games, short films, and radio by gaining inspiration from the project and simply allowing the music to come to him.

Andrew Van Garratt is a prestigious composer from the UK. He was signed to Atlantic Records and has significant airplay on MTV and BBC Radio 1 from his old band "No Hope In New Jersey." Playing on the main stage at festivals has led to being a guest entertainer on Royal Caribbean and Princess cruise lines. Andrew hones his craft playing venues around the world. A well-educated artist graduating from Leeds College of Music and University of Salford, he is gifted in instrumental guitar covering the styles of Blues, Rock, Jazz and 60's music.

California Band Mellow Dee records with classic instruments and blends them with modern New Age arrangements. They create thrilling Trance, House, Chill Out, Downtempo, Nu Jazz, Smooth Jazz, Indie, Disco, Electronic, Dance, and Techno music. Their tracks are perfect for Branding, Fashion, Advertising, and Contemporary Media, as well as background for restaurants, shops, galleries, hotel bars, lounges, clubs, parties, and much more.

David has written music for Film, TV, Modern Dance and Ballet. He has worked with many prestigious ensembles including the London Symphony Orchestra, BalletCymru and The National Dance Company of Wales. He wrote the score for Ballet Cymru’s production of ‘Beauty and The Beast (www. welshballet. co. uk/beauty-and-the-beast/) which toured the UK and Italy. He worked as Assistant Composer and music editor on the PBS documentary ‘400 Years of The Telescope’. The score was recorded by the LSO at Abbey Road Studios.

Talented and versatile artist Rolling Pebbles is a producer from Mumbai, India, who delivers the highest quality Lounge, Chilled, Pop, Easy Listening, Electronic, Nu Jazz, Downtempo, and World Fusion tracks. He is enthusiastic about using new instruments and is looking to envision and experiment with future genres. Rolling Pebbles is committed to his work to serve modern-day requirements for all kinds of media, and he is up for any styles.

Serenity Calls, an Electronic Music artist who specializes in Ambient and Chillout music, also focuses on World and New Age genres. Joining us from India, this artist highlights the stunning influences of Classical instrumentation and musicians like AR Rahman, Pd. Jasraj, and many other Classical maestros. Enjoy the explorations and diversity of Serenity Calls on peaceful Asian Fusion styles ranging from artists like Bombay Dub Orchestra, Enigma, Karsh Kale, Tj Remmi, and more.

Versatile Composer and Producer Iman, known as Quiet Lands, joins us from Israel with her extremely Calm and Melodious collection of sounds. Her music is positive, easygoing, dreamy, and serene, and written in Easy Listening, New Age, Chillout, Ambient, Electronica, and Meditative styles. Quiet Lands is enthusiastic about using new instruments, and she is eager to envision and experiment with future musical genres.
1,203 TRACKS

Maha Rabab joins us from India, presenting our clients with the finest in high-definition sound in multiple genres, including Modern New Age and Meditation Music. Beautifully mixed with analog sounds, Maha's music is perfect for use in hospitality, spa, cafe, lounge, and bar settings, and also fits well in TV commercials, modern and traditional web series, and longtail video and movies.

Based in Berlin, Feline and Strange are utterly mad and very, very sentimental. Their unique and epic songs range from melodic Jazz with a campy edge to majestic soundtrack-styled Pop with strings, brass, cello, synths, and an incredible female voice. With artful and witty poems that serve as lyrics, Feline and Strange are known for putting on shows with a theatrical, larger-than-life style. Their latest album, Science Fiction, was described as "Shirley Bassey meets Tom Waits, mixed with Eurythmics and the soundtrack of an action thriller."

AMiR1 is a Kenyan-based Rapper, songwriter, and beatmaker. He has a diverse approach; most listeners claim he is the most original and consistent artist. With a strong emotional connection to music, his solid area is Rap and Melodic Rap, which blends his witty bars and catchy flow. As a beatmaker, he has his own unique identity, which is brought about by two distinctive sound signatures: the Elements of Piano, Keyboard keys, and Guitars. He is still a student of production, but so far, he has established his niche and brilliance.

DJ Atomic is a talented and versatile composer from Berlin with a major interest in creating Electronic and Dance Music. His productions are full of energy, vibrance, and thrill. His works cater to Punky Funky energy-driven advertisements and soundtracks featuring Groovy EDM Club and Party Beats! The tracks that DJ Atomic produces are perfect for gyms, extreme workout and cardio sessions, and Zumba, as well as modern-day media focusing on youth and street life.
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