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New Age Music Stations

35 Stations to Explore
Tranquil and Sublime, Perfect for Spa, Therapy and Relaxation
New Age, Dramatic, Relaxation
Insomnia is becoming an increasing menace to people's lives. This music collection is aimed at tuning into the rhythm of relaxation and lulling the mind to stillness and the body to rest. Enjoy a mellow sleep and sweet dreams...
World, Ethnic Fusion, Mellow, Calm, Asian, Indian, Nepal
Elegant, chilled music from around the globe -- perfect for Yoga, Spa, Wellness Centers, niche hotels, fusion dining, or starting a new day. Relax the mind and spirit as you enjoy our composers' gentle melodies, relaxing rhythms, light bells, and wind chimes from Asia, India, and the Orient.
Middle Eastern, Asian New Age, Ethnic Fusion, Anasheed
Vocal Samples & Instrumental
Sensuous, relaxing Middle Eastern and Asian music for Hammams that provide therapeutic cleansing and social opportunities for their guests. Adapted from 7th Century Roman bathhouses and now famous worldwide, Hammams began in the Middle East, N. Africa, the Iberian Peninsula, and other countries.
Orchestral and Chamber Music, Easy Listening, New Age Classical
Elegant, noble, and playful, our light Chamber music features intricate melodies using strings, piano, light horns, and other components from the 1960s and 1970's upscale Orchestral and Lounge music. Great for classy, sophisticated hotels, tearooms, high-end fashion, museum galas, and country clubs.
Chill, Ambient, Calm, Mellow, Psybient, Ethereal
Enjoy a cool, safe ZEN-like WORLD to calm returning shoppers or diners! Our gentle music will improve your mental health during hard times or offer TRANQUILITY for your virtual studies or when you need a break from LIFE’s demands! Dreamy Chillout, New Age, and Electronica for a relaxed, chilled ambiance.
Calm, Magical, Mellow, Chill, New Age Electronica
Like a warm caress on a STARRY NIGHT, or watching FLUFFY CLOUDS on a sunny day! Our Ambient Chillout, Romantic Rhythms, and Musical Magic offer a safe space for dreamers and lovers. Beautiful vibes, and light, airy music to create a relaxing mood for tea time, fine dining, chic wine bars, and fashion.
Chill Jazz, Calm, Mellow, New Age Jazz, Ethereal
Chilled and tranquil Jazz with a New Age Zen quality -- perfect for a mellow rainy day or late nights at the club, lounge, or afterparty. Calm and serene, this alluring mélange of magical music will melt away all your stresses and worries. Sweet pleasure awaits you...
Dramatic, Electronica, New Age, Meditation, Atmospheres
Dreamy instrumentals for relaxation and reflection. Scented oils, candlelight, a Swedish body massage or chilling under a steamy Saint-Tropez sun. Vibrant and mellow, each song nourishes the soul with some tracks lasting 5-to-10-minutes, for a sustained blissful mood. Sweet for Yoga, too.
Calm, Romantic, Delicate New Age, Ethereal, Light Piano, Orchestral
Gentle, calming lightness for rainy days or snowy days, or greeting your first customers of the day. Sweet, delicate, and chilled, perfect music for small shops and hotels, day spas, boutiques, offices, cafés, and wine bars, or sharing a leisurely brunch or intimate cocktails with a best friend.
Electronica, New Age, Meditation, Ambient, Atmospheres
Vocal & Instrumental
Transcend your earthly bonds as you transport yourself to a dimension beyond space and time. Let this music be your guide as you pass beyond all thoughts and become a traveler on the supernatural plane of consciousness.
Electronica, Ambient, Chill, New Age, Hypnotic, Ethereal, Atmospheres
Tranquil, light and hypnotic instrumentals perfect for zoning out the noise. Calm, mesmerizing and transcendent,"Oxygen" creates a chilled space for day spas, casual and luxury shopping, banking, rental and sales offices, and more. Essential to the soul, enjoy a world of artful and mellow music.
Magical, Tender, Romantic, Ethereal, New Age Music
Elegant, lighthearted music featuring gentle piano-driven melodies. Sublime and mellow, it encourages your customers to relax and linger while shopping or dining. Great for luxurious fashion shops, furniture stores, bed and bath shops, hotels, wine bars, tea rooms, flower shops, waiting rooms, and more.
Calm, Ethereal, New Age Electronica, Mellow Asian New Age
Like floating on AIR for a SPA DAY at your favorite hotel, whether it’s in-city after work or while on a LUXE vacation around the globe. Our gentle, calming music is perfect for your clients as they enjoy soothing massages and facials, or the sauna, soaking pool, or chilling out after a fitness workout.
Dramatic, Electronica, New Age, New Age, Meditation
Relax, relate, and reconnect with world-positive music that transcends and reinvigorates your soul. Perfect for spa, massage, and relaxation, this calming, tranquil music will transport you to a beautiful place of mind. Features New Age music with a digital-electronic production style.
Dramatic, Electronica, New Age, Pop, Folk, Ambient
Vocal & Instrumental
Immerse yourself in rich, dappled layers of gentle, uplifting music that will help transcend life's daily worries. This therapeutic music is perfect for clinics, hospitals, waiting rooms, doctors, healers, therapists, and various wellness-related retail settings.
Nature, River, Forest, Water, Wind, New Age, Instrumental, Easy Listening
Light, airy New Age music, enhanced with sounds of nature like seabirds, crickets, and gentle rain, creates a calming oasis where clients can steal away and enjoy moments of peace. Perfect for spas, wellness centers, massage, yoga, waiting rooms, medical offices, and nature-themed gift shops.
Calm, Mellow, Serene, Classical
Like a gentle breeze on a Spring morning, serene, calm, and peaceful compositions by our talented Harp ensembles and soloists. Tranquil and magical, and perfect for upscale fashion boutiques, hotels, flower shops, waiting rooms -- or for day spas, meditation, yoga, religious services, or daydreaming...
Chill, Jazz Exotica, World, Asian Fusion
To create the ultimate chilled nirvana for after massages or Yoga, Spa Cafés are popping up with a focus on infused waters and fresh and healthy foods. Our sophisticated, uplifting music offers a cozy ambiance of exotic, laid-back World music, Ethnic Jazz, chilled Electronica, and dreamy Asian Fusion.
Dramatic, New Age, Meditation, Nature, Ethereal
Vocal & Instrumental
Supremely mellow, this New Age instrumental music will help you transcend the daily stress in your life. Relax and unwind, take your mind off of your troubles and enjoy this tranquil New Age music
Japanese New Age, Zen, Japanese Instrumentals, Mellow Asian, Spiritual, Healing
Delicate and mysterious, these gentle melodies will enhance the Reiki healing process of both body and mind and allow your spiritual energy to flow. Developed in 1922 by Japanese Buddhist Mikao Usui, Reiki's "laying on of hands" is popular across the world, with music designed for maximum relaxation.
Thai Traditional, Thai New Age
If there’s one country that’s synonymous with great massages and wellness, it’s THAILAND! Famous for their spa retreats, the Thai-style massage is heavenly! These gentle, relaxing, chilled Thai melodies will take you to the Land of Smiles. Genuine pleasure for health clubs, spa cafés, and meditation.
Ocean Sounds, Nature, Ambient
The natural rhythm of the ocean sounds moves something deep within us all, perhaps our genetic memory resonates to its enchanting pattern and hypnotic beat. Few things are capable of setting a mellow atmosphere and such a profound calm like the white noise pattern of flowing water.
Nature, Birds, Streams, Rivers
As a general background for many areas in a spa and it’s environs the sounds of nature always set a peaceful and calm mood, ideal for preparation for treatment or to wind down afterwards.
