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Spiritual Music Stations

10 Stations to Explore
Enlightening Music for Connecting with a Higher Consciousness
Electronica, New Age, Meditation, Ambient, Atmospheres
Vocal & Instrumental
Transcend your earthly bonds as you transport yourself to a dimension beyond space and time. Let this music be your guide as you pass beyond all thoughts and become a traveler on the supernatural plane of consciousness.
Indian New Age, Meditation, Calm, Mellow
For around 3,000 years, India has embraced the Ayurvedic approach to preventive and therapeutic health and wellness. Step back in time as our gentle traditional Indian New Age Spa music accompanies your clients on their journey as they embrace the delicate balance between mind, body, and spirit.
Indian, Chillout, Lounge, Spiritual
Vocal & Instrumental
A chill take on ancient mantras, set to swirling ambient music, so you get a double dose of relaxation! Tap into your roots while the tree of life extends into contemporary musical realms! The best of both worlds. Can you refuse?
Middle Eastern, Asian New Age, Ethnic Fusion, Anasheed
Vocal Samples & Instrumental
Sensuous, relaxing Middle Eastern and Asian music for Hammams that provide therapeutic cleansing and social opportunities for their guests. Adapted from 7th Century Roman bathhouses and now famous worldwide, Hammams began in the Middle East, N. Africa, the Iberian Peninsula, and other countries.
Spiritual, Contemporary Christian, Christian Rock,
Vocal & Instrumental
CCM is a genre of modern popular music which is lyrically focused on matters concerned with the Christian faith. It has diverse music influences from Folk, Gospel, Pop, Rock, Soft Rock, Folk Rock, Alternative, Hip Hop, and more.
Spiritual, Catholic Mass, Hymns
Vocal & Instrumental
Divine and soothing, these hymns will bring you that elusive sense of peace and quietude that you seek. For prayer groups and opening church services and ceremonies, Christian talk shows, waiting rooms of spiritual gurus, book releases related to Christianity, or talks by religious moderators.
Gregorian Chants, Dramatic Ethereal, Regal, Spiritual
Beautiful Gregorian Chants are calming, sacred songs dating back to the 9th and 10th Centuries in Western Europe. Originating in the Roman Catholic Church, most are unaccompanied songs sung by men and boys but today include female chants and are performed in churches and during Mass all around the world.
Christian Folk, Black & Southern Gospel, Spiritual, Christian Hymns
Vocal & Instrumental
Oh, Lord, bring on the JOYFUL MUSIC! Popularized via radio in the 1920s, you'll enjoy a blessed mix of Gospel choirs, lively vocals, and spirited instrumentals. Great for church services, religious ceremonies, jubilant community celebrations, wakes, send-off parties, and venues with Southern roots.
Inspirational, Christian Hymns, Ethereal Gospel, Spiritual Music
Calming, inspirational music for ceremonies honoring loved ones at wakes, funerals, or memorial services to CELEBRATE the LIFE of an admired, beloved friend. These gentle melodies will lift your spirits as friends and family attend church, chapel, or funeral home gatherings for a final send-off party.
Classical Choral, Regal Orchestral, Orthodox Christian
Our uplifting, sacred choral renditions of Vespers, Matins, Compline, Psalms, etc., will help center your soul as you pray for healing. These joyful voices help you connect with God and are great for creating a spiritual solace for church services, prayer retreats, religious offices, celebratory events.
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