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Hip Hop Music Stations

30 Stations to Explore
Hip Hop is a worldwide movement influential in music, dance, fashion, art, and commerce since the 1970s
Chill, Lounge, Deep House, Dance, Electronica, Hip Hop, RnB
Vocal & Instrumental
Cool and hip with a trendy vibe, this mix of rhythmic Acid Jazz, Smooth Soul, Hip Hop, and RnB offers an upbeat, in-vogue style. These chilled instrumentals and vocals are perfect for bars and lounges where tastemakers and trendsetters hook up. Great for the happy hour, drinking, dancing, and more...
Pop, Dance, Hip Hop, Rock, Indie, RnB
Step up your game with a spicy, edgy mix of vocal RnB, Pop-Rap, Reggae/Dub, Hip Hop, Dance Pop, and more. Great ambiance for progressive urban retail shops, trendy fast fashion, and in vogue accessories stores, offering a nice flow of lively, exciting grooves for teens and a young adult clientele.
Reggaeton, Latin Pop, Latin Rap and Hip Hop
This is the BADDEST Bad Bunny Tribute! Inspired by the Puerto Rican 2022 Latin Grammy nominee and global icon, our singers and rappers created some HOT URBAN LATIN SONGS with Hip Hop, Trap, and RnB influences. Great for VIP rooms, rowdy clubs, raves, festivals, underground lounges, and Hispanic culture.
RnB, Hip Hop, Soul, Pop
Vocal & Instrumental
Ah, SWEET LOVE's in the AIR today! For all of you cool guys and your sweet babes, you can kick back and sip a bit of Cristal in the VIP room, lounge, or after-hours party -- and sail away on a LUSH, SEXY DREAM with our soulful Hip Hop, RnB, and Neo-Lounge music, a mix of loving, melodic vocals and beats.
Hip Hop, Pop-Rap, Hip Hop Soul, East Coast, West Coast, Reggaeton
Dig the HIP HOP FLOW with an urban rhythmic punch! HOT VOCALS for underground clubs and VIP lounges all around the globe. Enjoy a funky, cool mix of East Coast, West Coast, Dirty South, and much more. We got everything from Old Skool to the sickest new G-Rap tracks from the hottest MCs on Planet Earth!
Hip Hop, Rap, Party-Rap, Hip House, Hip Hop Soul, Reggaeton
Vocal & Instrumental
Groovin', rhythmic "Hip Hop HIIT" (High-Intensity Interval Training) with a hi-rep 105-135 BPM range -- to alternate with other lower-BPM workout stations. Strengthens bone mass and muscles, plus fun for Zumba, pumping iron, trainers, boxers, Kung Fu, and other martial arts workouts.
Hip Pop, Hip House, Party Rap, Dance
Vocal & Instrumental
HIP to the HOP and stream these BANGERS to entertain your urban party kids! Our high-energy, up-tempo mix of Hip Pop, Dance, and Rap is GREAT for rowdy clubs, bars, VIP rooms, pool parties, festivals, and all-night raves! FUN and FUNKY for your ballers, social media influencers, and fashionista chicks!
Hip Hop, Pop, RnB, Dance
Our savvy DJs and singers found inspiration in Billboard-charting artists like Eminem, Drake, Nicki, 50 Cent, Cardi B, Snoop Dogg, Lil Wayne, and all the poppin' artists you know and love. Get ready for the HOTTEST Hip-Hop with a Dance-Pop vibe + the coolest urban RAPPERS around the globe...
Trip Hop, RnB, Chillout, Electronic, Neo-Lounge
Vocal & Instrumental
A sweet mix of music perfect for shopping, fashion, or having drinks in a trendy bar or uptown lounge. A chilled vibe for lifestyles of today's youthful trendsetters, social media stars, and influencers who enjoy downtempo grooves and laid-back sophistication. We've got Hip Hop, Chillout, Soulful RnB...
RnB, Pop, Soul, Trap, Hip Hop, Dance
An ambient RnB lushness slides into town with an urban chill vibe, laid-back vocals, and overtones of Trap, EDM, and Dreampop. Inspired by icons like SZA, The Weeknd, and Frank Ocean, our new late-night music's great for upscale fashion, making love, or selfies and dancing in VIP clubs and lounges.
