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Latin Music Stations

26 Stations to Explore
A Mix of Latin Pop, Salsa, Bossa Nova, Tropical, and More
Latin Pop, Latin Pop Ballads, Latin House
Enjoy our exciting contemporary Spanish vocals perfect for family-friendly venues, fashion shops, bars, restaurants, happy hours, food courts, and more. A sweet mix of Pop, Electronic, Dance, Rock, Indie Rock genres. Our talented Latin Music artists will bring smiles and joy to your world...
Chill, Lounge, Fashion House, Jazz Chill, Nu-Jazz, Bossa Nova, Neo-Lounge
Vocal & Instrumental
GLITZ and GLAM around the GLOBE -- a chic, fashionable Chillout vibe for affluent clients who enjoy Euro rhythms, jet-setter attitudes, and Café del Mar grooves. Spice up your trendy club, Michelin-anointed restaurant, niche hotel, gallery, or designer boutique, and become a "Destination" spot.
Latin House, Tropical, Bossa Nova, Reggaeton, Tropical Pop, Salsa
Vocal & Instrumental
A sophisticated, free-flowing vibe perfect for trendy bars, airport lounges, cruise lines, fashion, cafés, and casual dining. Stylish, chilled Tropical Pop, Latin Pop, and Bossa Novas you may hear in Bogotá, Buenos Aires, Rio, Miami, L A, or Costa del Sol. Fun for young, vibrant international clients.
Salsa, Tropical Latin, Latin Pop, Afro Cuban
Vocal & Instrumental
Popular in Cuban and Puerto Rican neighborhoods in NYC in the 70s, our SIZZLING SALSA combines Tropical Latin, Pop, and Afro Cuban. Enjoyed by Latinos and other cultures, it's fun for nightclubs, buzzy bars, lounges, and dance lessons around the globe! Declare a 'SALSA NIGHT' to attract a wider audience!
Dance, Latin Hip Hop, Latin Rap, Reggaeton
Vocal & Instrumental
Contemporary club- and dance-oriented Latin music including Latin House, Reggaeton, spicy Latin Pop, and more. Featuring hot Latin music artists and bands from the US, Latin America, and Europe, this station is great for nightclubs, discos and house parties! Gen Z and the Millennials love this music...
Latin Pop, Spanish, Tropical, Latin Jazz, Flamenco, Latin Easy Listening
Vocal & Instrumental
A festive, swanky mix of light vocal and instrumental Latin music for Hispanic-themed restaurants and retail. Our chilled Salsas, Rumbas, sensual Boleros, Spanish Guitar, and Latin Pop set a vibrant and warm mood for trendy Latin dining, hotels, cozy cafés, boutiques, and family-friendly venues.
Tropical, Latin Jazz, Latin Pop, Salsa, Merengue, Cha Cha, Conga, Mambo, Soca, Cumbia, Bachata, Calypso
Vocal & Instrumental
Laid-back and alluring Latin vocals and instrumentals perfect for sunny beach-front cafés, swimwear shops, pool parties, travel themes, resorts and entertaining. Enjoy a party vibe with lively mid-tempo Salsas, Merengues, Cumbias, Afro-Caribbean, light Calypsos, and other happy and festive island music.
Bossa Nova, Chill Brazil, Bossa Nova Jazz
Vocal & Instrumental
Fun awaits you with our sexy, playful Bossa Novas and Bossa Jazz honoring Brazil's iconic star Antônio Carlos Jobim, whose musical artistry inspired Jazz, Pop, and Latin artists around the world. Great for headliner clubs, beach cafés, laid-back shops, galleries, wine bars, hotels, cruises, fine dining.
Classical Guitar, Spanish Guitar
Vocal & Instrumental
Tranquil yet provocative, Spanish Guitar will warm even the coldest of days! Passionate and playful vocals and instrumentals set a tranquil and romantic mood. Perfect for small cafés, intimate dinners, quiet restaurants, wine bars, hotels, Airbnbs, designer boutiques, or chilling out in upscale venues.
Latin Jazz, Bossa Nova, Bossa Nova Jazz, Latin Lounge, Latin Chillout
As smooth as silk curtains blowing on a beautiful, breezy day, this music will appeal to low-key clubs, laid-back restaurants, and sweet places where friends or lovers may shop or dine, or enjoy an exotic cocktail. Elegant, Lush Latin Chillout, Latin Jazz, and a few Bossa Novas and frisky Tangos.
Bossa Nova Jazz, Latin Jazz, Latin Waltz, Afro-Cuban, Samba
Sultry, soulful, instrumental Latin Jazz is GREAT FUN for trendy clubs, restaurants, ballroom dancing, or lively entertainment. Hot percussion includes congas, bongos, timbales, and maracas, plus tasty brass and occasional strings and woodwinds -- a spicy combo of Afro-Cuban and Afro-Brazilian music.
Reggaeton, Hip Hop, Latin Rap, Latin Hip Hop
Vocal & Instrumental
The masters of Reggaetón bring you a wicked set of bangin' club tracks here in a hot new station! Blending a sound from the West-Indies with Latin, Hip Hop and RnB, Reggaeton will make your hips shake with a fever.
