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Electric Nebulas

By: Ronald Nelson
Fascinating music for scenes of unearthly, mysterious settings, underwater exploration, outer space travel, planet discoveries, mysterious moon monsters, alien life forms, expeditions, travelogues, futuristic science fiction epics, artificial intelligence, fantasy, Sci-Fi, trailers and video games.

By: Ronald Nelson

Based in Oregon, Ronald Nelson is an artist who loves to express himself through unique musical compositions. His eclectic works range from Rock and Experimental music to Dramatic, Bluegrass, Christian, Techno, and even Science Fiction themes. Ron has a liberal arts education with both philosophical and theological studies which aid him in creatively writing both songs and instrumentals.
Duration: 6:13    Tempo: Pending    Vocal Type: Instrumental

Genre: Science Fiction Music

Subgenre: Alien First Contact

Catalog ID: 888288
Keywords: astronomy star planet solar system alien world planets galactic explore exploration space craft spaceman ET E. T. cosmic cosmos weird wonder astonish star systems, worlds, planets, black holes relax journey galaxies wonder exploration planetarium, telescope space vehicle dark, mysterious, haunting aliens atmospheric cautious cool exotic hypnotic magical computer mysterious mystical new age suspenseful wondrous drugs doctor who universe nature planets new age solar earth moon satellite Saturn ocean stunning planet solar system robot Martians time machine travel trance warp texture massage light speed light star wars star trek scifi science fiction light speed futuristic technology future orbital Time Travel kaleidoscope orbit astrology artificial intelligence contact ufo research galaxy intergalactic spaceship outer sun moon dream spacey eerie mystery mysterious fantasy spatial apollo mystical fairies atmosphere black hole twinkling nova starship science star wars mellow gentle careful caring tender subtle understated delicate elegant uncertain dark rainbow shimmering colors massage awe relax

Description: Electric Nebulas, Science Fiction Music, First Contact, Music for shops, restaurants, lounges, stores, chains, hotels, airlines, on-hold phone systems, and more.

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