Pop, Electronica, Dance, Dance Pop, House, Trance
Vocal & Instrumental
Let's MOVE IT and get up on the DANCE FLOOR! With a Dance Pop vibe, you can take a trip back through the ages of dance music, featuring the hottest blend of the '80s, '90s, and 2000's moving, grooving music. Fun for clubs, bars, retro fashion, food courts, malls, ice cream shops, and fast-casual dining.
Pop Rap, RnB Pop, East Coast Rap
Showcasing our HOTTEST female rappers and their stylized rap, rhythms, and lyrics! Check out these sizzling BANGERS inspired by Cardi B, Doja Cat, Nicki Minaj, Beyonce, etc. Perfect for any Hip Hop-loving age group who PARTY DOWN in underground clubs, bars, convenience stores, tat studios, pool halls...
Reggaeton, Hip Hop, Latin Rap, Latin Hip Hop
Vocal & Instrumental
The masters of Reggaetón bring you a wicked set of bangin' club tracks here in a hot new station! Blending a sound from the West-Indies with Latin, Hip Hop and RnB, Reggaeton will make your hips shake with a fever.
Hip Hop Soul, Pop Rap, Chilled RnB
The coolest Hip Hop Soul vocals on Planet RadioSparx! Pop open a Dom Perignon or Veuve Clicquot and chill with your sweet Bae as you enjoy our uptown vibe. Perfect for VIP Rooms, private clubs, and trendy lounges where ballers, media stars, celebs, and influencers hang -- or for your late-night lovin'...
Old School and West Coast Hip Hop, Turntablism, Alternate Rap, Acid Jazz
Vocal & Instrumental
FUN and FUNKY, our super-cool Hip Hop artists were inspired by late 70s-early 80's icons like Grand Master Flash, Kool Moe Dee, The Sugarhill Gang, Melle Mell, and rappers from Chicago to Philly, to the Bronx! These improvisational, freestyle gems are great for trendy bars, clubs, fashion, and parties.
Trap, Hip Hop, Party Rap, Pop-Rap
Vocal & Instrumental
Our stylistically chilled Trap Empire is an insane mix of Trap artists and rappers spitting bars on bars over boomin' 808's and fearless beats. For gritty, high-energy Hip Hop that would make Atlanta proud, our Trap is fun for cranking out at urban bars, clubs, gangsta parties, and underground raves.
East Coast Rap & Hip Hop, Pop-Rap, Hip Hop Soul
Vocal & Instrumental
Originating in the Bronx in the mid-70s, and often called "New York Rap," these East Coast beats include chopped loops, Jazz samples, and cooler, more intellectual lyrics. Our inventive Hip Hop artists were inspired by icons like Notorious B. I. G., Wu-Tang Clan, Jay Z, Nas, DMX, 50 Cent, to name a few.
African Pop, Cape Verde, Dance Pop, Caribbean, Hip Hop, RnB, Soul, Future Pop, Mozambique
These spicy songs SIZZLE like the Chili Peppers in Africa's PERI-PERI SAUCE! With roots in Africa and Portugal, our Afro Pop, RnB Pop, and Hip Hop add fun for casual dining, fashion, trendy lounges, VIP rooms, and underground clubs where multicultural millennials, influencers, and newsmakers hang out.
Breakbeat, Electro Hop, Old School, West Coast Hip Hop
Vocal & Instrumental
Pump up the JAM with our WILD 'n SCRATCHY beats! Inspired by the 1970's inner-city Hip Hop culture and icons like Grandmaster Flash, our DJ Vinyl Masters' freestyle bangers flip TURNTABLISM into high art. You can ITCH your SCRATCH in underground clubs, bars, raves, urban fashion shops, and tat studios.
Latin Rap, Asian Hip Hop, Indian World Fusion, Middle East Hip Hop
Vocal & Instrumental
From the Bronx to the Caribbean to India and beyond, our exotic Hip Hop stars bring you a world of bangin' Hip Hop! Circling the globe, you'll enjoy deep urban World Fusion instrumentals and Rap in several fun languages. Great for trendy clubs, underground bars, raves, festivals, parties, VIP Lounges...
