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Classical Music Artists at RadioSparx
Carles Piles Carles Piles - Currently based in New Zealand, Carles Piles is a Spanish composer and producer who delivers high quality renditions of well-known Classical works. From regal pieces by Bach and Vivaldi, to the impressionism of Debussy and romanticism of Tchaikovsky, his masterful arrangements span most every era and style of Classical music. All of Carles' tracks are produced with special attention to character and expression and offered in pristine audio quality.

Moscow Symphony Orchestra Moscow Symphony Orchestra - The Moscow Symphony Orchestra is an orchestra based in Moscow, Russia. It was founded in 1989 as the first privately supported orchestra in Russia at the Stas Namin Centre.  The orchestra has conducted acclaimed concert tours at U.S., Europe, Japan, and South Korea. In 2001 Moscow Symphony Orchestra performed at the Festival of Russian Art at Cannes, France. The Moscow Symphony Orchestra also accompanies the Moscow Ballet, and ballet companies in the U.S. and Hong Kong.

Carlos Estella Carlos Estella - Carlos Estella is a Spanish keyboardist and composer who creates heavenly tracks, filled with the message of peace and love. While his melodic strings and orchestral pieces draw on influences like Hans Zimmer, Vangelis, Mike Oldfield, and Enya, his Dramatic works blend New Age atmospheres with Electronic and Orchestral elements, as well as beautiful choirs and uplifting vocals. From peaceful and spacey soundscapes, to edgier sci-fi-inspired soundtracks, Carlos' cinematic compositions are perfect for Film, TV and Commercial productions.

Michael Charles Clark Michael Charles Clark - Renowned Australian Composer Michael Clark is internationally recognised as a formidable Pianist and Conductor. His ability to mix styles is the key to his popularity and success. Michael has released a number of recordings, including works with orchestras and solo piano music, up tempo Ragtime numbers, and other popular styles. His diversity shines here in his array of beautiful Classical songs and fun Ragtime numbers.

Origen Origen - Ukraine's Origen was founded in 1995 by composer, producer, and sound engineer Alexsey Zakharenko. Ever since the albums "New Age Opera" and "Ave Maria" were released, Origen has become one of the most respected and beloved artists of the New Age/Progressive Electronic/Classical Crossover genre. Blending atmospheric New Age elements with real instrumentation and the incredible voice of Opera soprano Tanya Lubimenko, their "Lacrimosa" was certified by The International Association of Independent Recording Artists as an international "Top 40" chart release.

Thomas Beckner Thomas Beckner - Thomas Beckner draws upon a wealth of experience that shines through in his music. After graduating from Berklee College of Music in Boston, Tom's life got very busy as he toured for 8 years with comedian Bob Nelson and his cast of zany characters. Tom's comedic influences have shown up in music for TY Beanie Babies, a Superbowl ticket giveaway, a Scholastic Books circus promotion, and a new game app for the iPhone. Clients enjoy Tom's diverse musical styles which span the centuries from Medieval to Contemporary, and dramatic underscores to hilarious kids' music.

Alexander Khaskin Alexander Khaskin - Alex Khaskin, of St. Petersburg, Russia, received his undergraduate education at Glinka’s School for The Musically Gifted (piano and conducting), before studying composition and conducting at The St. Petersburg State Conservatory. Alex completed the postgraduate course in composition there in 1984, receiving a 'Master's with Distinction', and graduated with the highest marks in his class. Alex's credits include productions for CBS, CBC, CTV, Nelvana, Lionsgate Films, Artisan, Alliance/Atlantis, CCI Entertainment, and many others.

Donna Marie Donna Marie - North Carolina composer and musician Donna Marie has a wealth of experience as a performer and recording artist with numerous solo and ensemble projects. She plays the concert harp, Celtic harp, and the hammered dulcimer, performing a range of styles including Classical, Celtic, New Age, and World music as both a soloist and with musical ensemble groups. Many of her tracks also feature the Classical guitar, flute, and violin. You will enjoy Donna's more traditional pieces, as well as her New Age variations of these elegant Classic themes.

Max DiCarlo Max DiCarlo - Italian Composer and Producer Max DiCarlo blazes an international trail, scoring movies for Disney and Lionsgate, with placements on Oprah, Ugly Betty, Everyone Hates Chris, All My Children, and others. Max is a multi-instrumentalist scoring Italian films, TV shows and fashion commercials. His compositions are on Sony and EMI albums, and he has composed, arranged and produced music for global icons like Elton John, and produced a slew of multi-platinum albums for many Latin American stars. Max's music promises orchestral glamour, intense fear or diabolical whimsy.