Latin Easy Listening, Latin Pop Ballads, Latin Pop, Latin RnB
Contemporary Latin Pop music with a chilled and mellow vibe. Offering a lively, edgy glam, with both Latin instrumentals and Spanish vocals in a variety of styles -- perfect for niche hotels, cozy cafés, restaurants, espresso bars, fashion boutiques, shops, malls, chain stores, and fun for dance!
Latin, Flamenco, Spanish Guitar
Vocal & Instrumental
Elegant, passionate and fiery, Flamenco is one of the oldest, most exotic forms of Latin music. Created by our Spanish masters of the art, Flamenco is popular in Spain, the USA, and non-Hispanic countries globally. Great for lively cafés, bars, nightclubs, lounges, dance classes, and fashion.
Salsa, Cha Cha, Latin Pop, Mariachi, Flamenco
Vocal & Instrumental
Viva México y la Fiesta! Our lively, fun-filled Latin Pop, Mariachi, spicy Salsa, Flamenco, etc., are perfect for trendy shops, holiday celebrations, street parties, and Cinco de Mayo festivities around the world. Always celebrating a rich, diverse Latino Cultural Heritage in a lively, playful style.
Latin, Tropical, Latin Folk, Latin Jazz, Latin Easy Listening
Vocal & Instrumental
Festive Spanish vocals and instrumentals perfect for restaurants, fashion, hotels, seaside inns, and chain stores. Mariachi, Salsa, Spanish Guitar, Latin Pop, and Latin Easy Listening music sets a vibrant, upbeat mood for trendy Mexican-style dining, the happy hour, family celebrations and festivities.
Chill Latin, Light Latin Pop, Latin Easy Listening, Latin Jazz
Vocal & Instrumental
Sweet, sexy, and laid-back... Our South American, Spanish, and Latin maestros offer up cool vibes for trendy boutiques and posh lifestyles. Enjoy a chilled mix of mellow Latin Pop, Latin Jazz, and Chillout music that's fun for shopping, dining, or sharing a latte, mate, or espresso in your favorite café.
Cha-Cha, Afro-Cuban, Latin Pop, Dance, Dance Pop
Vocal & Instrumental
Master the Cha-Cha-Chá and be the LIFE of the PARTY! Born in Cuba in the 1950s, this hot, spicy music is a mix of Cuban, Latin Pop and Latin Rock that sizzles with a steady beat. Great for ballroom dancing and dance classes -- and also for clubs, lounges, cafés, and fashion shops with a Latin clientele.
Latin, Tropical, Latin Jazz, Reggaeton
Vocal & Instrumental
The Cuban Revolution evolves with "Cuba Libre" -- a sizzling mix of Rumbas, Boleros, Salsas, Mambos, and a fusion of Afro-Cuban and Latin music for free-spirited clients. Perfect for Latin clubs, tropical lounges, fashion shops, restaurants, cigar and whiskey bars, cultural events, fiestas, and more.
Salsa, Latin Rap & Hip Hop, Samba, Merengue, Latin House, Mambo, Soca
Vocal & Instrumental
Uno, Dos, Tres -- Work it, Twerk it, Shake It Up with our sizzling-hot LATIN DANCE MUSIC (BPM 105-135), for a bangin' calorie-burning Dance Workout, Zumba classes, pumping iron, doing hi-rep HIIT, or for nightclub parties! Great for your booty and thighs -- y para tu Corazón!
Latin, Tejano, Tex-Mex, Spanish, Mariachi, Bolero
Vocal & Instrumental
Festive, flavorful and rousing vocals and instrumentals blending the old Southwest with a contemporary South-of-the-Border Spanish flair. Spicy Tejano, wild Corrido, Ranchera, and other lively Tex-Mex music.
Tropical, Caribbean, Calypso, Steel Drums, Reggae, Tropical Pop
Vocal & Instrumental
Tropical fun at its finest, with family-friendly vocal and instrumental Calypso, Tropicalia, Steel Drums, Tropical Rock and more. Perfect for Caribbean restaurants, sunny beach music, poolside, piña coladas, and festive pool parties.
Latin, Tango, Tangotronica, World Fusion
Sensual and dramatic, passionate and striking, Tango music is the epitome of romantic Latin dance music. Originating in Argentina, it's great for bars, restaurants, dance classes, and Latino parties. Join our masters of Tango on an epic sonic adventure through the realms of this exotic musical art form.
Latin Jazz, Bossa Nova, Slow Boleros, Rumbas, Tango
Vocal & Instrumental
A tender Latin vibe for lovers of slow Latin Jazz, light Boleros, sensuous Rumbas, Bossa Novas, and tasty Tangos. Relaxing and exotic, an embrace of sensuous Latin sounds, perfect for fine dining, hotel bars, nightclubs, wine bars, cafés, and trendy shops catering generally to an adult clientele.
Latin Traditional, Latin Folk, Mariachi, Spanish Folk
Vocal & Instrumental
Traditional and Folk Latin vocal and instrumental music, ideal for old-world Spanish restaurants, lively Latin-themed shops, fashion showrooms and trunk shows, family celebrations, and more. Enjoy our Tangos, Cumbias, Mariachis, and sizzling Salsas.
Latin, New Age, World Fusion
Vocal & Instrumental
Journey to South America and walk in the footsteps of the Incas to a destination back in time. Enjoy Peruvian, Bolivian, and Andean music featuring pan flutes, charangos, drums, and proud vocals from the descendants of the Incas. Perfect for fiestas, celebrations, museums, and special cultural events.
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