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Atsia (Togo)

By: Adzido
Celebration of womanhood dance

By: Adzido

Adzido was founded in 1984 by George Dzikunu.  The group seeks to promote the richly diverse heritage of black Africa by presenting traditional dance and music with modern theatre technology, enabling the authenticity of Africa to be presented with integrity and relevance to western cultures.  Adzido performs at home and abroad to stimulate and enrich a worldwide audience with the dynamism and vibrancy of African dance and drumming.  All productions combine a variety of dance styles from across the African continent.
Duration: 7:13    Tempo: Slow    BPM: 78    Vocal Type: Mixed Vocals

Genre: African Music

Subgenre: Togoese Music

Catalog ID: 213016
Keywords: Exotic, Africa, Togo, Safari, Travel,

Description: Atsia Togo, African Music, Togo, Music for shops, restaurants, lounges, stores, chains, hotels, airlines, on-hold phone systems, and more.

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