Ideascapes Music Ideascapes Music - Ideascapes Music brings a rich array of styles and diversity, with 170 tracks in 22 genres, from 1960s Rock, to Classical, New Age, Jazz, and Children's music. It's a terrific source for Film, TV, Advertising and Educational projects. Their music has appeared in numerous national ad campaigns, TV spots, corporate promotions, and Sony/BMG Jazz/Classical compilations. From elegant piano melodies to soft love songs, ballads with vocals, elegant Classical cello compositions, and stately Anthems, Ideascapes Music's exciting compositions can add star quality to your productions.

PianoPassion PianoPassion - Based in Germany PianoPassion (aka Frederic Bernard) is a composer and pianist who writes material in an impressive range of different styles, including Classical, Film Scores, and Jazz. Apart from that, he's also specialized in playing and recording Classical piano music like Chopin, Debussy or Tchaikovsky. Having studied classical music at the University of Music Freiburg under numerous luminaries, Bernard's originals and renditions of Classical music are undoubtedly the perfect fit for any of your project needs.

Bartok Music Bartok Music - Bartok Music features world-class Orchestral music, Chamber music, solo piano, and other Classical works, as well as a broad selection of Jazz and World Music. Their large catalog offers high-quality performances and broadcast quality sounds, with major credits including the films How to Train Your Dragon, Dinner for Schmucks, Epic Movie, Blades of Glory, and Superman Returns. Bartok Music's work has also been featured in TV programs such as Weeds and Lost, and in national advertisements for Suzuki, Capri Sun, and ABC-TV promos.

David C. Hewitt David C. Hewitt - London-born film score composer and classical music arranger David C. Hëwitt recently finished scoring Beheading Buddha, a film featuring Brian Blessed (Star Wars, Family Guy) and Jenny Agutter (An American Werewolf in London, Child's Play 2). One of his career highlights is the epic score for a modern version of Shakespeare's Macbeth, starring Anthony Head (Buffy, Little Britain). David's work can most recently be heard on The Driving Dead starring Michael Rooker from TV's The Walking Dead (directed by Gale Anne Hurd - Terminator, Aliens).

Music Candy Music Candy - Award winning Production Music Library, Music Candy has spent many years at the top of their field writing music for companies such as Mercedes Benz, Audi, Samsung, American Apparel and for TV and Radio Channels such as BBC Television and Radio, CBS, NBC, MTV, Bravo, E-Channel, Discovery Channel, National Geographic, Virgin Media and many, many more. Music Candy is a powerful resource for hot new talent, bringing us young, cutting edge composers at the peak of their powers, as well as uncovering and showcasing the best talent in their respective fields.

Don Carroll Don Carroll - Don Carroll, master composer and dynamo sax player and keyboardist, offers exciting compositions suitable for use in almost any media project. Don picked up a sax at age 13 and shortly thereafter, formed a Rock & Roll band. For 20 years, he played sax for U. S. Navy bands in various locations, including six years in Annapolis, Maryland. For two years he attended the Navy’s School of Music, studying theory, harmony, arranging, conducting and composition. Don’s love of playing music and his passion for orchestrating and arranging shine through in each track.

Roberto Feltracco Roberto Feltracco - Italian Composer Roberto Feltracco drills down on musical technology and evolution, and thus brings music of the highest quality. While working in several genres, he favors Electronica in his dramatic, edgy and experimental tracks. For futuristic, psychedelic music, check out “AMB 3000” -- scary music for when danger lurks. Let Roberto's marvelously disturbing trance and electro beats add the fear you need for chaos, chase scenes, crime, and more!

Stoyan Ganev Stoyan Ganev - Stoyan Ganev received a B. M. diploma from the National Conservatory of Music in Sofia, Bulgaria, as a Jazz double bassist and bass guitarist. He received a scholarship at UNLV as a Jazz studies major with Prof. Tom Warrington. In 2004, the Berklee College of Music granted Stoyan the Grand Scholarship Aid, one of their highest honors, and he graduated from the film scoring class of Jazz icon Johnny Pate. Stoyan's dynamic music is featured in numerous films with story lines of Comedy, Horror, and Sci Fi, and recently, was in Home Sweet Home.

Juan Pablo Zaragoza Juan Pablo Zaragoza - Composer, producer and visual artist, Juan Pablo Zaragoza hails from Spain and works in a number of styles and genres, including Jazz, Flamenco, Contemporary, and World Music. His dramatic full orchestrations have enhanced the cinematic images for numerous TV, film, documentaries, video games, and various multimedia productions. In addition, Juan Pablo's music has been used extensively in advertising campaigns, radio, corporate branding projects, productions by TVE, UA, MARQ, and by other worldwide entities such as cultural institutions, universities, and museums.

Matthew Reid Matthew Reid - Critically acclaimed, award-winning composer Matthew Reid has an impressive background. For ten years he created and performed his eclectic scores live for The Second City-Toronto, resulting in many award-winning reviews. Matthew's instrumental songs have been performed by top orchestras in North America to standing ovations. Matthew composes and creates his music for film, television, games, web series, art galleries, museum exhibits and pyrotechnic events.

