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Christmas Music Stations

18 Stations to Explore
A Variety of Exciting Holiday Music!
Neo-Lounge, Chillout Jazz, RnB Pop, Trip Hop
Vocal & Instrumental
Lush, playful, and ROMANTIC -- and GREAT for high-end retail, posh clubs, wine bars, hotel lobbies, tony restaurants, parties, and sales events between Christmas and January 1st. A touch of elegance as friends, families, and clients greet the New Year. Bonne Année! ¡Feliz Año Nuevo! Hyvää Uutta Vuotta!
Nu-Disco, Dance Pop, House, RnB, EDM
Vocal & Instrumental
A bumpin’ mix of HOT MUSIC to celebrate an EXCITING New Year! We’ve got Trip Hop, Funky RnB, Trance, House, Nu-Disco, and more. This UPBEAT music’s great for the younger crowd in trendy bars, lounges, cafes, pool halls, petrol stops, convenience stores, and retail sales events in January and beyond...
Christmas Pop, Christmas Jazz & Big Band, Christmas Rock
A fun and playful mix of rollicking Christmas vocals perfect for retail settings. It includes a variety of Christmas genres, including Jazz, Rock, and Pop music. Perfect for malls, sales events, holiday fashion, parties, and more. And we wish you Seasons Greetings from RadioSparx and AudioSparx!
Christmas Carols, Christmas Ensemble, Christmas New Age, Christmas Orchestral, Christmas Vocals, Christmas Pop
Vocal & Instrumental
A joyous mix of Christmas instrumental and vocal classics, guaranteed to please! Set the perfect holiday mood with this festive melange of timeless traditional Christmas that your guests may sing along to. Works great to include in round-robin rotation with other stations in a custom schedule.
Christmas Pop, Christmas RnB
Exciting Contemporary Pop vocal Christmas music! Great for shops, malls, casual dining, etc. Perfect to mix with other stations in a custom schedule with round-robin rotation to add a festive holiday spirit to the joyous season!
Christmas Jazz Ensemble, Christmas Jazz Vocals, Christmas Jazz
Vocal & Instrumental
Swinging Christmas Jazz featuring both instrumental and vocal tracks. Enjoy a cool Christmas with these flavorful tracks. Works well to mix with other stations in a custom schedule with round-robin rotation.
Christmas Pop, Christmas Jazz, RnB, Easy Listening
Timeless classics like Jingle Bells, Deck The Halls, Silent Night, and more are perfect for holiday shopping and dining! All of your favorite Christmas Songs and Carols in a variety of styles, including Pop, Jazz, RnB, Dance, and Electronica, will bring sweet holiday nostalgia for all age groups.
Christmas Classical, Christmas Orchestral
Vocal & Instrumental
A rousing mix of Classical and Orchestral Christmas music from world-class composers, orchestras and ensembles. Share the exciting magic of timeless classics and set a perfect Holiday mood! Great to mix with other stations in round-robin rotation on a custom schedule.
Christmas Carols, Christmas Ensembles, Christmas Pop, Christmas Acoustic
Vibrant and warm Contemporary Christmas songs featuring exquisite male and female vocalists performing your favorite Christmas classics. With a mix of solo, ensemble, and full choir performances, these songs will add warmth and an exciting holiday spirit for shops, malls, hotel lobbies, and restaurants.
Christmas Jazz, Christmas Romantic, Christmas Relaxing Ambiance
Vocal & Instrumental
Rich, opulent, and a little jazzy, our Christmas Café music is great for upscale restaurants, trendy cafés, hotel lobbies, lounges, and venues that want a gentle, calm ambiance for greeting customers and friends popping by for cocktails or last-minute shopping. Sweet, charming low-key holiday tunes...
Christmas Latin, Christmas Whimsical, Latin Holiday Ballads
Vocal & Instrumental
What a FUN MIX of Christmas music with LATIN BEATS! Our Holiday songs and instrumentals highlight lively Bossa Novas, Salsas, Latin Jazz, and Traditional rhythms. We hope you'll have a Feliz Navidad and bring JOY in fashion shops, restaurants, coffee houses, clubs, and happy hours around the world.
Christmas Dance, Christmas Rock, Christmas Pop, Christmas RnB
Vocal & Instrumental
Cool and hip renditions of your favorite Christmas classics, this station features remixes and mashups of timeless Christmas songs, plus exciting new Christmas instrumentals as well. Enjoy a mix of Christmas Dance, Pop, RnB, Hip Hop and more!
Christmas Country
Vocal & Instrumental
With a country twist on Christmas, this station features a rousing mix of vocal and instrumental country Christmas music straight from the heartland, perfect to set a rustic holiday mood! Works well to mix with other stations in a custom schedule with round-robin rotation.
Christmas RnB, Christmas Soul
Vocal & Instrumental
Celebrate the season with a soulful spin on holiday traditions and enjoy Christmas music with a spiritual vibe. Smooth and joyful, our talented artists got busy and created a sweet mix of contemporary Christmas Soul, RnB and Gospel holiday music...
Christmas Rock, Punk, Heavy Metal, Hard Rock, Christmas
Vocal & Instrumental
For a WILD, ROCKING Christmas, our Jingle Bells, Deck the Halls, and other Holiday favorites are a rousing blend of Punk Rock, Glam Rock, and much more! Fasten your seatbelts because, with this music, Santa will arrive FAST with his jet-propelled REINDEER as they race through the sky to entertain you!
Smooth Christmas Orchestral, Dramatic Whimsical
Vocal Samples & Instrumental
Whimsical, exciting Orchestral Christmas music for a festive and inspired Holiday Season! Perfect for shopping malls, toy stores, kids clothing shops, banks, hotel lobbies, etc., to assure a fun, elegant, and slightly mischievous, magical mood in the air for entertaining clients and shoppers!
Christmas, Christmas Ensemble, Christmas New Age, Christmas Orchestral, Christmas Guitar, Christmas Piano
Featuring instrumental versions of Holiday favorites, this station contains the best of traditional Christmas music in a family-friendly format, perfect for retail environments wanting to add a little holiday spirit. Mellow yet playful, perfect for a cheerful Christmas mood.
Christmas Ensemble, Christmas Choral, Christmas Solos, Christmas Acoustic, Christmas New Age
Vocal & Instrumental
Fill your Christmas with the Lord's presence with holiday music with a religious theme. Featuring a superb mix of tranquil instrumentals and heavenly madrigal and chorale vocals, these tracks set a sublime and peaceful mood for the holiday season.
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