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Theme Parks Music Stations

29 Stations to Explore
Music for In-Park Entertainment at Fun Theme Parks
Electro House, Robotronica, Synth-Pop, Techno, Space Disco
Vocal & Instrumental
Why be a MINI Robot when you can be a FUNKY Robot? Fun for teens and tweens shopping, grabbing fast food, playing paintball or arcade and video games. Lively Techno, Dance, Space Disco, and Robot Beatz to brighten kids' spaces with something off-the-wall and different.
Thriller, Crime, Chase, Electro-Orchestral, Dark, Action, Dangerous, Edgy
Vocal & Instrumental
Great for gyms, edgy bars, and guy places craving dark, suspenseful CRIME + ACTION -- like creepy stalkers to heists to tension-building Electro-Orchestral trailer music -- from "Psycho" to "Michael Clayton," to new films like "Red Sparrow," "The Commuter" or the wild, wacky "Game Night."
Middle-East World Fusion, Contemporary Dramatic, Pan-World Fusion
Join us for an ADVENTUROUS journey to the ORIENT, INDIA, and the exotic SAHARA! An ethereal fusion of lively indigenous instruments with mesmerizing melodies, it’s great for hookah bars, progressive hotels, lounges, cruise lines, airports, fashion, and Millennial and Gen Z travelers and entrepreneurs.
African, World Fusion
Vocal & Instrumental
Venture into the heart of Africa on an amazing Safari! On this adventure, you'll enjoy ethnic drumming, tribal dancers, bush beaters, fighters, and warriors! Perfect for wildlife photographers, theme parks, and young explorers observing nature as lions, tigers, and jungle animals roam freely in the bush.
Action Adventure Electro-Orchestral, Superhero, Crime, Thriller, Spy Themes, Edgy, Hollywood Orchestral
Vocal & Instrumental
Our Contemporary Action music is perfect for theme parks and progressive venues that enjoy Epic Film Music inspired by composers like Hans Zimmer and Steve Jablonsky, whose hybrid compositions include Orchestral + Electronica + Ethnic elements that didn't exist in earlier Modern and Classical periods.
Magical, Whimsical, Comedy, Edgy, Mystery, Orchestral Action Adventure
A tribute to J. K. Rowling's lively Harry Potter tales of Wizards and Witchcraft -- Little Wizards can enjoy an exciting journey to try and save Harry, Hermione, Ron, and Ginny! Special fun for the holidays in toy stores, costume shops, theme parks, school events, parties, playdates, and games.
Waltz, Polka, Circus, Clown
Vocal & Instrumental
Step right up to witness magical wonders of the known universe, with the most spectacular Circus and Carnival music known to mankind! You will hear frolicking Polkas, crazy Clown music, funny Marches, and the most exciting and scarcely imaginable music for the Big Top...
New Age, Science Fiction, Meditation, Atmospheres
Vocal & Instrumental
Venture into a mystical, magical place underneath the waves, where life exists totally underwater. Calm and tranquil, it's perfect for aquariums, museums, theme parks, offices or waiting rooms, and sets the mood for a peaceful underwater or underseas adventure. So delicate, it's like floating on air.
Action, Dramatic, Adventure, Electro-Orchestral, Danger, Military, Action Thriller, Hollywood, Science Fiction
Vocal & Instrumental
On your mark, ready, set, go! You won't be able to catch your breath once you start with this tantalizing mix of thrilling Modern Action tracks! Discover our Next-Gen, hot-hot 21st Century Hollywood Action -- racing hearts and racing heroes, here we come!
Classical Period, European Orchestral, Regal, Baroque, Medieval Classical
The best of early European Classical music from the Middle Ages through the Renaissance periods. Perfect for fairs, museums, galleries and any location wanting to capture the perfect essence of early Classical music as played throughout Europe.
Action, Dangerous, Edgy, Horror, Mysterious, Dark
Vocal & Instrumental
Dark, edgy music that'll bring a chill to your spine and keep you guessing about what's coming next. Sets a great mood for mystery dinner theatres, theme parks, edgy bars, pubs, gear shops, gyms, and adventurous guy places whose restless clients want something suspenseful and off the chain.
Folk, Sea Shanties, Pirate Songs
Vocal & Instrumental
Stroll ye into Pirate Town and savor the rustic, folksy Sea Shanties as sung by pirates themselves. This rousing, bawdy mix of vocal and instrumental sea-faring music will amuse and delight! Ye never know what them pirates be up to, so ye best guard your pockets and guard your Rum even closer.
Science Fiction, Space Disco, Space Dub, Dance
Vocal & Instrumental
Space Disco is dance club music inspired by Sci-Fi flicks like Star Wars, Solaris, Close Encounters, etc. Great for spacy discotheques and off-world clubs with freaky cyborgs, aliens, and robots bumping and grinding. Better jump on the Space Disco before BLAST-OFF...
Creepy Halloween Horror, Haunted, Dark, Mysterious, Action Thriller
Vocal & Instrumental
Scare the Kids on Halloween... All the creepy, scary, horrific music and haunted soundscapes you could ever want! Perfect for haunted houses, amusement parks, theme parties, and events. This is a fright-fest of skin-crawling thriller, horror, and terror music -- providing a great October 31st ambiance.