Phyllis Sparks Phyllis Sparks - Harpist extraordinaire Phyllis Sparks of Nashville, TN, is a dynamic live performer, savvy composer, recording artist, and in-demand session player. A former member of the famous Mantovani Orchestra, she has worked for many notable artists such as Josh Groban, Natalie Cole, Dennis DeYoung, Trey Anastasio, Kip Winger, and Ray Charles. Stretching the boundaries of harp music, Phyllis displays incredible versatility working in the Classical, Jazz, Celtic, New Age, and Pop genres, among others. Her bright, lyrical compositions have achieved radio airplay and worldwide distribution.

A-P-M Productions A-P-M Productions - Based in the UK, APM is led by classically-trained pianist and Oxford University music graduate Alex Plowright. He writes library instrumental music in a wide variety of styles, with clients including Coca Cola, Nokia, Crayola, Mercedes, BBC Radio 4, AOL, Channel 4 (UK), MTV, UPS, FedEx, Braun, L'Oreal, Bravo, BBC Three (UK), Discovery Channel, Travel Channel, Kellogg's, The Prince's Trust, BBC Lifestyle, Red Lobster, and CBS.

Dewey Dellay Dewey Dellay - Composer Dewey Dellay won an IRNE for his music in Five by Tenn and the prestigious Elliot Norton Outstanding Design Award. Next, Music & Sound Design Award in The Women, 9 Parts of Desire, and Miss Witherspoon. Televison shows include Our America with Lisa Ling on OWN, National Geographic TV, Discovery Channel, and TV shows Date Patrol, America’s Spookiest Places, Cat House on HBO, and How to Clean Your House. Film credits: Haunted Lantern, Pearl Harbor–The View from Japan, and Chaos and Order.

The Music Bakery The Music Bakery - Joining us from the big state of Texas, The Music Bakery has snippets of excitement and full-fledged tracks perfect for a number of TV, Film, and media presentations. From the tropical breezes of "Sultry Paradise" to hot, sexy club scenes, with music like "Satin Seduction" and up-tempo, fresh-coffee/good-morning melodies like "Miles of Smiles," The Music Bakery can infuse your audio project with a stylistic sparkle!

Francesco Biondi Francesco Biondi - Francesco Biondi is an Italian composer and producer behind the talented artist Camera Sintetica. With a catalog that offers a wide and varied portfolio of original music, he is established and accomplished. From World and Contemporary Rock to Classical and Cinematic music, Francesco produces music for some companies in Italy. His tracks appear in various multimedia projects, commercials, and DVDs. The styles of Francesco Biondi range from edgy, dark and dramatic to wildly comedic music great for kids' productions and advertising.

Nicholas Pesci Nicholas Pesci - German-based Nicholas Pesci is a versatile producer and writer specializing in the genres of Pop, Urban, Hip Hop, and RnB. The artist, however, has ramped up the possibilities by often merging two or more genres into a fusion of styles that includes Euro Pop and Classical music. Nicholas's Airy Bach Pop Remix features emotional violins in a rare elevation of Pop music, while Hip Hop-Hoffmeister blends orchestral elements with the vivid beats of Hip Hop. For a range of cinematic emotions, moods and styles, Nicholas has you covered!

Ferenc Hegedus Ferenc Hegedus - Hungarian Composer Ferenc Hegedus is a highly talented and multi-skilled musician, producer and guitar, piano and keyboard player. His main influences are from Classical music and Progressive Rock (especially Jordan Rudess of Dream Theater). Ferenc has been composing music for the past year or so, and has already shown an exciting originality in many different styles and genres, including acoustic guitar solos, dramatic themes, orchestral backgrounds, TV themes, Techno, Dance and Rock music.

Jens Larsson Jens Larsson - Swedish Composer Jens Larsson brings us beautiful, emotional, and expressionistic piano-based works in a tasteful Minimalist style. His intriguing Dramatic, Sports, News, Reality, Romantic, Jazz, and Folk music has been featured in several documentary and infomercial films, games, exhibitions, promos, adverts, Norwegian TV, and reality TV shows in the US and Canada including "Project Runway" and "Project Runway All Stars." A skilled pianist and improviser, Jens obtained his Master's in Jazz/Classic piano from the University of Örebro.

Elizabeth C. Axford Elizabeth C. Axford - Elizabeth C. Axford has had over 3,000 usages of her tracks in films, TV shows, commercials, bumpers, promos, videos, and new media projects including The Chosen One starring Rob Schneider and Steve Buscemi, Sol LeWitt: Wall Drawings, The Sacred Bee, and other Indie films. Her tracks have been heard during multiple episodes of 525+ TV programs including new episodes, syndicated reruns, and movies shown on TV on 50 networks. Liz's music can also be heard on CDs, digital compilations, websites, video games, apps, ringtones, greeting cards, and gift bags.

