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Kids Music Stations

19 Stations to Explore
Fun-time Music for Children's Entertainment
Childrens, Cartoon, Lullabies
Vocal & Instrumental
Music for very young kids between 1 and 5 years of age, this music is great for playdates, recess, parties, any time fun time. Featuring a mix of instrumentals and vocals, sweet and bouncy music so kids can interact and have a great time -- as much fun and liveliness as a barrel-o-monkeys.
Pop, Teen Pop, Childrens, Comedy, Cartoon, Dance, Electronica
Vocal & Instrumental
This is a crazy, wacky, fun musical mix for kids who love Tween Pop, Tropical, Circus, Carnival, and WILD Dance music! Perfect for kid-oriented theme parks, amusement and gaming centers, pizza shops and fast-casual restaurants catering to kids. Great for parties, school assemblies, playdates, and more!
Italian,Soft Rock, Comedy, Whimsical
FUN MUSIC for this FAMILY-FRIENDLY RESTAURANT tosses in GIGGLES with your pizza, pasta, burgers, and fries! Our whimsical ITALIAN and SOFT AMERICAN ROCK music is fun for Mom, Dad, and the Kids for fast food, casual restaurants, cafés, retail, 7-11s, and Quik Stops. Cheers -- and Allah Nostra to all!
Pop, Teen Pop, Tween Pop, Boy Band, Dance-Pop, Pop Rock
Bubblegum Tween Pop (also called Bubblegum Rock, Bubblegum Music, or simply Bubblegum) is a genre of Pop music that appeals to tweens and teens. Fun and playful, even a little bit silly at times, this music's perfect for kids' restaurants, parties, fashion stores, and shopping -- or just goofing off.
Comedy Pop, Animal Themes, Nursery Rhymes, Children singing English Vocals
It's a BLAST at KIDS RADIO and non-stop fun for kids of all ages at pizza shops, toy stores, special events, birthday parties, playdates, school assemblies, and more. Discover our wacky, upbeat vocals with quirky lyrics that will set a fun, playful mood that both kids AND their parents will enjoy, too.
Comedy, Playful Novelty, Kids Vocals, Cartoon, Comedy Jazz, Dance-Pop, Funny Nursery Rhymes
Vocal & Instrumental
Fun and playful music for a Nickelodeon-kind-of-mood, for kids between the ages of 5 to 8. Great for romping around, play dates, birthday parties, and an all-around fun-fest! Mostly instrumental with a few vocals, this music will amuse and entertain the kids while they play, shop, eat, or just hang out.
Whimsical Jazz, Swing Ensembles, Cartoon Jazz, Big Band
JUMPING, JIVING, and CHEEKY FUN with a fusion of 'Oceans Eleven' meets Jazz Funk and Acid Jazz. Great for all ages, and perfect for urban jazz clubs, kids' retail, fast food chains, Kwik Stops, malls, and any venue where FUN is on the MENU! Cool Jazz to capture the hearts of friends, family, and clients.
Whimsical, EDM-Pop, Electropop, Hard House, Complextro, Glitch, Hip Hop
Vocal & Instrumental
It's WILD, it's CRAZY, it's QUIRKY! Our INSANE MIX of feverish Pop, buzzy Electronica, EDM, Funk, and over-the-top Hip Hop is a DJ's dream! Great FUN for progressive 20-something Gen Zs (like Billie Eilish), Millennials, Boho chicks, sassy fashionistas, nerdy Geeks, clubs, raves, and warehouse parties.
Game Show, Action, Apprehensive, Mystery, Whimsical, Quirky, Spies, Broadway
Tick-tock, the clock’s spinning out of control with our suspenseful, sometimes cheesy music like you hear on "Jeopardy" or Reality TV shows like "Survivor" or "Shark Tank." Tensions rise, hearts are pounding -- great for teens and tweens having fun in arcades, kids' shops, burger joints, or theme parties
Electro House, Robotronica, Synth-Pop, Techno, Space Disco
Vocal & Instrumental
Why be a MINI Robot when you can be a FUNKY Robot? Fun for teens and tweens shopping, grabbing fast food, playing paintball or arcade and video games. Lively Techno, Dance, Space Disco, and Robot Beatz to brighten kids' spaces with something off-the-wall and different.
Hollywood, Classical, Fantasy, Comedy, Magical, Heartwarming, Tender
Music on gossamer wings with fluffy clouds floating by. Dreamy and calming for little kids who still believe in magic and pixies, and the tooth fairy. Great for kids' shops, retail, Pre-K activities, and rainy days. A great way to start each day, with HOPE and MAGIC -- music parents will love, too.
Waltz, Polka, Circus, Clown
Vocal & Instrumental
Step right up to witness magical wonders of the known universe, with the most spectacular Circus and Carnival music known to mankind! You will hear frolicking Polkas, crazy Clown music, funny Marches, and the most exciting and scarcely imaginable music for the Big Top...
Cartoon music, Comedy Pop, Whimsical, Kids' Instrumentals
Entertain the kids with our wild-and-woolly, fun-and-funky instrumentals! HAPPY SMILES await kids who love to monkey around while grabbing a pizza or a burger, or shopping with mom and dad. Great for play dates, birthday parties, and after-school events -- and maybe the kids will create some FUN LYRICS!
Music Box
Explore the timeless charm of magical music boxes playing your favorites from Beethoven to Brahms, as well as many other favorite traditional, public-domain songs. Sets a lovely mood for certain kids stores, curio shops, tchotchkes, incense, magic parlors, and amusement retail of various types.
Comedy Jazz, Swing Stride, Tango, Electro-Swing, Ragtime, Dixieland Jazz, Continental Jazz
Vocal & Instrumental
In 1914, Silent Films, Charlie Chaplin, and the Keystone Cops were all the rage! Live musicians played rowdy Ragtime, Tangos, and rinky-tink pianos for slapstick romance, runaway trains, and dramedies galore. Fun for kids, cafés, vintage shops, theme parties, film festivals, or historical venues.
Magical, Whimsical, Comedy, Edgy, Mystery, Orchestral Action Adventure
A tribute to J. K. Rowling's lively Harry Potter tales of Wizards and Witchcraft -- Little Wizards can enjoy an exciting journey to try and save Harry, Hermione, Ron, and Ginny! Special fun for the holidays in toy stores, costume shops, theme parks, school events, parties, playdates, and games.
Trigger that GAMING nostalgia with Chiptune Fun! Full of 8-bit adventure, fantasy, racing, fighting, and boss battles! Perfect for playdates, kids' retail, video game lounges, retro game conventions, toy stores, and for the folks who want to take a trip back to their favorite childhood console!
Orchestral, Magical, Fantasy, Whimsical, Happy, Heartwarming, Dramatic, Quirky
Vocal & Instrumental
Whimsical and Magical Kids Music! Think Disney World, Theme Parks, elegant and sophisticated orchestral music for children's attractions and amusements. Swirling, optimistic and uplifting music for Kids retail and Pizza Parlors, skating, school events, celebrations, parties, and play dates.
Magic Orchestral, Dreamy, Ethereal, Charming Children's Music
Dreamy, playful Orchestral Music for girls and boys aged 3 to 9 enjoying tea time with their DOLLS, TEDDY BEARS, or PETS. Inspiring music for childhood development, etiquette classes, play dates, kindergarten, and kids retail. Sweet, magical, and heartwarming music for socializing with other little kids
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