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Thai Music Stations

5 Stations to Explore
Discover Exciting Music from Exotic Thailand, from Traditional to Contemporary
Thai Traditional, Thai New Age
If there’s one country that’s synonymous with great massages and wellness, it’s THAILAND! Famous for their spa retreats, the Thai-style massage is heavenly! These gentle, relaxing, chilled Thai melodies will take you to the Land of Smiles. Genuine pleasure for health clubs, spa cafés, and meditation.
Thai Traditional, Relaxing Lao Music
Vocal & Instrumental
Influenced by India, with lighter elements from China, the music of Thailand carries its own distinctive style and flavor! Featuring wind, string, and percussion instruments, this playlist is perfect for shopping, dining, spas, fashion shops, village celebrations, Asian lounges, and Buddhist festivals.
Luk Krung, Thai Pop, Thai Contemporary Music
Vocal & Instrumental
For entertaining your customers, our authentic Thailand songs and instrumentals will bring smiles to Asian fashion boutiques, ethnic restaurants, coffee houses, weekend markets, noodle houses, Asian antique and vintage shops, food courts, malls, and other retail venues. Also fun for river cruises!
Thai Pop & Contemporary Music, Luk Krung
Vocal & Instrumental
Popular with teenagers, Gen Z, and Millennials, our cool, hip POP SONGS are playing all around THAILAND! Both iconic singers and young talents present the latest grooves in contemporary music -- perfect for laid-back lounges, bars, cafés, coffee shops, fashion boutiques, malls, retail, grocery chains...
Thai Folk Pop, Thai Easy Listening, Luk Krung, Luk Thung
Vocal & Instrumental
A vibrant mix of earlier Thai music in the styles of Pop, Easy Listening, Luk Krung, and Luk Thung. Great for coffee cafés in big cities, casual restaurants, supermarkets, malls, and shops selling wood carvings, scented soaps, flowers, etc. Also provides authentic Thai music for tourist-filled venues.
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