Antonio Fernandez Antonio Fernandez - Currently based in Mexico, Antonio Fernández obtained his bachelor's degree in composition from the Mannes College of Music in NY City and did his post-graduate studies at the Graduate Center of City University of NY. Through a scholarship from the French government, he pursued studies in computer music in Paris, where he worked at the Centre Pompidou's IRCAM, at the Groupe de Recherche Musical, and with I. Xenakis at the Sorbonne. He has received two grants from the National Council for the Arts and Culture and the Rockefeller Foundation.

ElevenTwelve ElevenTwelve - ElevenTwelve is a composer, arranger, and producer who has premiered compositions and arrangements with performing ensembles across the US. His music also has appeared in many feature films, commercials, trailers, and TV shows on every major broadcast and cable TV network. Writing in the Orchestral, Electronic, and Hybrid genres, ElevenTwelve's music is a careful balance of modern techniques and classically inspired structures. On any given day, you can be sure that his music has been heard by audiences all around the world.

Andrea Ravizza Andrea Ravizza - Andrea Ravizza is an Italian composer, arranger, and conductor with an impressive array of professional experience. He has worked with the Italian National TV Orchestra, the Filarmonica 900 del Teatro Regio, the Orchestra Sinfonica Nazionale Della Rai, the Museo Nazionale del Cinema, and the Orchestra Sinfonica Mitteleuropea, among many others. Andrea has also also worked with many Italian artists, including Luciano Pavarotti, Francesco Cafiso, Fabrizio Bosso, Zucchero, Lucio Dalla, and Stefano di Battista. Andrea's compositions feature a unique blend of Jazz and Classical music.

Patrice Williams Patrice Williams - California artist Patrice Williams is a talented composer and arranger who writes richly textured Classical, Orchestral, and Dramatic pieces. A classically trained bassoonist, she discovered her passion for composition while earning a graduate degree in performance, and her broad musical interests range from chamber music to more contemporary styles like Latin Jazz. Patrice's work can be heard on the albums "Dreamer" by L. A. Reed Machine, "The Bolero Project," and "Too Eclectic," featuring "The Edda Concerto" for bass clarinet and orchestra.

Inod Inod - As a Ukranian composer of contemporary instrumental music, Inod's work incorporates elements of Classical, New Age, and Electronic styles, often with an emphasis on piano. His music can be heard in the documentary "Atlantis Rising" by James Cameron on National Geographic, "Pope: The Most Powerful Man in History” on CNN, "Like Nothing Else" 100 days until the 2018 Winter Olympics on NBC, TV shows "Southern Charm," "Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles," 2016 SEC Championship - #1 Alabama vs #15 Florida on CBS, and many others.

Annie McGee Annie McGee - UK Composer Annie McGee brings us beautiful Children's lullabies, including gentle music box renditions of favorites like Lavender Blue, Three Blind Mice, and London Bridge. A talented piano, flute, and guitar player, she also worked for some years as a nursery school teacher, which gives her an astute sense of what children respond to musically. Annie also writes Classical music, including arrangements of Traditional pieces, and brings us a variety of high-quality SFX. Her catalog of Horror music is also quite delectable and spooky!

Ron Verboom Ron Verboom - Based in the Netherlands, Ron Verboom is a composer and producer whose work is featured on top global labels and compilations. Working in the Electronic, Ambient, Orchestral and EDM genres, he's collaborated with talented vocalists such as Tiff Lacey and Andrea Britton, among others. Ron's "Logical Way EP" was picked up by leading DJs, including Tiësto. His music for Film, TV, documentaries, corporate videos, and other new media applications is used all over the world by broadcast stations such as the BBC, CBC and for brands like Toyota.

Jerome Chauvel Jerome Chauvel - Jérôme Chauvel, a versatile French composer, and performing musician can switch from acoustic to electronic music styles in a natural way. His compositions show great diversity in style and influence, covering from Pop and Rock to Dramatic and Orchestral music for films and television. Jérôme's music has been performed in shows, videos, films and events in the USA, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Austria, Australia, Israel, Switzerland, and South Korea. Some of his clients include Atari, IBM, L'Oréal, Publicis, BNP Paribas, Atos Origin.

Peter Godfrey Peter Godfrey - UK Composer Peter Godfrey studied music at Oxford University and the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, and composes music for movies, television, commercials, theatre, art installations, and other multimedia projects worldwide. Peter has a rich musical career as a teacher, solo performer, orchestral and band musician, and musical director. His music is featured in Grandma's Funeral and Run For Your Life (two movies directed by BBC Horizon producer Paul Olding), Not Yet (a Tito Sacchi film), Life Model (Dir Jamie Hamer), and tons of stage plays and musicals.

