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Topic: RadioSparx - Artist, Composer, Label (Content Provider) Issues
Article ID: KB2431
Last Reviewed: Sep 10, 2016

Q.  How can I get my tracks onto RadioSparx?

A.  RadioSparx is our commercial background streaming music service and it's growing rapidly, with paying clients in over 102 countries, with new stores, restaurants, chains, spas, and many different types of businesses starting service each month.  

If you are not yet an approved vendor (i.e. artist, composer, producer, label, or publisher) at AudioSparx.com, please visit http://www.audiosparx.com/alliance to learn how to participate!

Our Music Supervisors at AudioSparx curate the various playlists on RadioSparx with careful control to make sure they contain high-quality tracks that are devoid of problems of any kind (explicit language, production problems, etc.).  We sweep various music genres periodically when we are working on creating new playlists or adding new tracks to existing playlists.

To have your tracks included in stations on RadioSparx, you simply need to upload and properly configure your tracks in the genres that they belong in.  As our Music Supervisors, clients, and resellers review tracks available in specific genres as they look for certain types of tracks, they will listen to your tracks and select them as appropriate.

To help your chances of having your tracks selected for various RadioSparx stations, please make sure you do the following things for each track:

1.  Write great music for the most popular stations!  We have currently 400+ stations and we are constantly on the lookout for great new music to add to our stations.  The Top-10 most frequently played stations on RadioSparx are as follows:
  • Pop Vocals
  • Pop Up-Tempo Vocals
  • Shopping Moods
  • Pop/EDM
  • Retail Cool Mix
  • Club Frequency
  • Fashion House
  • Lounge Jazz
  • Luxury Upscale Retail
  • Easy Listening
This list changes frequently, so to see the top-played stations at any given time, click here to visit the Top Stations page at RadioSparx.

2.  Make sure each track is mastered well.  This includes having no excessive leading or trailing silence (see this related article: How much leading and trailing silence should tracks contain?), and has a good overall mix and equalization.  Make sure to not mix your track too soft or too loud such that there is a lot of continuous red-line clipping going on - this is a sure way to hurt your music badly and substantially lessen your chances of having your music selected.  We see a lot of young Hip Hop and R&B artists do this to their music frequently, to their own detriment.

3.  For vocal tracks, avoid explicit language and depressing or controversial lyrical topics including:

- Profanity
Racial slurs
Sexual innuendos
Hate and discrimination messages
Child abuse
Sexual abuse
- Issues about life's downers (e.g. divorce, death, unseemly affairs, etc.)

4.  Use good recording equipment and instruments (either real or digital).  If your instrumentation is old, consider upgrading your equipment.

5.  Tracks must be 80 seconds or longer to be considered for use on RadioSparx.  The ideal length is between 2 and 4 minutes per song.  Songs for massage therapy can be longer (5 to 10 minutes).

6.  If you have one or more tracks you think would be really great for use on a specific RadioSparx station or stations, please send an email to dj@audiosparx.com and list in the email a direct URL link to each track as well as specify which station(s) you think it would be great for.  We're always happy to consider your requests for inclusion in specific stations.

In short, write and produce high-quality compelling music and you are well on your way to having your music selected both for RadioSparx and also for all of our websites!  For RadioSparx stations that interest you, you can hear the music on our AudioSparx Playlists at this link here:


Sort any playlist by "Best Selling" and write us some music as good or better than what you hear!


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