Hollywood, Dramatic, Regal Orchestral, Fanfare, Patriotic, Military
Vocal & Instrumental
Rousing and uplifting dramatic orchestral music for Heroes. Perfect for Awards Ceremonies, Oscars Fanfare, Patriotic events, Sports honors, News Openers, Launch Parties, or other entertainment showcasing bravery, dedication, teamwork or performances beyond the Call of Duty.
Orchestral, Magical, Fantasy, Whimsical, Happy, Heartwarming, Dramatic, Quirky
Vocal & Instrumental
Whimsical and Magical Kids Music! Think Disney World, Theme Parks, elegant and sophisticated orchestral music for children's attractions and amusements. Swirling, optimistic and uplifting music for Kids retail and Pizza Parlors, skating, school events, celebrations, parties, and play dates.
Japanese Dramatic, Regal, Ethereal, Mystery, Asian Fusion
Vocal & Instrumental
Japan’s noble and brave Warrior Clan and their clashing swords dominated Japanese society until 1868 when feudalism was abolished. We honor this ancient culture with a flourish of Asian and Japanese music flowing with epic drama and beauty. Perfect for museums, galleries, and theatrical events.
Action, Dangerous, Mysterious, Contemplative, Dramatic
Our superb Orchestral tension takes you on a frightful journey. Great for Murder Mystery dinner theatres and dark, adventurous pubs, galleries, or theme events. Theatrical, sometimes grim, dim the lights and think PBS and BBC dramas like Wallender, The Coroner, Silent Witness, Endeavour, and Sherlock.
Epic Japanese, Japanese Dramatic, Adventure, Action, Taiko Drums, Hollywood Epic
Ninja Action offers epic, non-stop Ninjatō-wielding warriors, spies, and assassins -- fusing powerful Taikos, fierce Espionage, and Swordplay. A blend of legendary Japanese Edo music and iconic Bruce Lee film ideas, fun for Theme Parks, pumping iron, martial arts, gear shops, and manly sports bars.
Action-Adventure, Intense Electronic, Punk Rock, Metal, Big Beat, Arena Rock, Power Play
HOT, HOT Rock, Metal, Hip-Hop, Sports + Industrial music for dirt bikes, wrestling, boxing, Karate, Taekwondo, street fighting, bungee jumping - and any Gritty Challenge. Cool for Sports Malls, racing venues, fighting arenas, paintball, video game parlors, athletic gear shops. Engines Revving?
Halloween, Horror, Monster Pop
Vocal & Instrumental
Kids get the giggles when HALLOWEEN arrives -- with pesky ghosts, goblins, haunted houses, and CANDY galore! Here we offer lighthearted parodies, a few howls, and GREAT FUN for kids' stores, retail shops, pizza parlors, school parties, toy shops, and theme parks during the Spooky Season's run-up.
Bird Sound Effects, Bird Forest, Bird Songs
In our Bird Paradise, discover the harmonic interplay of birdsongs with the ambient sounds of nature. Tranquil and sublime, or primal and inspiring, this ambient station will transport you to a tropical rainforest in the heart of the Amazon where birdsongs fill the air with their unique chirping.
Native American, New Age, American Indian, Nature, Atmospheres
Vocal & Instrumental
Fly with the spirit wind to travel on the path of our native ancestors. From windswept canyons in New Mexico north to the Dakotas, this evocative music honors the earliest peoples of North America. Perfect for Pueblo trading posts, cafés, art galleries and shops featuring Southwestern themes.
Dramatic, Science Fiction, Electronica
Vocal Samples & Instrumental
Warp to the future and check this HOT station for Sci-Fi-themed amusement park attractions. Perfect for Avatar, Star Trek, Star Wars, Back to the Future, Close Encounters, ET - the future is now! So strap on your goggles and prepare to beam on up!
Spy Themes, Cool Jazz, Action Thriller, Bond Soundalikes, Funk, Edgy Mystery
Vocal & Instrumental
Jumping from planes, chasing bad guys, or chilling in the Casino Royale with a hot blonde and a sexy agenda, our Spies & Double Agents offer funky chills and edgy thrills. Shaken or stirred, great for trendy guy places, whiskey bars, taverns, pubs, pool halls, tattoo shops, theme parks, and parties.
Dramatic, Electronica, New Age, Meditation, Science Fiction
Vocal Samples & Instrumental
Explore the Galaxies and Stars - Transcend your earthly bonds and enjoy ethereal Space Music, perfect for planetariums, theme parks and space museums. Featuring a mellow mix of music and spacey sounds, this station will take you out of this world into the next realm.
Action, Dangerous, Military, Action Thriller, Hollywood, Science Fiction
Vocal & Instrumental
Exciting Orchestral Action-oriented music to accompany game action for multi-purpose Theme Park uses, including Pirates, Knights-in-Armor, European, Superhero, Villains, and other similar types of cinematic, dramatic themes.
Orchestral Action, Dramatic, Pirates, Superhero, Military Battles, Dangerous, Epic Hollywood Orchestral
Vocal & Instrumental
Dangerous and exciting, our Pirates Music is great for epic, bounding cinematic production and Theme Park adventure attractions. Vibrant, booming orchestral scores set for high-seas action, boarding raids, and naval warfare between Forces of Good and Evil.
Action Intense, Electro-Orchestral, Dramatic, Dangerous
Vocal & Instrumental
Super-intense action tracks perfect for rapid-action film and TV production, gameplay, theme park experiences, and similar industrial-strength music intensity.
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