David Gosnell David Gosnell - David Gosnell is a classically trained pianist and composer writing music for Film and TV covering action, drama, suspense, horror, science fiction, comedy and adventure productions. His music has been featured many times on BBC Television in the UK (Countryfile, The Saturday Show, South Today, and Can Gerry Robinson Fix the NHS?). David also composed the trailer for "Scooby and The Witch’s Ghost" (Turner Entertainment, France), the station ident for Gangster (Paramount Channel), and music for “I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here," Eps. 1 and 16 (London Weekend TV), to name a few.

Patricia Holmberg Patricia Holmberg - Patricia Holmberg has a rich history as a composer, pianist, lyricist, and singer who recently completed a 12-minute composition for Glass Harp, Piano, and Orchestra titled "Water Suite." She has also written a Concerto for Jazz Piano and Concert Band and composed cantatas and other choral, vocal, operatic, and orchestral works. Pat's music has been featured in shows on the History Channel, Bravo Channel (Funniest Movie Moments), NBC, A&E Biography (Dean Martin), MTV (Made), E! Network (Gastineau Girls), Biography Channel (The Writers: Sylvia Plath), and others.

MX47 MX47 - MX47 is a collaboration of Hollywood’s most innovative orchestrators and digital music experts under the direction of renowned film composer Leonard Rogowski. Leonard thrives on the inventiveness of cutting edge music artistry and utilizes the latest sensational breakthroughs in music technology. The electrifying sounds of MX47 have been featured on HBO, CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX and The History Channel, and in such shows as The Sopranos, America's Most Wanted, NBC Dateline, Saturday Night Live and Lifestyles Of The Rich & Famous.

Bjarne O. Bjarne O. - Danish Composer Bjarne O. started out playing the drums in a warm-up band for Keith Emerson of Emerson, Lake & Palmer. His Virtual Orchestra Music bridges Modern and Classical, West and East; from Rock and Pop to Romance to Horror. Clients range from Derek Frey (Witching Hour music video feat. Tim Burton – start/end credits) to The Jefferson Project at Lake George (IBM, Rensselaer - full soundtrack). Bjarne O. is also a multi-prod. Screenwriter (box office hit, hit TV series, books, stage play, international awards, prod. for 100 mill+).

Riaan Nieuwenhuis Riaan Nieuwenhuis - Riaan Nieuwenhuis is a talented composer and multi-instrumentalist from South Africa. His music spans the genres of Indie Rock to New Age and Classical. Riaan has a special talent for creating melody lines and sensual rhythms that compliment mood and motion for film footage. His music ranges from spacious, ethereal and melodic piano compositions, to adrenalin-pumping, power-driven rock instrumentals. Riaan's silky lounge grooves and delicate repetition work for romantic themes, while his Rock music is great for Memphis Beat, CSI Miami, SVU or dark humor in today's crime shows.

Doubletime Creations Doubletime Creations - Doubletime Creations is an international duo combining the talents of American composer David A. Kelly and Japanese pianist Maki Kimura, both of whom hold Master of Music degrees in their respective areas. David is an in-demand guitarist who specializes in Orchestral, Chamber, Rock, Jazz, and World music, with credits including soundtracks for both dramatic and documentary films. Maki is an internationally acclaimed pianist whose concert performances have spanned three continents. Their catalog includes music in the World, Classical, Dramatic, Rock, Jazz, and Electronic genres.

Alastair Cameron Alastair Cameron - UK composer Alastair Cameron's music has been used in a host of short films, animations, and advertisements for clients such as Oral-B and Corriere della Sera. He also won a Best Soundtrack award for his music in the multi-award winning film "Second Wind." Alastair's works are also regularly performed in concert, and have been broadcast on BBC radio. From solo piano pieces to full orchestral arrangements, he specializes in Dramatic and Instrumental music in a wide range of styles and moods.

Wendy Mullen Wendy Mullen - Wendy Ellison Mullen is the lead singer, rhythm guitar player, and main song writer for Late Summer Purple--a bluesy rock band playing in Seattle-area clubs and bars. They have performed twice at Bumbershoot, which Rolling Stone magazine calls the "Mother of all Festivals." Norm Langill, Bumbershoot's Director, says Wendy has "a voice like warm honey." Wendy won the Washington Blues Society's Robert Johnson blues contest with her haunting version of "Hell Hound Blues," and her music has been featured on VH1, Animal Planet, Discovery Channel, MTV, and in other venues.

