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Top Stations

Explore our Top 29 Music Stations!
Check out the top-played stations here at RadioSparx! This is the music that our clients enjoy the most.
Pop, Dance, Electronica, Indie, RnB, Rock, Dance-Pop
Family-friendly mid- to up-tempo vocals in a vibrant mix of Pop, RnB, and light Indie Rock. Perfect for venues like active retail stores, malls, and casual restaurants. This upbeat music will add fun to shopping or dining out for all age groups.
Pop, Nu-Pop, Future Pop, Pop EDM, Dance, Electronica, Indie, RnB, Rock, Dance-Pop
Family-friendly mid- to up-tempo vocals in a vibrant mix of Pop, RnB, light Indie Rock, and chilled Dance Pop. Perfect for venues like active retail stores, malls, and casual restaurants. This upbeat music will add fun to shopping or dining out for all age groups.
Dance, Pop, EDM, Electronica, Nu-Disco
Exciting and upbeat vocal Dance Pop and Pop/EDM that's great fun for fashion, retail, trendy shops, clubs, and chains of all types. For lively, right-now vocal Dance music, our Grammy winners and hot new singers and superstars have you covered... Perfect for younger crowds who LOVE hot music!
Cool Jazz, Jazz Funk, Smooth Jazz, Acid Jazz, Modern Jazz, Pop Jazz
Vocal & Instrumental
Cool, hip and laid-back... Enjoy a stylish mix of Smooth Jazz, Nu-Jazz, Acid Jazz, a dash of Pop-Jazz, and Uptown Funk. Perfect for entertaining A-lister Jazz aficionados in upscale cafés, buzzy restaurants, cruise lines, hotel lounges, champagne bars, or cosmopolitan hideaways around the world.
Dance, Indie, Pop, RnB, Singer/Songwriter, Light Rock
Bring miles of SMILES with our sweet, upbeat mix of soft Pop and light RnB songs! Create a leisurely ambiance for your fashion shop, pop-up boutique, retail chain, wine bar, or restaurant where you enjoy a casual clientele. This music offers a pleasant shopping or dining experience for all age groups.
Pop/EDM, Dance, Electronica, Pop
Pop-driven Instrumental EDM (Electronic Dance Music) featuring HOT NEW dance-oriented music by our savvy artists and DJs. EDM is Electronic music that's perfect for clubs, lounges, and dance-based entertainment, and ideal for teens and young adults who crave trendy new grooves...
Soft Pop, Soft Rock, Electronica, Folk, Indie, Jazz, Pop, RnB
Vocal & Instrumental
A nice easygoing mix of vocal and instrumental Pop, RnB, Smooth Jazz, Acid Jazz, and Soft Rock, perfect for general retail environments catering mostly to an adult clientele. Also ideal for casual dining and laid-back bars, furniture, house and kitchen, bed and bath, grocery chains, boutiques, and shops.
Jazz, Pop, Jazz-Pop, Nu-Jazz, Pop Jazz, Smooth Jazz
Vocal & Instrumental
Our contemporary Jazz-influenced Pop music blends several styles and forms with a modernist flair. Influenced by icons like Michael Bublé, Sting, Norah Jones, Jamie Cullum, and Michael Franks -- perfect for urban galleries, clubs, laid-back restaurants, trendy fashion shops, and pop-up venues.
Bossa Nova, Chill Jazz, Romantic, Cool Jazz, Latin, Swing, New Age
Vocal & Instrumental
Elegant and sophisticated, an opulent mix of Nu-Jazz, Chillout music, Orchestral and Smooth Jazz, and Bossa Novas, ideal for an affluent clientele in designer shops, fashion houses, chic boutiques, upscale dining, hotels, galleries, country clubs, and galas -- or shopping for sparkly rings at Tiffany's.
Country, Indie, Jazz, Pop, Rock, Reggae
Vocal & Instrumental
Perfect for Summer and the 4th of July celebrations with fun, summery vocals and instrumentals, and an easygoing, free-flowing vibe. Great for Theme Parks, shopping malls, public events, family barbecues, and parties, featuring Rock, Blues, Pop, Caribbean, Tropical Rock, Country, Summer Jazz, etc.
Hip Hop, Pop-Rap, Hip Hop Soul, East Coast, West Coast, Reggaeton
Dig the HIP HOP FLOW with an urban rhythmic punch! HOT VOCALS for underground clubs and VIP lounges all around the globe. Enjoy a funky, cool mix of East Coast, West Coast, Dirty South, and much more. We got everything from Old Skool to the sickest new G-Rap tracks from the hottest MCs on Planet Earth!
Fashion House, Deep House, Balearic Beat
Vocal & Instrumental
Stylish fashion-centered music for retail environments and runway shows. Cool and trendy, but not too intense. Featuring a lively mix of Deep House, Chilled Ibiza, Breakbeat, and Alt Pop, music with a sexy beat and a chill club vibe that won't melt your speakers. It's so Champagne, Caviar, and Fashion.
Soft Pop, Chill, Romantic, Heartwarming, Lilith Fair, Pop Easy Listening
Love's in the air, and Valentine's Day is never too far away -- so enjoy these fun, romantic Pop Love Songs with your clients, fans, and followers. Great for fashion and accessory boutiques, flower shops, laid-back lounges and coffee houses, trendy restaurants, candlelight dinners, or romantic memories.
Chill, Electronica, Neo-Lounge, Hip Hop, Acid Jazz, Urban Lounge
Vocal & Instrumental
A cool club-oriented Lounge, Chill mix of breathy vocals and alluring instrumentals. Featuring chilled Downtempo, Ambient, Buddha Bar, Lounge, and Electronica you hear in fashionable boutiques, bars, and clubs in NYC, London, Tokyo, Ibiza, etc. Perfect too for VIP lounge areas in hot dance clubs.
Dance, Indie, Pop, RnB, Electronica
Our Pop Up-Tempo Vocals features a rousing mix of Dance, RnB, Pop-Rock, Latin Pop, Pop-Country, etc., created by the Hottest New Talent from all around the world. Great for a lively clientele in upbeat restaurants, clubs, afterparties, slick retail shops, and noisy venues where UP ENERGY is a must!
Pop Easy Listening, Jazz, Pop Acoustic, Folk Pop, Lounge, Mellow, Calm, Heartwarming, Happy, Romantic
Vocal & Instrumental
An easygoing, diverse mix of vocal and instrumental Pop, World, Folk, and Rock music, perfect for creating a pleasant, relaxed ambiance that's easily accessible for all age groups and audiences. Great for rainy days and relaxed, tranquil dining and retail settings.
Dance-Pop, Pop/EDM, House, Deep House, Nu-Disco
Vocal & Instrumental
Feel the rhythm intensity on this station, perfect for a jamming cardio workout session. Featuring both instrumental and vocal music, these dance tracks will give you an awesome aerobic session! Mostly in the 120 to 140 BPM range.
Dance, Pop, Tropical Pop, Tropical House, Hip House, Tropical Rap, Caribbe Rap
Tropical Pop Vocals is the hottest new Island-influenced Pop music. These lively, infectious hip-swaying vocals create a sizzling club mood -- great for hotel poolside parties, trendy island boutiques, bars, lounges, busy vintage shops, coffee houses, summer fundraisers, music festivals, and more.
Pop Ballads, Pop Acoustic, Pop Easy Listening, Lounge Jazz, Chillout Jazz
Vocal & Instrumental
This is the best music for family-friendly shopping and dining! Our in-house DJs selected a relaxing mix of Pop, Acoustic, Easy Listening, and Soft Jazz vocals and instrumentals to entertain your clients in restaurants, cafés, WIFI hangouts, retail and fashion shops, food courts, chains, malls, and more.
Chill, Lounge, Deep House, Dance, Electronica, Hip Hop, RnB
Vocal & Instrumental
Cool and hip with a trendy vibe, this mix of rhythmic Acid Jazz, Smooth Soul, Hip Hop, and RnB offers an upbeat, in-vogue style. These chilled instrumentals and vocals are perfect for bars and lounges where tastemakers and trendsetters hook up. Great for the happy hour, drinking, dancing, and more...
Pop, RnB, Rock, Singer/Songwriter, Contemporary Folk
Calm and relaxing Pop music, with light, soothing vocals. Features up-and-coming vocal Pop artists with sweet and tender songs, perfect for mellower moments and venues with a mixed age demographic. Easygoing and calm, this station sets a relaxing mood.
Pop, Dance, Hip Hop, Rock, Indie, RnB
Step up your game with a spicy, edgy mix of vocal RnB, Pop-Rap, Reggae/Dub, Hip Hop, Dance Pop, and more. Great ambiance for progressive urban retail shops, trendy fast fashion, and in vogue accessories stores, offering a nice flow of lively, exciting grooves for teens and a young adult clientele.
Dance, Deep House, Electro House, Hip House, Latin House, Pop
Vocal & Instrumental
Hot-Hot Trance, House, Rave, and Balearic nightclub tracks with a four-on-the-floor rhythmic pounding -- perfect for raves and sizzling dance parties. Club bangers by our lively Ibiza DJs and Remixers will get your party grooving. For VIP clubs, catwalk, fashion, and trendy urban nightspots.
Electronica, Chill, Neo-Lounge, Pop, Chill Brazil, Bossa Nova, Reggae, Acid Jazz
Vocal & Instrumental
Kick back and unwind with cool rhythms and free-flowing, poetic-artistic music, with both vocals and instrumentals. This perfectly chilled-out Café Lounge playlist offers slick fun and trendy grooves and beats, like Acid Jazz, Latin Kitsch, Bossa Nova, Neo-Lounge, Jangle Pop, and Brazilian Tropicalia.
Pop, Alt Rock, Pop Rock, Indie Pop, Alt-Pop, Pop/EDM
Casual, Upbeat, and Fun -- Vibrant music to match the HOTTEST new trends and styles for a global, progressive audience. Perfect for today’s youthful, fit and optimistic outlook of what’s happening RIGHT NOW on the international scene in the stylistically-evolving world of fun and fashion…
Electronica, Pop, Indie, Dance, Pop Rock, Avant-Pop, Post-Dubstep
Vocal & Instrumental
Pop music is constantly evolving, and jaded trendsetters and fun-seekers love progressive new music, with a mix of Post-Pop, Neo-Pop, Post-Dubstep, Progressive Pop, Avant-Pop, Pop Nouveau, and other new styles to worship. For pop-up shops, laid-back bars, lounges, galleries, or launch parties.
Pop, Singer/Songwriter, Rock, Folk
A nice mix of vocals and occasional instrumentals for casual shopping or dining where the mood is relaxing and easygoing -- with a touch of happy playfulness. Savor a tranquil space with Soft Pop, Contemporary Folk, Melodic Rock, etc. and a leisurely pace of mellow moments and a feel-good vibe.
Pop, Indie, Soul, RnB, Dance, Rock, Electronica, Singer-Songwriter
The Hottest Female Vocalists on Planet Earth, our "Divas" have the talent and sass to grab your attention. A tasty, rockin' mix of Pop, Indie, RnB, Dance, and Rock, with tributes to Ke$ha, Lady Gaga, etc. Fun for retro fashions, shopping sprees, underground clubs, pubs, bars, and trendy urban hangouts.
Exotica, Polynesian, Electronica, Pop, Hawaiian, Pacific Islands, Tropical
Vocal & Instrumental
Welcome to the Tiki Bar Lounge and an uber-chilled Tropical Paradise, where cool ocean breezes beckon. Lush Polynesian Music, Jazz Exotica, and light Hawaiian music help fashion a playful Luau and poolside party mood -- and great for the Happy Hour, too. How about a Mai Tai or Rum Punch?
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