Hip Hop, Hip Hop Soul, Dirty South, Trap, Trip-Hop, Reggaeton
Our Hip Hop Instrumental tracks are rocking the trendy clubs, bars, and chill lounges, filled with an urban audience who enjoys the flow of Breakbeat, Trap, Trip-Hop, RnB Funk, and more. Even the Grammys are going all out this year for Rap and Hip Hop -- so hit it now for some laid-back big-city beatz.
Funk, Southern Soul, Hip Hop, RnB Vintage
Vocal & Instrumental
Honoring Washington, DC's Chuck Brown,"The Godfather of Go-Go," our artists created a slamming mix of Funk, RnB, and Old School Hip Hop with a lively 60s to 80's vibe! Great for party-loving guys and gals in trendy clubs, urban bars, lounges, gay clubs, vintage fashion, cultural events, class reunions.
Jazz Rap, East Coast and West Coast Hip Hop, Funky Rap
A funky mix of poetic Hip Hop, Dub, and Jazz Rap like a MUSICAL Poetry Slam! Just like Open Mic night, you can hang out, get high, and enjoy our spirited counter-culture artists. It's especially COOL for underground clubs, hip lounges, and urban bars with craft beers, burgers, fries, and your best buds!
West Coast Hip Hop and Rap, Hip Hop, Trip Hop
Vocal & Instrumental
Chill to the max with our West Coast Hip Hop! Check out the hottest, most laid-back LA and Compton vibes, made popular by G Funk, Dre, Tupac, Snoop Dogg, Kendrick Lamar, and other icons. It's perfect for champagne, selfies, and dancing in urban clubs, VIP lounges, underground raves, and vampy catwalk.
Hip Hop, Dubstep, Dance, Electronica, Glitch
Vocal & Instrumental
Inspired by Skrillex, Flying Lotus, and others, Glitch Hop is open for business! Whether it's pulling from Hip Hop or Dubstep, GLITCH is the common denominator for this hot, new style. Perfect for clubs, raves, gaming, laser tag, or activities where you want the energy HIGH and the adrenaline PUMPING...
Electro-Orchestral Hip Hop, Dramatic Hip Hop, Trip Hop
Vocal & Instrumental
Like awesome Urban Poetry, inspired by icons like Drake and Kanye, we blend Hip Hop beats + Orchestral instruments + turn-tables, singers, and rappers -- in an embrace of diverse cultures. Our Orchestral Hip Hop’s great for A-lister lounges, progressive clubs, wine bars, the happy hour, and more.
Hip Hop, Dirty South Rap, Crunk, Trap
Vocal & Instrumental
Originating in Atlanta, Houston, New Orleans, Memphis, and Miami, "DIRTY SOUTH" rumbled onto the Hip Hop scene in the mid-90s, creating megastars like Lil' Wayne, Ludacris, T. I., and Nas. Our slick Rap and instrumental mix offer BLING for A-lister clubs, fashion, urban culture, hot cars, and hot chicks!
Trip Hop, Trap, Pop Rap, British Hip Hop
Vocal & Instrumental
CHILL with the hippest URBAN HIP HOP from across the Pond! Also called 'UK HIP HOP' and 'BRIT-HOP,' our Rap artists are flashing their unique style of choppy vocal samples, chilled vocals, and instrumentals. Cool for laid-back VIP rooms, lounges, hotel bars, after-hours parties, hip Street Style fashion.
Afrobeat, African Pop, Nigerian, Ethiopian, Hip Hop
Vocal & Instrumental
SO HOT it's topping the charts and great for dance halls, progressive clubs, pubs, bars, and pop-ups. Popularized in the 70s in Nigeria by Fela Kuti, you'll enjoy Highlife, Jùjú and Fuji music fused with American Funk, Jazz, RnB, and Hip Hop, featuring chanted vocals, autotunes and party percussion.
African Hip Hop and Rap, Caribbean Hip Hop
Vocal & Instrumental
These club bangers from all around the EXOTIC continent of AFRICA fuse early 80's African American Hip Hop from the Bronx, NY, with South Africa's Kwaito House Music. Today, Hip Hop and Rap beats dominate underground clubs and VIP rooms from Morocco to Senegal, Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, and South Africa.
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