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Brazil Music Stations

9 Stations to Explore
Discover the sensual sounds of Brazilian Samba, MPB, Bossa Nova, and More!
Chill, Lounge, Fashion House, Jazz Chill, Nu-Jazz, Bossa Nova, Neo-Lounge
Vocal & Instrumental
GLITZ and GLAM around the GLOBE -- a chic, fashionable Chillout vibe for affluent clients who enjoy Euro rhythms, jet-setter attitudes, and Café del Mar grooves. Spice up your trendy club, Michelin-anointed restaurant, niche hotel, gallery, or designer boutique, and become a "Destination" spot.
Bossa Nova, Chill Brazil, Bossa Nova Jazz
Vocal & Instrumental
Fun awaits you with our sexy, playful Bossa Novas and Bossa Jazz honoring Brazil's iconic star Antônio Carlos Jobim, whose musical artistry inspired Jazz, Pop, and Latin artists around the world. Great for headliner clubs, beach cafés, laid-back shops, galleries, wine bars, hotels, cruises, fine dining.
Bossa Nova, Chill Brazil, Axé, Brazilian Pop
Vocal & Instrumental
"Tall and tan and young and lovely..." Our sweet mix of vocals and instrumentals is great fun for hotel bars, poolside parties, and trendy clubs where couples enjoy a touch of romance while dining, dancing, or sipping late-night Caipirinhas. Also cool for galleries, fashion boutiques, cafés, wine bars.
Bossa Nova, Chill Brazil
So EXOTIC and SEXY, we have the hottest, most SENSUOUS Portuguese singers on Planet Rio de Janeiro! Great for cocktails, flirting, or slow dancing in trendy urban clubs, bars, restaurants, and fashion shops. Fun for a vibrant crowd who enjoys the chilled rhythms and warm, playful Brazilian lifestyles.
International, Pop, Latin, Hip Hop, Funk, RnB, Brazilian Pop
Vocal & Instrumental
A lively mix of American Pop, Favela Funk, Latin Hip Hop and Jazz, MPB, Electronica, and trendy NEW MUSIC from around the globe. Great for Brazilian fashion shops, art galleries, cafés, and cocktail bars. A totally cool Urban Vibe for pool parties, niche hotels, and dining out anytime.
Samba, Samba-Reggae, Sambatronica
Vocal & Instrumental
Grab your Feathers, Masks, and Stilettos! Sizzling HOT SAMBA MUSIC for Rio beach parties, lounges, dance classes, cruises, fashion, and for revved-up party crowds. Great too for Samba parades and flashy costume balls during Brazil's Carnival -- Jump in the Samba Zone agora!
Samba, Bossa Nova Jazz, Brazilian Pop
Vocal & Instrumental
Festive Brazilian music for Carnival and New Year's celebrations -- sizzling MPB, Samba, Electro, Bossa Nova, Rock, Rap, and more. Fun, fast tempos for the trendy Lapa and Copacabana buzzy, all-night clubs, restaurants, cafés, beachside boutiques, catwalk. Vamos Fazer Festa -- Let's Party!
Forró, Baião, Xote, Xaxado, Xamego
Vocal & Instrumental
Originating in Northeastern Brazil, Forró (pronounced "foe-ho") is SEXY, SPICY-HOT Dance music that's wildly popular throughout Brazil and Europe. Forró features an accordion, zabumba drum, and triangle. Fun for dance halls, clubs, pubs, parties, fashion, and featured during Brazil's June "Festa Junina."
Brazilian Pop, Samba-Reggae, Bossa Nova, Samba, Latin Jazz, Pop/EDM
Vocal & Instrumental
Música Popular Brasileira, aka Brazilian Pop music or MPB, is post-Bossa Nova urban music trending in Brazil that revisits typical Brazilian party-style music such as Samba, Samba-Canção and Baião, and other lively Brazilian regional music, combined with fun foreign influences like Jazz and Rock.
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