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Chain of Command

By: Danny Kroonen
Dark and ominous track about a man who hears voices in his head that urge him to cause someone harm. Slow but driving rhythm section with percussion. Haunting guitar and synthesizer parts, synth bass and soundeffects. Male vocals and whispers, police-radio in intro. Would work well for film (noir).

By: Danny Kroonen

Dutch Composer and Lyricist Danny Kroonen has managed to create his own distinctive style by drawing on influences like Pink Floyd, Rupert Hine, and Dalbello. His soundtrack-oriented Dramatic work blends Electronic, Rock, and Orchestral elements to create moods perfect for Film and TV scenes involving tension, drama, and suspense. In 1993, Danny's song "The Life of Angie" was used in the Dutch motion picture "Angie," and in 2001 he released his CD "Solitary Journey," which highlights his ability to create Symphonic Rock songs with compelling lyrics.
Duration: 6:08    Tempo: Slow    BPM: 60    Vocal Type: Male Vocals

Genre: Rock Music

Subgenre: Progressive Rock

Catalog ID: 556142
Keywords: anger bad brooding creepy criminal confused dark dead diabolic evil edgy frightening horror murderous malign paranoia psychopatic urging satanic scary thriller anticipation aggression alive alley action avenger aware alternative angry breathe buoyant bombastic brutality control controlling choice choosing con crime confusion creep darkness devil documentary death dead-end delusion danger dangerous doom devious electronic eerie fear film fighting freak freaky foreboding frightening gloomy goodbye guitars intense listening leave loss lunatic malovelent mysterious mystery mental murder nasty psycho psyche paranoid perpetrator percussion rhythm soundeffects sequencer street scared synthesizer sick schizophrenic tension torture torturing tempted temptation tense urges urged vocals voices whispers waiting wondering weary worried whacking whim whimsical

Description: Chain of Command, Rock Music, Progressive Rock, Music for shops, restaurants, lounges, stores, chains, hotels, airlines, on-hold phone systems, and more.

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