Kepha Peter Martin Kepha Peter Martin - US Composer Kepha Peter Martin's clients include Ralph Lauren, Disney Studios, MGM, Mattel Inc., Musicraft Productions, New York Shakespeare Festival, Yves St. Lauren, Delta Airlines, and Rosetta Stone. His music showcases his keyboard artistry as a consummate piano player, keyboardist, and accordionist. Kepha has performed with many of the world's leading musical icons, including Diana Ross and the Supremes, Ray Conniff, Brenda Lee, Frank Sinatra Jr., Mel Carter, Randy Crawford, Bobby Caldwell, Bill Medley, Joanie Summers, Carol Channing.

Entropik Entropik - Entropik is a UK-based producer of music for the media. Often described as “exotic, soulful, genre-defying and uniquely beautiful,” their music is featured in numerous Film and TV productions, including the award-winning feature film “Bane,” a recent 90210 TV episode, and the Zentropa catalogue (Lars Von Triers’ film company). Entropik won the Electronica Category Runner Up at the 2009 People's Music Awards and Best Short Film Score at Humfest Film and Music Festival. Genres include Ambient Electronica, Classical, Rock, Pop, Trip-Hop, and Downtempo Psychedelic.

Daniel Fletcher Daniel Fletcher - Arizona pianist Daniel Fletcher has spent over 40 years performing throughout the United States, and he is also a highly distinguished educator. He received his Masters in Piano Performance from the Indiana University School of Music, and in 1987 he was awarded the Master Teacher certification by the Music Teachers National Association -- the highest honor given by this organization. Daniel was also a recipient of the rarely-bestowed Performer's Certificate from IU. He brings us masterful performances of Classical piano works in addition to original compositions.

Laura Sanz Laura Sanz - Based in Florida, Laura Sanz is a unique composer with a flair for Classical music. An accomplished pianist, she is a graduate of the National School of Arts of Havana, Cuba, where she was born. Laura has received many awards for her music, including recently winning the "Song of the Month" award at the Song of the Year contest, and her music has also been featured on Discovery, OWN, and CBS. Laura brings us music in a wide range of genres, including Classical, World, Pop, New Age, Dramatic, Latin, Folk, Jazz, and more.

Wedding Music Boutique Wedding Music Boutique - Music is such an important element when planning weddings and anniversaries. Wedding Music Boutique is the perfect solution for enhancing the occasion. With the exception of a few original pieces, all of these songs are familiar, in the public domain (PD), and each has been carefully researched. These are arrangements of the most beloved and popular wedding songs and marches from around the world. Songs are produced using various instruments and mixes. Many tracks feature lengths of 90, 60, 30, and 15 seconds to custom-fit each project.

David Allen Young David Allen Young - From Canadian hockey games on CBC, to Astronaut Training videos produced by NASA, to Capcom video game themes, the music of composer David Allen Young has found hundreds of placements in TV shows, industrial videos, video games, and more. He has experience performing on Solo Piano and West Javanese Gamelan, as well as in several Classical Choirs and Voces Latin American ensembles. David's education includes a Bachelor's degree from UCSC in Theory and Composition (with a minor in Electronic Music) and a Film Scoring certification from UCLA.

Serge Ozeryan Serge Ozeryan - Serge Ozeryan is a Ukrainian musician who writes intense Rock instrumentals with bone-crunching lead guitar work. As lead guitarist for the band Death Valley Screamers, he's been gaining quite a reputation as being one of Ukraine's most formidable and exciting players. Many of Serge's tracks have an edgy cinematic quality making them suitable for everything from Film and TV scores to action-packed Video Games and Commercial campaigns. He also brings us tracks in the Soft Rock, Blues, Folk, Dance, New Age, Alternative Rock, and Pop genres.

Darren W. Chamberlain Darren W. Chamberlain - Born and raised in Birmingham, England, Darren W. Chamberlain was introduced very early to music, having a father who was a very accomplished professional musician. Through his teen years, he graduated from the Royal School of Music but felt somewhat unfulfilled with the Classical music he was studying. Post playing a few sessions with some very accomplished improvisers, Darren began studying Jazz at the Guild Hall London, obtaining two diplomas in Jazz Improvisation. His 800 track catalog offers up the rewards of his life's achievements.

Stephan Lindsjo Stephan Lindsjo - We're pleased to offer the music of very talented Swedish Composer, Stephan Lindsjo, on our website. Stephan writes music for games, film, TV, and other commercial media. Check out his energetic orchestral tracks perfect for action adventure, war scenes and major battles. These are powerful, dark and edgy, and will add great entertainment value to just the right video game, film or TV drama. Stephan also composes original scores for Horror films, and a variety of other styles and genres which will take your project to the next level.

Jonathan Geer Jonathan Geer - Texas composer Jonathan Geer is a prolific genius, creating both SFX and music in many genres –- from folksy to dreamy, to his soaring orchestral “Confessions” -- a dark, spiritual hymn that arcs into an enigmatic piece where love reigns supreme. Big in games production, Jonathan's music appears in the Nintendo DS productions Marker Man Adventures and Clueless Fashion, and the PC game Dragon Portals. His tracks have appeared on Access Hollywood, the 700 Club, and BBC programs as well. Jonathan's 2001 BA in Film Scoring makes him a valuable resource!

