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Submit Music to AudioSparx

Artists, Composers, & Labels Welcome
License, Distribute, and Monetize Your Music or SFX Worldwide - Submit an Artist Application today to start participating here.
Composers, Music Artists, Bands, Labels, Publishers...
Whether you are a music artist, band, or label producing high-quality music of any genre, or have a high-quality library of music, sound effects, or loops, or you are a producer, label, or publisher anywhere in the world who owns or controls the copyright to a unique collection of high quality audio tracks, we're interested in hearing from you. We license audio content for all types of commercial uses at the AudioSparx family of websites and also provide commercial background music service at our RadioSparx website.

We have a large client base of ad agencies, TV and film producers, music supervisors, developers, and many other types of clients who have an on-going need for new and exciting music for their production work. We are always looking for new and varied music and SFX to add to our library for licensing to our clientele. AudioSparx is an excellent online audio resource where clients can listen, license, then download immediately the exact tracks they need for their commercial project or production, and RadioSparx complements it by providing a full-service commercial background music service for clients around the world.
What Are We Looking For?
We represent and license the music from numerous world-class composers, music artists, labels, bands, ensembles, producers, and publishers. But we're always on the lookout for new up-and-coming artists who display extraordinary talent and produce compelling music, sound effects and other types of audio content.

Here are a few types of content we are most in need of at this moment to expand our library and our commercial background music service RadioSparx:

Needed Music - This is The Music we Need Right Now

Both AudioSparx and RadioSparx have a present need for the following types of music:

  • Pop Vocals (RadioSparx Station Rank #1 - contemporary sound and production techniques)
  • Dance Pop Vocals (RadioSparx Station Rank #2  contemporary sound, not like Dance Pop from the 1990s)
  • Soft Pop (Mid- to up-tempo Pop and RnB music good for shopping and casual dining)
  • Pop Jazz Vocals (RadioSparx Station Rank #8 – Surprising!)
  • Retail Hot Mix (RadioSparx Station Rank #18 – includes RnB, Pop-Rap, Reggae/Dub, Hip Hop, Dance Pop, and more)
  • Euro-Pop Vocals  (we are experiencing strong growth in Europe in general)
  • Contemporary Brit Pop (vocal Pop music from UK artists)
  • Latin Pop Vocals (We are experiencing strong growth in Central America, South America, and Spain)
  • RnB Pop Vocals (much in-demand from fashion retail chains)
  • Hip Pop (i.e. Vocal Hip Hop music with a Pop style)
  • Hip Hop Dance, Hip House - Vocal Hip Hop music for fashion retail (chilled), lounge (chilled, semi-chilled), nightclub and dance uses (not so chilled!)
  • Italian Pop Vocals - Ideally contemporary production sound with sweet Italian vocals
  • Modern Rock Vocals (plus Glam Rock is making a small comeback with bands like The Struts)
  • Regional vocal music from Latin America, Brazil, and all Asian countries), perfect to augment playlists for clients demanding more local content
  • K-Pop, J-Pop, C-Pop
  • Glitch Lounge
  • Future Soul
  • Future Pop

Vendor Participation Options
NOTE: We have recently introduced a RadioSparx-Only participation option that is both non-exclusive and non-perpetual. For those of you who are not willing to make the perpetual license commitment required to participate at AudioSparx, the RadioSparx-only option is for you!

Option 1 - AudioSparx License (Perpetual, Non-Exclusive)

With our AudioSparx license, you can participate in multiple websites including:

Additionally, with our AudioSparx license, you can participate in multiple additional optional B2B and B2C distribution and monetization options as explained further below. Participation in our AudioSparx license is a non-exclusive license but does require a perpetual commitment -- for any tracks you upload, they remain licensed to AudioSparx forever on a non-exclusive basis, meaning that you can also license the same tracks to other third parties at any time. We require a perpetual license so that we can maintain a stable and professional shopping enviornment for our large, professional client base where tracks don't suddenly disappear as a result of a takedown.

Create Account Now ►   

NOTE: After registering online, sign in and submit an artist application and choose either the AudioSparx or the RadioSparx-Only participation option for each artist application you submit.

Option 2 - RadioSparx-Only License (Non-Perpetual, Non-Exclusive)

With our RadioSparx-Only license, your music will be licensed to us on a non-perpetual, non-exclusive basis, and will be used only on the RadioSparx website and related external commercial background music licensing. RadioSparx now has over 18,000 clients in over 100 countries, and we can get your music heard by millions of people daily. Start earning money immediately when we place your tracks on the stations of RadioSparx!

Please Note: The RadioSparx service and website still rely on many essential software features which are built into the AudioSparx website such as, for example, track uploading and configuration, playlist development, reporting, revenue posting, artist payments, and more, which are all features that are currently present only within the AudioSparx website. Your participation in our RadioSparx-only license, while requiring utilization of the AudioSparx website for these various essential software features, does not in any way permit us to display your music on AudioSparx to license it for any kind of production use such as film, TV, commercials, software apps, etc.

Create Account Now ►   

NOTE: After registering online, sign in and submit an artist application and choose either the AudioSparx or the RadioSparx-Only participation option for each artist application you submit.

Welcome to the Digital Audio Revolution - Where You're in the Driver's Seat!

NOTE: After registering online, sign in and submit an artist application and choose either the AudioSparx or the RadioSparx-Only participation option for each artist application you submit.
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