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Service Introduction

Learn about the various features of RadioSparx including the music playback options, software and hardware options, and more.

RadioSparx - The Next-Gen Internet Music Service

With a focus on providing commercial in-store background music service, RadioSparx has many advanced features that make it perfect for use in commercial business premises of all types and sizes as well as on transportation systems such as air lines, cruise lines, metro lines, etc. RadioSparx offers a huge rights-cleared, direct-licensed catalog and professional service features such as custom stations, custom schedules, custom ads, player monitoring, and much more.

With service from RadioSparx, your business can finally take control of your music service across a local, regional, national, and even international territory. Learn how clients such as McDonalds, Pizza Hut, Dairy Queen, Hilton, Dominos, Victorinox, Natuzzi, and many other top-tier brandnames are leveraging the capabilities of RadioSparx around the world today.

Computer Hardware Options
Our service runs on desktop PCs, laptops, tablets, notebooks, and mobile phones. Supported operating systems include Windows, Android, and iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPad Touch, Macintosh, etc.), and more. We also support dedicated music players including our own R-Box Pearl music player device as well as Streamit players (Lisa Compact/Lisa LCD).

Software Options
Play the music in your browser with the media player that is built into the website's homepage. Or use the free R-Box Pearl (for Android or Windows) or RS-PLAY software (for Android, Windows, and iOS) to play music in either streaming or caching mode. With caching mode, the player downloads and stores your configured music choices on your player device for local playback. This protects you against loss of music in the event your Internet service goes down for some time.

Playback Modes

RadioSparx is an Internet-based music service. Our service provides two different ways to play the music and you can use either method depending on your preferences and requirements. The two music playback modes are:

Streaming Mode

In streaming mode, the music plays via a live real-time stream from the webserver. This option is great for personal and non-commercial uses, however, can certainly also be used for commercial deployment as well.

Streaming mode is the fastest way to use the service, in that you can simply use the player that is built into the website. It uses the fewest resources on your local computer since it is not storing any additional software or music files on your computer.

In streaming mode, you play the music directly from the website by clicking on any of the existing stations here at RadioSparx. You can use your own computer system and don't need to purchase or lease any dedicated hardware. The music plays right on your computer in a standard web browser.

Or alternately if needed, you can use a dedicated hardware music player device. Supported devices include the R-Box Pearl (by RadioSparx) and the Lisa LCD/Lisa Compact devices (by Streamit).

Caching Mode

Caching mode requires the use of special software or hardware. For a software implementation, we freely provide the R-Box Pearl software (download here). Or alternately, if you need a dedicated hardware player device, you can utilize the R-Box Pearl or the Lisa Streamit player devices (as discussed in more detail further below.)

Whether you use the R-Box Pearl software on your own computer or a dedicated hardware player device, when using the caching mode, the music files download from our server system and are stored on your computer for local playback. This is ideal for commercial uses because it protects playback from transient Internet outages that can occur from time-to-time with your Internet service, ensuring continuous and uninterrupted music at all times.

Dedicated Music Player Options

Our service runs on any desktop, laptop, tablet, notebook, or mobile device with web browser support or local application installation capability. Supported operating systems include Windows, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPad Touch, Macintosh, or similar), Android, SmartTVs, and more. Additionally, if you need a dedicated music player, we offer the R-Box Pearl (by RadioSparx) hardware music player device, and we also support the Lisa LCD/Lisa Compact devices from Streamit.

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