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Goth Music Stations

4 Stations to Explore
Discover Gothic Rock, Darkwave, Ethereal Wave, Dark Electro, Dreampop, Shoegaze, and More
Indie, Rock, Ska Punk, Pop Rock
Vocal & Instrumental
An intense mix of Hardcore Punk, Post-Punk, Power Pop (a la Green Day), and similar music with an unparalleled forcefulness. Originally referred to as "Punk Rock," the genre has evolved beyond the garage band Rock to include Funk, Electronica, Dub, and more. Welcome to Punk's ever-changing world...
Metalcore, Hardcore, Post-Hardcore, Industrial Metal, Gothic Metal
Vocal & Instrumental
At your next underground rave, don't bust an EARDRUM as you play our wild mix of Metalcore, Death Core, Post Hardcore, Gothic Metal, and Industrial Metal music! Inspired by 90's bands like Fugazi, Periphery, Minor Threat, Black Flag, etc., better have a ton of iced keggers for your hi-NRG party animals!
Cybergoth, Goth, Industrial Rock, Punk, Progressive Rock, Progressive Metal
Vocal & Instrumental
With dark themes and angsty lyrics, Gothic Rock emerged from Post-Punk in the late 1970s with icons like Alice Cooper, the Cure, Nine Inch Nails, and Marilyn Manson. Great for grunge fashion, tattoo shops, pool halls, clubs, and bars who crave a morbid, literary romanticism and supernatural mystics.
Electronica, Alt-Pop, Techno, Big Beat, Electropop, Alt-Dance
Vocal & Instrumental
M-E-O-W... Hot, sexy dance music with WICKED BEATS for underground ragers, edgy alternative dance clubs, pubs, bars, Goth events, and fashion, Cosplay parties, tattoo and body art shops. It's a PURRFECT Electro, Techno, Alt-Dance World for Millennials, Gen Z, and Party Animals. Not for the timid or meek.
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