Christian Andersson Christian Andersson - Swedish Composer Christian Andersson won 3rd Prize in the prestigious 2011 International Songwriting Competition, competing against 15,000 songs from 115 countries. His music appears on over 20 TV channels worldwide, including MTV, as well as in 40 additional projects. Christian focuses on strong themes and intelligent melodies, and writes in many genres including Dramatic, Orchestral, Funk, Jazz, Rock, World, and Classical. Christian's epic scores are perfect for dynamic movie trailers, soundtracks, documentaries, video games, and TV promos.

Lucid Dreamer Lucid Dreamer - Lucid Dreamer is a composer and producer of premium quality production music available for instant licensing in TV, Web and other Media. Credits include commercials for Porsche and Castrol, as well as TV Shows on major networks such as NBC's "The Voice" CBS's "CSI" and more. Lucid Dreamer's music is fresh, creative and inspiring, and can attach perfectly to your media or project.

Cellocentric Cellocentric - Cellocentric presents acclaimed virtuoso cellist Adam Liu performing masterpieces of the Classical cello literature. Adam Liu was handpicked from the Beijing Central Conservatory of Music to come to the USA to study the cello with Tschaikovsky Competition winning cellists Stephen Kates and Lynn Harrell. Immediately placed on an Artist track, Mr. Liu won major international music competitions. He is currently Assistant Principal cello with the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra and holds the title of Artist-in-Residence at Duquesne University.

Trefler Trefler - Polish composer and arranger Krzysztof Trefler began playing drums at three, and later took up piano, violin, guitar, and synthesizer. Today, he artfully fuses acoustic music with his electronic equipment, making exciting new arrangements of familiar Classical tracks. Working in the genres of orchestral Classical, Easy Listening, Electronic, and others, Trefler’s music enjoys constant airplay on Polish national radio, and is catching the eye of filmmakers and music supervisors around the world. A few influences include Bach, Morricone, Mozart, Strauss, Jarre, and Shostakovich.

Andrew Schulman Andrew Schulman - Internationally acclaimed 8-string guitarist Andrew Schulman lives in New York City. He made his debut in 1982 on the guitar in the New York series at Carnegie Hall, and his London debut in 1985 at The Purcell Room. Most recently, after surviving a coma, Andrew is now giving back to the hospital that saved his life. Visiting Beth Israel's Hospital three times a week, Andrew plays 90 minutes of music to the patients in the ICU. Since his debut, he has appeared as a soloist at Alice Tully Hall, Merkin Concert Hall, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and the White House.

D. Silverstone D. Silverstone - Israeli Composer Dvir Silverstone presents music tracks and loops in a growing catalog of over 1,000 tracks, covering a huge range of styles, including Pop, Rock, Indie, Hip Hop, Folk, Electronic, RnB, Dance, World, Classical, Dramatic, and much more. From beautiful piano duets to percussion-driven beats, his diverse tracks are perfect for an enormous range of TV, Film, and Commercial productions. From the epic and motivational "Grand Glory," to the playfully chilled-out mood of "Easy Tropical Life," Dvir's music will delight and impress!

Western Horizon Productions Western Horizon Productions - New York City-based Western Horizon Productions composes some of the scariest orchestral music available for Dramatic Film or TV underscore, cues, interludes, or intense video games. With fanfare and dramatic flourishes, Western Horizon's music could add the raw hot excitement your next project craves. So fasten your seatbelt and take a bone-chilling ride!

Hanjo Gabler Hanjo Gabler - Hanjo Gäbler is a German film composer, producer, and award-winning remixer of Alicia Keys, Lalah Hathaway, Celine Dion, ZZ Ward, Good Old War, and other artists. Writing music for everything from TV shows to advertising campaigns, his clients include global companies like BMX, EDEKA, ZDF, ARD, NDR, and many European broadcast networks. From intense action cues to mysterious atmospheres, Hanjo brings us highly contemporary music in the Dramatic, Pop, World, Orchestral, Funk, and Latin genres, among others.

Lee FitzSimmons Lee FitzSimmons - Award-winning Texas composer and producer Lee FitzSimmons is a renowned musician whose talents are an asset to our clients. With over 500 tracks in 21 musical genres and an exciting sound effects collection, Lee uses the latest in digital recording technology. His multi-instrumentalist talent shines through in “Elegance in Motion,” a hot Pop Jazz number with elegant sax and good beats. Check out the sublime orchestral “Summer Seaside” and his dynamic “Medieval Metropolis,” with its animated woodwinds, arpeggio strings, and harpsichord.