Asia New Age, Chinese, Japanese, World Fusion
Vocal & Instrumental
Shopping, dining, a spa day, or chilling after work, let's travel to a World of Dreams--Nepal, Japan, Malaysia, India, China, and other exotic ports of call. Discover the serenity, charm, and allure of mystical floating bells and the mystery and eroticism of this elegant music from afar...
Indian, World Fusion, Indian World Fusion, Indian Light
Vocal & Instrumental
Supremely tranquil music of India, perfect for spa, relaxation, meditation, healing, and reflection. Transport yourself across space and time to a calm and peaceful place in the Universe. Nice for a scenic cruise down the Ganges or enjoying a hot cup of Masala Chai in a sweet hotel bar or lounge.
Bikram, Yoga
Practiced in steamy-hot studios around the world, Bikram Hot Yoga is riding a huge wave of popularity. Devotees enjoy the intenseness of Hot Pilates for cardio exercise and the discipline's 26 body-strengthening postures. Great for spas and wellness retreats -- just be sure to stay hydrated!
New Age Atmospheres, Calm, Relaxing, Spa, Meditation, Asian New Age
A full, more focused style, formed to complement specific therapies and treatments when the atmosphere is more intimate and close, and relaxation is supreme. Subtle and melodic, our musical aromas are elegant, relaxing, and rejuvenating for the soul -- just what the good doctor ordered.
Safari, African, World, Native American, Indian Dramatic, Middle East Dramatic
Vocal & Instrumental
Adventure around every bend, vast sweeping landscapes, exciting and rugged with sounds from around the World, evocative of journeys into the wild. For Adventure gear stores, Jungle resorts, Safari and Hiking Tour operators, Hostels and intrepid B&Bs. Enjoy an exciting date with Nature!
Classical, Ethereal, Orchestral, Piano, Calm, Romantic, Happy
Elegant, romantic, and calming, this Light Classical music is perfect for leisurely enjoying your pliés and barre workouts. This soft, slow-tempo music inspires ballerina-fitness for Yoga, Pilates, and Ballet classes, and other disciplines for enhancing your isometric strength, balance, and posture.
Acro, Yoga
A new, more-vigorous form in the ever-changing Yoga repertoire, Acro Yoga combines Acrobatic gymnastics and Yoga to enhance strength, balance, flexibility, and teamwork. Yoga for two -- performed with a partner, relieves stress, builds strength, and certainly may help perk up your mental health.
New Age Electronica, Ambient Atmospheres, Calm, Ethereal
Vocal & Instrumental
The iconic Academy Award-winning Greek composer and noted Electronic musician Vangelis has inspired artists for five decades! Today, our composers around the world honor him with their original compositions to inspire others. A lush avant-garde mix of Electronica for laid-back clubs, bars, and cafés.
Dramatic, Electronica, New Age, Meditation, Science Fiction
Vocal Samples & Instrumental
Explore the Galaxies and Stars - Transcend your earthly bonds and enjoy ethereal Space Music, perfect for planetariums, theme parks and space museums. Featuring a mellow mix of music and spacey sounds, this station will take you out of this world into the next realm.
New Age, Science Fiction, Meditation, Atmospheres
Vocal & Instrumental
Venture into a mystical, magical place underneath the waves, where life exists totally underwater. Calm and tranquil, it's perfect for aquariums, museums, theme parks, offices or waiting rooms, and sets the mood for a peaceful underwater or underseas adventure. So delicate, it's like floating on air.
Bird Sound Effects, Bird Forest, Bird Songs
In our Bird Paradise, discover the harmonic interplay of birdsongs with the ambient sounds of nature. Tranquil and sublime, or primal and inspiring, this ambient station will transport you to a tropical rainforest in the heart of the Amazon where birdsongs fill the air with their unique chirping.
Music Box
Explore the timeless charm of magical music boxes playing your favorites from Beethoven to Brahms, as well as many other favorite traditional, public-domain songs. Sets a lovely mood for certain kids stores, curio shops, tchotchkes, incense, magic parlors, and amusement retail of various types.
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