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British & Irish Music Stations

18 Stations to Explore
Lively and vibrant music from England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. Perfect for pubs, clubs, restaurants, petrol stops -- and our PIRATES stations are fun for kids and Theme Parks
1980's Pop Songs, Indie Rock, Dance-Pop
Inspired by 70's British Glam Rock fashion, and bands like Duran Duran, Boy George, and Spandau Ballet, New Romantic's sexy Dance-Pop and Rock music is INSANELY FUN for flamboyant clubs, trendy pubs, bars, underground lounges, cafés, 80's reunions, and music festivals. Cool also for all age demographics.
Britpop, British Pop, Indie Pop, Indie, Power Pop, 60's Rock
A tribute to the 90’s culture, fashion, art, and politics in the UK, Britpop is brighter and catchier than Alt Rock and Shoegazing, with darker lyrical themes. Pulp, Blur, Oasis, Suede, and Supergrass were trail blazers and big stars; then the iconic Spice Girls helped rev it up in the USA and worldwide.
Indie, Pop, Rock
Vocal & Instrumental
As a young British subversive, David Bowie played with 60's and 70's verities about gender, identity and Rock & Roll itself, insisting that truth was nothing but another mask. His stagecraft as Ziggy Stardust, the flamboyant Master of Masks himself, inspired these original compositions...
Alt Pop, Indie Rock, RnB, Pop/EDM
Who doesn't LOVE award-winning UK Popstar HARRY STYLES? With his recent Pop hit "Harry's House," his funky SNL intro, and flamboyant fashions, our singers got inspired! This TRIBUTE station honors Harry and all Millennial Popstars whose music's fun for fashion, cafés, bars, happy hours, retail venues...
Pop, Rock, Easy Listening, Psychedelic, Singer/Songwriter
Vocal & Instrumental
Inspired by the Fab Four, we pay homage to the amazing music of The Beatles. From the divinely-inspired McCartney and Lennon co-writes, to the funky-kitschy tracks of Ringo Starr and George Harrison, here you'll find entirely new songs by our Brit-inspired composers and songwriters.
Space Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Art Rock, Blues Rock, Progressive Rock
Vocal & Instrumental
Praised for their political, social and emotional songs, the wildly popular English Rock band Pink Floyd pioneered Psychedelic Space-Rock and Blues-based Progressive Rock, making it super cool for bars, pubs, pool halls, marijuana dispensaries, and venues seeking a "COMFORTABLY NUMB" sound and sensation!
European, Irish, Scottish, Dramatic, Folk
Vocal & Instrumental
Serene, inspirational melodies like "Bonnie Mary Jane" and "Danny Boy" combine Traditional Celtic Folk Music from our seafaring ancestors from Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Cape Breton, and Brittany. Lilting vocals and instrumentals to recall the rolling green hills and beauty of the famed Emerald Isle.
Irish, European, Scottish, Celtic Rock, Irish Folk, Irish Traditional
Vocal & Instrumental
Lively Irish Traditional Folk music including Celtic Jigs, Reels, and Polkas for pubs, bars, cafés, and St. Paddy's Day parties -- lots of fiddles, flutes, penny whistles, and occasional light bagpipes. These heartwarming instrumentals and lush, nostalgic vocals will entertain your Irish Heart royally!
British Folk Music, Contemporary Scottish, European
Vocal & Instrumental
Welcome to our British Folk Music from across the Pond! Also called ENGLISH FOLK, you'll enjoy LIVELY fiddles, guitars, and ordinary people sharing TALL TALES of their everyday life. A sub-culture of PUB MUSIC aficionados was born ages ago, and it's fun for pool halls, bars, happy hours, vintage fashion.
Brit Rock, Alt Rock, Punk Rock, Post-Rock, 1970's Rock, Britrock
GRITTY, BITING, and CHEEKY, our British Rock music was created by our funky, stiff upper-lipped UK islanders. So hit PLAY today to rock out to their steely-edged metal and guitars. And hey, this is hi-energy WAKE-UP music with WILD LYRICS that'll deliver a punch in rowdy pubs, bars, raves, and festivals.
Trip Hop, Trap, Pop Rap, British Hip Hop
Vocal & Instrumental
CHILL with the hippest URBAN HIP HOP from across the Pond! Also called 'UK HIP HOP' and 'BRIT-HOP,' our Rap artists are flashing their unique style of choppy vocal samples, chilled vocals, and instrumentals. Cool for laid-back VIP rooms, lounges, hotel bars, after-hours parties, hip Street Style fashion.
Alt Pop, 80's Pop, Indie Rock, Pop Rock
Thanks to the huge popularity of Netflix's "STRANGER THINGS," the 80's Pop icon, British singer KATE BUSH is dominating the headlines: #1 on iTunes + #8 on Billboard! Her wild spirit and bold lyrics inspired us! Worldly, wise, and unconventional, these awesome songs will wow a NEW GENERATION of fans.
British Pop, Indie, Alt-Pop
Vocal & Instrumental
Post-Britpop is Alt-Rock guitar-based music from the late 1990s-early 2000s drawing on earlier Britpop with American Rock influences. Notable early on were Oasis and Blur, while Radiohead, the Verve, and newer acts like Stereophonics and Coldplay achieved fame, fortune, and a huge international fan base.
Pop/EDM, Dance, House Music, Techno, Trance, Funk, Dubstep
Vocal & Instrumental
Our savvy British DJs, remixers, and talented musicians created these WILD BANGERS just for you! Fun to stream BEFORE the live DJ appears to entertain your party animals! Great for mega-clubs like Fabric, Heaven, or Printworks London, plus it adds EXCITEMENT to basement clubs, raves, and music festivals.
Deep House, EDM, Dance Pop
Vocal & Instrumental
Emerging from the UK in the 2010s, Future House evolved from Deep House and UK Garage, combining EDM and Dance-Pop. Great fun for Pubs, Clubs, Upbeat Cafés, and Nightlife! Enjoy a syncopated, futuristic fusion of Metallic and Dubstep-ish 'bass stabs' behind familiar Deep House percussion. It's AWESOME!
European Contemporary Folk, Irish, Scottish
Vocal & Instrumental
Grab a Lager, Ale, or Cider and SING ALONG with our wild, jamming PUB SONGS! Perfect for bars, clubs, pool halls, men's gear shops, motorway services, tattoo shops, gyms, tourism, and music festivals. Have fun with your best gal or pal, and sing, dance, or freak out to our lively British and Irish vibe!
Orchestral Action, Dramatic, Pirates, Superhero, Military Battles, Dangerous, Epic Hollywood Orchestral
Vocal & Instrumental
Dangerous and exciting, our Pirates Music is great for epic, bounding cinematic production and Theme Park adventure attractions. Vibrant, booming orchestral scores set for high-seas action, boarding raids, and naval warfare between Forces of Good and Evil.
Folk, Sea Shanties, Pirate Songs
Vocal & Instrumental
Stroll ye into Pirate Town and savor the rustic, folksy Sea Shanties as sung by pirates themselves. This rousing, bawdy mix of vocal and instrumental sea-faring music will amuse and delight! Ye never know what them pirates be up to, so ye best guard your pockets and guard your Rum even closer.
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