Leland Thomas Faegre Leland Thomas Faegre - US composer Leland Thomas Faegre has radio, television and film credits including the Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts. His composition, arrangement, and production skills for the Historical Society of Turkey and "Inside the Moon Bear Rescue Centre, China,” by The Animals Asia Foundation have been described as "so vast that supervisors will view each piece as independent islands full of relative possibilities." Coming to us from Lake Tahoe, Leland is both a broadcast partner and music publisher renowned for his talent and creativity.

John Lawrence Schick John Lawrence Schick - Composer John Lawrence Schick is a pianist and nightclub performer. Rich experiences infuse his lively scores in the genres of Dramatic, Classical, and World music. John can be heard on ABC, NBC, CBS and other networks in shows like the Steve Harvey Show, West World, Gotham, Quantico, Saturday Night Live, Dateline NBC, The Voice, Sex Sent Me to the ER, ABC Promos: Dancing With the Stars, America's Funniest Videos, General Hospital, Modern Family, The View, The Middle, Best in Film, CBS Promos: Amazing Race, 48 Hrs, Made in Jersey, Mentalist, and NCIS.

Alexey Kaleynikov Alexey Kaleynikov - Alexey Kaleynikov is a Russian composer who specializes in contemporary Dramatic music for Film, TV, Video Games, and other projects. Working with dynamic Orchestral elements, he writes masterful themes in styles ranging from Action and Adventure to Danger, Military, Fantasy, Mystery, Sports, and more. In addition to composing, Alexey is also a highly accomplished trombone player.

Eric Waters Eric Waters - Excelling on electric, classical and steel-string acoustic guitars, Eric Waters creates in Classical, Rock, Salsa, Jazz, and many more genres. He has won honors and awards in the UK and USA for his compositions, been featured on TV and radio, and toured extensively in the USA and Canada. Eric has worked with legendary notables like Chuck Berry and trained with Brazilian guitar virtuoso Carlos Barbosa-Lima for Master Classical guitar. He has also performed for eminent figures like U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor and Queen Beatrix of The Netherlands.

Cyril Baranov Cyril Baranov - Based in Ukraine, Cyril Baranov is a creative and highly original composer who has scored several award-winning short films, PC games, and other projects. His eclectic music combines traditions of national Classical music with modern Electronic elements and ethnic sounds from around the world. Influenced by everything from Chopin and Rachmaninoff to Tangerine Dream, traditional Japanese gagaku, and contemporary Jazz, Cyril's exotic and enchanting music is great for Film, TV, and Commercial projects involving world culture from East to West.

Manuka Music Productions Manuka Music Productions - Welcome to Manuka Music Productions. You will find a wide range of instrumental music for different production purposes: from Classical music to Rock/Pop, from short acoustic Blues themes to powerful Band arrangements.

Michael Amlacher Michael Amlacher - Composer/producer Michael Amlacher from Austria has over a decade of audio experience. As a mixer and arranger, he loves to compose albums for advertising projects and big business. Michael works with a large variety of genres creating perfectly fitting music for every occasion. A well-rounded artist, he helped to create music for the Coca-Cola German Christmas Tour 2006/2007, Dirk Daniels, Europapark Rust, Roth & Lorenz GmbH, Canesten, and ARD/SWF for the kids show "Tigerentenclub." He is one talented, sharp, and professional artist!

Simon Wolfe Simon Wolfe - An emerging composer for TV, Documentary, Film Soundtrack, and Multimedia, Simon Wolfe's dynamic music soars across several genres, including Orchestral, World, Electronic, Ambient, Dance, Classical, and more. His credits include TV UK's Dinosaur Documentary "Wall to Wall," the Indie Film “Hard Pill” by John Baumgartner and starring Jonathan Slavin, and the documentary "Illuminations" about Captain Cook's painter, William Hodges, and their adventuresome expeditions to Tahiti and India, featuring contributions by Sir David Attenborough.

Amy Ip Amy Ip - Coming to us from Hong Kong, composer and pianist Amy Ip (Ip Chui Han Amy or often "Isisip") holds a Bachelor of Music degree from Berklee College of Music of Boston, Mass. With three albums released, her music was chosen by YouTube to be included in their Audioswap program and is also used by Google. Amy's albums receive great acclaim to music lovers in the US, Europe, and many other countries -- and you will especially love her New Age music if you enjoy the piano compositions of Yanni, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Chopin, Kitaro, Yukie Nishimura.

Image Sounds Image Sounds - Image Sounds is a savvy group of composers based in Germany that provides outstanding music, sound effects, and samples. Launched over 20 years ago, Image Sounds was developed with a total focus on producing quality royalty-free music perfect for use in film, TV, and video games. Here you will find their hot catalog of tracks in numerous genres, including Pop, Rock, Classical, Electronic, World, