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Asian Music Stations

21 Stations to Explore
Music of Asia, including China, Japan, Vietnam, etc.
Japanese Pop, J-Pop, J-Synth
Vocal & Instrumental
Our talented Japanese Pop artists and HOT Girl Bands around the globe offer up a tasty fusion of vocals and instrumentals covering J-Pop, J-Rock, and Electronica. This eclectic mix -- with a dash of romance and a few rowdy club bangers -- is GREAT for clubs, wine bars, cafés, and progressive fashion.
Luk Krung, Thai Pop, Thai Contemporary Music
Vocal & Instrumental
For entertaining your customers, our authentic Thailand songs and instrumentals will bring smiles to Asian fashion boutiques, ethnic restaurants, coffee houses, weekend markets, noodle houses, Asian antique and vintage shops, food courts, malls, and other retail venues. Also fun for river cruises!
Middle Eastern, Asian New Age, Ethnic Fusion, Anasheed
Vocal Samples & Instrumental
Sensuous, relaxing Middle Eastern and Asian music for Hammams that provide therapeutic cleansing and social opportunities for their guests. Adapted from 7th Century Roman bathhouses and now famous worldwide, Hammams began in the Middle East, N. Africa, the Iberian Peninsula, and other countries.
Japanese Ethereal, Japanese New Age
Our dreamy, contemporary Electronica and New Age music has an edgy, Zen-like nostalgic flow expressing love and desire amidst a too-busy world. Like floating on air, these chill melodies are great for cozy cafes, laid-back lounges, boutiques, upscale restaurants, cruise lines, and Yoga and Spa retreats.
Chinese New Year, Festival
Featuring exciting, energetic instrumental music for Chinese New Year's festivals and special events. Celebrated widely around the world, Chinese New Year is a joyous occasion for friends and families to come together for reunion dinners and parties before the fireworks begin.
Thai Pop & Contemporary Music, Luk Krung
Vocal & Instrumental
Popular with teenagers, Gen Z, and Millennials, our cool, hip POP SONGS are playing all around THAILAND! Both iconic singers and young talents present the latest grooves in contemporary music -- perfect for laid-back lounges, bars, cafés, coffee shops, fashion boutiques, malls, retail, grocery chains...
Bollywood, Indian Pop, Indian, World Fusion
Vocal & Instrumental
Diwali, also known as Deepavali, is one of the most popular festivals of Hinduism and symbolizes the spiritual victory of light over darkness, good over evil and knowledge over ignorance. Our lively mix of Indian Pop, Bollywood, and Indian World Fusion will set a joyful mood for your Diwali celebrations.
Asian, Chinese Folk Ensemble, Chinese New Year, Chinese Dramatic
Vocal & Instrumental
Always fun and lively, these vocal and instrumental songs are perfect for celebrating Chinese New Year and Lantern Festival around the globe. For centuries, Chinese families from far and wide have always come together to enjoy the Spring Festival with good times and good company!
Chinese Traditional, Asian Traditional, Chinese Dramatic, Chinese Folk
Vocal & Instrumental
A luxurious mix of Traditional Chinese music filled with leisurely elegance, warmth, and mystery. Gentle Folk Tales from the hinterlands with indigenous and exotic instruments like the Pipa, Erhu, Qin, and Guzheng -- all created by our modern master composers for your listening pleasure...
Thai Traditional, Thai New Age
If there’s one country that’s synonymous with great massages and wellness, it’s THAILAND! Famous for their spa retreats, the Thai-style massage is heavenly! These gentle, relaxing, chilled Thai melodies will take you to the Land of Smiles. Genuine pleasure for health clubs, spa cafés, and meditation.
Asian, Chinese Dramatic, Chinese New Age, Chinese Pop
Vocal & Instrumental
Drop into the Heart of Today's China with these contemporary, heartwarming songs, both instrumental and vocal melodies. A vibrant mix of Chinese New Age, Chinese Chillout, and light Chinese Pop to entertain all ages. Creates an elegant ambiance for malls, galleries, fashion shops, and fine dining.
Japanese Traditional, Japanese Folk, Japanese Dramatic
Vocal & Instrumental
Enjoy calm, tranquil Japanese ethnic music as played in Tokyo, Yokohama, NYC, London, São Paulo, or Honolulu. Perfect for avant-garde fashion houses, boutiques, galleries, museums, teahouses, fusion restaurants, sushi and steakhouses, and for festive Japanese cultural events and celebrations.
Asian World Fusion, Japanese, Chill Chinese, Indian World Fusion
Lush, chilled Asian music that's perfect for posh clubs, hotel bars, airport VIP lounges, fashion boutiques, and venues with a sophisticated international clientele. Become a "Destination" spot for media stars and influencers who enjoy an adventurous, playful mix of cool, trendy melodies from afar.
Japanese Dramatic, Regal, Ethereal, Mystery, Asian Fusion
Vocal & Instrumental
Japan’s noble and brave Warrior Clan and their clashing swords dominated Japanese society until 1868 when feudalism was abolished. We honor this ancient culture with a flourish of Asian and Japanese music flowing with epic drama and beauty. Perfect for museums, galleries, and theatrical events.
Asia New Age, Chinese, Japanese, World Fusion
Vocal & Instrumental
Shopping, dining, a spa day, or chilling after work, let's travel to a World of Dreams--Nepal, Japan, Malaysia, India, China, and other exotic ports of call. Discover the serenity, charm, and allure of mystical floating bells and the mystery and eroticism of this elegant music from afar...
Thai Folk Pop, Thai Easy Listening, Luk Krung, Luk Thung
Vocal & Instrumental
A vibrant mix of earlier Thai music in the styles of Pop, Easy Listening, Luk Krung, and Luk Thung. Great for coffee cafés in big cities, casual restaurants, supermarkets, malls, and shops selling wood carvings, scented soaps, flowers, etc. Also provides authentic Thai music for tourist-filled venues.
Thai Traditional, Relaxing Lao Music
Vocal & Instrumental
Influenced by India, with lighter elements from China, the music of Thailand carries its own distinctive style and flavor! Featuring wind, string, and percussion instruments, this playlist is perfect for shopping, dining, spas, fashion shops, village celebrations, Asian lounges, and Buddhist festivals.
Chinese Pop, Asian Pop
Vocal & Instrumental
A lively, memorable and exotic mix of updated Contemporary Chinese vocals and instrumentals to enhance modern times and commerce. Vibrant and alluring melodies with a charming edge and a beautiful and welcoming entertainment value. Great for upscale dining, clubs, shopping, fashion.
Chinese New Year, Festival
Exciting Chinese vocal music to celebrate Chinese New Year parties, parades, and festivals. Amazing, lively contemporary voices backed by fireworks and well-loved indigenous instruments to enhance your clients' merriment while enjoying fun, beloved Lunar New Year events.
Epic Japanese, Japanese Dramatic, Adventure, Action, Taiko Drums, Hollywood Epic
Ninja Action offers epic, non-stop Ninjatō-wielding warriors, spies, and assassins -- fusing powerful Taikos, fierce Espionage, and Swordplay. A blend of legendary Japanese Edo music and iconic Bruce Lee film ideas, fun for Theme Parks, pumping iron, martial arts, gear shops, and manly sports bars.
Mongolian Folk
Vocal & Instrumental
Alluring and exotic, Mongolian Folk Music (aka "Long Songs") offers indigenous fiddles, violins, dulcimers, and their unique, mysterious Mongolian throat singing. Their sunny skies, Nomadic culture, and colorful Music Festivals are now a mecca for adventurous music trekkers.
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