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Classical Music Stations

13 Stations to Explore
Light Classical with Small Ensembles, Solo Piano, and More
Orchestral and Chamber Music, Easy Listening, New Age Classical
Elegant, noble, and playful, our light Chamber music features intricate melodies using strings, piano, light horns, and other components from the 1960s and 1970's upscale Orchestral and Lounge music. Great for classy, sophisticated hotels, tearooms, high-end fashion, museum galas, and country clubs.
Dramatic, Classical Piano, Romantic Period, Lounge Jazz, Swing Ensembles
A luxurious, upscale mix of Classical and Lounge Jazz music that's perfect for the discerning tastes of sophisticated clients and your guests. Great for GQ shops, cool retail, high fashion, posh lounges, wine bars, and financial, legal, and professional offices where tradition and class are paramount.
Classical Light, Classical Piano, Classical Romantic, Classical Baroque
Elegant, light, and airy instrumentals by both classic and contemporary composers. Sublime and calm yet capricious and amusing, perfect for high-end shops, restaurants, afternoon tea, or hotel lobbies greeting guests from afar. Sophisticated and tranquil, music to lift your spirits in vibrant ways.
Classical, Dramatic, Japanese Opera, Romantic Period, Classical Opera, Baroque
Exciting and vibrant Opera Music! Here you can revel in the vocal magic of these masters of Opera! Breathtakingly beautiful, these timeless classics are performed by world-class singers and back-up orchestras. Romantic arias from Mozart to Handel, Bizet, and Rossini set a sophisticated and elegant mood.
Classical, Baroque, Classical Piano, Romantic, 20th Century, 21st Century
Vocal & Instrumental
Discover the more intense and dynamic side of Classical music here with epic, soaring orchestral pieces. Perfect for personal listening, not for playing in retail settings generally. Includes music from Beethoven, Bach, Liszt, Tchaikovsky, and other timeless famous composers.
Classical Romantic Period, 20th Century Classical, 21st Century Classical, Classical Piano
Our romantic Classical Music offers a sophisticated ambiance as your guests enjoy breakfast, lunch, or afternoon tea and pastries with friends or business associates. Opulent music to match your luxurious first-class amenities. Perfect for pampering guests in stylish Boutique Hotels or a 5-Star Palace.
Classical Piano, Romantic Period, Classical Period, 21st Century, 20th Century
Timeless solo classical piano tracks from Chopin to Debussy or Bach, in a mix of both serene and playful melodies created by our masterful pianists from around the world. Light and airy, with a touch of class and elegance -- perfect for tearooms, fine dining, or gatherings of friends.
Dramatic, Classical, Piano
Erik Satie's melancholy music is perfect for chic cafés, restaurants, galleries, and boutiques, or a rainy-day romance. Living in Montmartre from 1885 to 1925, Satie was described as a high society rabble-rouser and a musical purist and was close friends with Man Ray, Stravinsky, Picasso, and Diaghilev.
Classical, Dramatic, New Age, Calm, Introspective
Tranquil music in Classical, Dramatic, New Age, and other genres for quiet personal moods and moments. Calming and soothing, this music is perfect for relaxation, reflection, studying, and even sleeping.
Baroque, Italian Classical, European Classical
Treated like "Rockstars” during the post-Renaissance European art music era, here you’ll enjoy lively Vivaldi and Handel concertos, Bach and Corelli cantatas, and more. This playlist offers rich, sophisticated entertainment for special museum exhibits, costume parties, masked balls, and lavish feasts.
Classical Period, European Orchestral, Regal, Baroque, Medieval Classical
The best of early European Classical music from the Middle Ages through the Renaissance periods. Perfect for fairs, museums, galleries and any location wanting to capture the perfect essence of early Classical music as played throughout Europe.
Calm, Mellow, Romantic, Ethereal, Dreamy, Dramatic Noir
Orchestral music in the morning mist -- moody, nostalgic, and romantic with a touch of mystery. Mellow music to capture lost memories or flashbacks of someone you once loved. Join us and travel our Chilled Universe to find Peace. Achieve an ethereal lightness by diving into your DARK SHADOWS.
Classical, Ethereal, Orchestral, Piano, Calm, Romantic, Happy
Elegant, romantic, and calming, this Light Classical music is perfect for leisurely enjoying your pliés and barre workouts. This soft, slow-tempo music inspires ballerina-fitness for Yoga, Pilates, and Ballet classes, and other disciplines for enhancing your isometric strength, balance, and posture.
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