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Indian Music Stations

6 Stations to Explore
Exciting Indian music from Classical to Bollywood
Indian World Fusion, Indian Lounge, Indian Electronica, Indian Dramatic
Vocal & Instrumental
An exotic mix of the finest Indian World Fusion, Indian Lounge, and Indian Electronica spins a trendy vibe for fashion shops, galleries, hotel bars, and lounges like Buddha Bar or similar. Noshes, cocktails, and chillout club music create the perfect laid-back atmosphere for best friends or lovers.
Indian Pop, Bollywood, World Fusion, Bhangra Pop, Electronica
Vocal & Instrumental
An exciting mix of lively, swirling vocal and instrumental Indian Pop, Bollywood styles, Bhangra Pop, Indian World Fusion, and Electronica. Venture deep into the heart of Mumbai and discover the vibrant, sizzling music emanating from India's fast-paced contemporary Pop Music culture.
Indian, World Fusion, Indian World Fusion, Indian Light
Vocal & Instrumental
Supremely tranquil music of India, perfect for spa, relaxation, meditation, healing, and reflection. Transport yourself across space and time to a calm and peaceful place in the Universe. Nice for a scenic cruise down the Ganges or enjoying a hot cup of Masala Chai in a sweet hotel bar or lounge.
Indian, World Fusion, Indian Pop, Indian Dramatic, Bollywood
Vocal & Instrumental
A sweet mix of traditional and contemporary Indian music perfect for retail, fashion, and market venues, galleries, and museums -- or to enjoy afternoon tea or casual dining. These vocals and instrumentals will charm you with their exotic, mesmerizing sound and magical allure... India, here we come!
Indian, Carnatic, Hindustani
Vocal & Instrumental
Deeply spiritual and believed to be a divine art, Carnatic and Hindustan music, with its exotic Persian influence, depicts the Indian soul in its full magnitude. With supreme prowess, respect, and passion, our artists follow the melodic structures and improvisational nature of ancient Indian Classical.
Bollywood, Indian Pop, Indian, World Fusion
Vocal & Instrumental
Diwali, also known as Deepavali, is one of the most popular festivals of Hinduism and symbolizes the spiritual victory of light over darkness, good over evil and knowledge over ignorance. Our lively mix of Indian Pop, Bollywood, and Indian World Fusion will set a joyful mood for your Diwali celebrations.
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