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Middle East Music Stations

10 Stations to Explore
From Arabic Pop to Anasheed and Isaeli Folk
Middle-Eastern, World Fusion, Lebanese, Egyptian, Bellydance
Exotic instrumental music from the Middle East, featuring music from Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco and many other countries in the region, including great Bellydance from Hossam Ramzy, the master of percussion.
Middle-Eastern, Klezmer, Jewish Folk, Israeli
Vocal & Instrumental
Traditional Yiddish Folk songs and lively Hebrew tunes to make your heart sing! Great for shops, boutiques, or restaurants with clients who love clarinets, accordions, violins, and the beloved klezmer music. Family celebrations, parties, weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, Shabbat Feasts, and more.
Middle Eastern, Asian New Age, Ethnic Fusion, Anasheed
Vocal Samples & Instrumental
Sensuous, relaxing Middle Eastern and Asian music for Hammams that provide therapeutic cleansing and social opportunities for their guests. Adapted from 7th Century Roman bathhouses and now famous worldwide, Hammams began in the Middle East, N. Africa, the Iberian Peninsula, and other countries.
Ethnic Electronica, Chill Middle East, World Fusion
Vocal & Instrumental
Centuries-old, but HOT again! In Munich, London, Atlanta, NYC, and Barcelona, HOOKAH LOUNGES attract media stars and hip entrepreneurs who socialize in clubs to smoke SHISHA (flavored tobacco) as a getaway for FUN times. Enjoy a chill vibe with our exotic Electronica, Middle Eastern, and African Fusion.
Belly Dance, Arabic Pop, Turkish, Middle-Eastern, World Fusion
Vocal & Instrumental
Exotic and provocative, with beguiling rhythms, enchanting melodies, and timeless sensuality. Dating to ancient times, with dancers who shimmer and float, this music's perfect for upscale hotels, restaurants, shops, cultural events, and dance classes from Cairo to Istanbul, Dubai, and beyond...
Anasheed traditional, Anasheed contemporary
Vocal & Instrumental
Anasheed is Islamic vocal music that is either sung a cappella or accompanied by percussion instruments and does not contain any keyboards, string, wind, or brass instruments. Safe for use in hotels and other places where Islamic restrictions on music are observed.
Middle-Eastern, Arabic Pop, Persian, Anasheed
Vocal & Instrumental
Seductive, mysterious, and often playful -- music for world travelers who enjoy an eclectic mix of Persian exotic rhythms. Cool for shopping, galleries, cocktails, and canapés in hotel and airport lounges, hookah bars, parties, or with pals in Middle-Eastern urban lounges or fusion restaurants.
Middle-Eastern, Dance, World Dance, Nightclub
Vocal & Instrumental
Our Rave-Crave Dance music is on FIRE in numerous nightclubs and discos throughout Marrakech, Dubai, Cairo, Istanbul, Tangier, and beyond! Are you ready for some SEXY, EXOTIC Dance music? East meets West in a fusion of the hottest Middle East music for clubs, bars, lounges, high fashion, and festivals.
An exotic fusion of music of the Middle East, with Arabic, Persian and North African influences, featuring a mix of traditional and contemporary Middle Eastern vocal music. Engaging songs from Morocco to Iran offer a complex series of rhythms and a swirl of mystery and sophistication.
Arabic Pop Vocals, Middle-Eastern, Ethnic, Ethnic Dance
Vocal & Instrumental
Our Arabic Pop music offers exotic, rousing instrumentals and vocals as well as a cool mix of Middle Eastern Hip Hop, Electronic and Dance music. Swirling music and authentic instruments create a Middle Eastern vibe that's great for nightclubs, restaurants, cafés, hotel bars, hookah lounges, etc.
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