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Indie Music Stations

19 Stations to Explore
Discover Indie Pop, Indie Rock, Emo, Alt Pop and More
Indie Pop, Indie, Rock, Acoustic Pop, Alternative Pop, Singer-Songwriter
Family-friendly light vocal Indie Pop and Indie Rock ideal for fast-casual dining and retail shops needing easy-going, nonintrusive, jangly, summery music. Showcasing exciting contemporary artists to entertain your clients with music that's suitable for all age groups.
Electronica, Pop, Indie, Dance, Pop Rock, Avant-Pop, Post-Dubstep
Vocal & Instrumental
Pop music is constantly evolving, and jaded trendsetters and fun-seekers love progressive new music, with a mix of Post-Pop, Neo-Pop, Post-Dubstep, Progressive Pop, Avant-Pop, Pop Nouveau, and other new styles to worship. For pop-up shops, laid-back bars, lounges, galleries, or launch parties.
Pop Rock, Indie Pop, Indie Rock
Want your cash register to go KA-CHING? Promote your BAR BUSINESS by creating special SING-ALONG nights with LOW-COST drinks and snacks. Your customers and their pals will LOVE these FUN-and-FUNKY SONGS by hot male and female singers! Our Pop Rock, Indie Pop, and Indie Rock songs are super ROWDY + FUN.
Indie, College Rock, Grunge, Indie Pop
Straight up Indie Rock with an edge from some of today's hottest new, independent, and emerging artists and bands. If you're in a rebellious mood, these DIY rockers deliver some of the tastiest Indie Rock you'll ever hear! Perfect for bars, restaurants, pool halls, bowling alleys, happy hour and more.
Pop, Indie, RnB, Dance-Pop, Rock
With the rise of GIRL POWER, you ALWAYS need a few BAD Hombres! And we just roped in the Hottest, Baddest Dudes to entertain you! These guys are banging out some COOL VOCALS in a slick mix of Pop, Rock, Indie, RnB, and Dance music that's fun for A-Lister clubs, bars, fast fashion, and progressive venues.
Emo, Alt Rock, Indie
Vocal & Instrumental
Neo-gothic swirling Emo music for post-modern urban vampires, Suicide Girls, and a Hollywood state of mind. Ready for a walk on the darker side? Emo is for you. Featuring instrumentals and lyrically raw and poetic vocals, Electronica, Rock and Alt music for progressive alternative shops, bars, and clubs.
Pop, Alt-Pop, RnB, Singer-Songwriter, Indie
Vocal & Instrumental
A fun-loving, easy-going summery mix of contemporary Indie Pop, Jangle-Pop, Acoustic Pop, RnB, Modern Bossa Nova, and other quirky music. Perfect for a cool day at the beach with friends, drinks by the pool, a hammock on the beach, hacky sack, and worry-free sunbathing.
Pop, Indie, Soul, RnB, Dance, Rock, Electronica, Singer-Songwriter
The Hottest Female Vocalists on Planet Earth, our "Divas" have the talent and sass to grab your attention. A tasty, rockin' mix of Pop, Indie, RnB, Dance, and Rock, with tributes to Ke$ha, Lady Gaga, etc. Fun for retro fashions, shopping sprees, underground clubs, pubs, bars, and trendy urban hangouts.
1980's Pop Songs, Indie Rock, Dance-Pop
Inspired by 70's British Glam Rock fashion, and bands like Duran Duran, Boy George, and Spandau Ballet, New Romantic's sexy Dance-Pop and Rock music is INSANELY FUN for flamboyant clubs, trendy pubs, bars, underground lounges, cafés, 80's reunions, and music festivals. Cool also for all age demographics.
Alt-Pop, Dance-Pop, Neo-Lounge, Alt-Rock, Electronica, Electropop, Indie
Vocal & Instrumental
Our ALT POP music offers a cool counter-culture, devil-may-care vibe, and a Pop edge! This playlist is great for progressive, non-mainstream bars, lounges, edgy fashion, tattoo shops, and underground clubs that like to push Musical Boundaries to the Max without concern for pleasing a general audience.
Grunge, Garage, Alternative Rock, Modern Rock
In the mid-80s and 90s, Grunge Rock was used to describe the guitar-driven Seattle bands like Nirvana, Pearl Jam and Soundgarden. Fusing elements of Heavy Metal + Punk + angsty lyrics about societal ills + self-identity, it's ideal for bars, pubs, pool halls, ragers, tattoo shops, and Alternative venues.
Indie, Pop, Rock
Vocal & Instrumental
As a young British subversive, David Bowie played with 60's and 70's verities about gender, identity and Rock & Roll itself, insisting that truth was nothing but another mask. His stagecraft as Ziggy Stardust, the flamboyant Master of Masks himself, inspired these original compositions...
Post-Punk, Pop Rock, Alt Rock
From lip rings, plaid kilts, combat boots to Anti-Everything, POP PUNK's subversive music is capturing Gen Z and Millennial fans! With fast, hard-edged lyrics, expressing more EMO than RAGE, nostalgia also arises for the Psychedelic 70s. Great for alt-fashion, raves, poolrooms, sports bars, tat shops...
Indie, Rock, Ska Punk, Pop Rock
Vocal & Instrumental
An intense mix of hardcore Punk, Post-Punk, Power Pop (a la Green Day), and similar music with an unparalleled forcefulness. Originally referred to as "Punk Rock," the genre has evolved beyond the garage band Rock to include Funk, Electronica, Dub, and more. Welcome to Punk's ever-changing world...
Indie, Alt Rock, Singer-Songwriter, Glam Rock, AC/DC Tribute, 70’s, 80’s Rock, Rocktronica, Folk Rock
Vocal & Instrumental
Dim lights, gritty bars -- where EVERYBODY knows your NAME. Indie, Alt, and Folk Rock for Dive Bars and Pubs! Cheap beer, rail booze, arcade games, shoot pool, enjoy a burger. Funky Fun in the Neighborhood for best buds, girlfriends, bikers, hipsters, poets, and the occasional Faux Elvis.
Dream Pop, Indie, Electronica, Pop, Shoegaze
Dream Pop often fuses Ambient Pop, softer Alt-Rock, and Neo-Psychedelia with breathy vocals and a cool wash of hazy guitars. Showcasing atmospheric, harmonic textures, this shoegaze-influenced station creates an embracing, mesmerizing Indie-Pop style.
Indie Rock, Acoustic Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Pop Rock
A bruiser buffet of Downtempo Rock music for the Counterculture Guys and Gals who crave raw emotional vocals, fuzzy electric and slide guitars, and a Bob Dylan Attitude. Inspired by King Krule, Widowspeak, and other bands, why not kick back and take a deep dive with our Indie and Alt Rockstars!
Cybergoth, Goth, Industrial Rock, Punk, Progressive Rock, Progressive Metal
Vocal & Instrumental
With dark themes and angsty lyrics, Gothic Rock emerged from Post-Punk in the late 1970s with icons like Alice Cooper, the Cure, Nine Inch Nails, and Marilyn Manson. Great for grunge fashion, tattoo shops, pool halls, clubs, and bars who crave a morbid, literary romanticism and supernatural mystics.
Downtempo, Chill, Electronica, Ambient, Psybient
Vocal & Instrumental
If you CRAVE dark, mysterious, hypnotic elegance, our ALT LOUNGE music will add an edgy touch to your Chill Scene! This is Lounge music with dark, deep overtones, an alt take on leisure. Perfect for laid back progressive clubs where influencers, media stars, and fashionistas chill out with their BFFs.
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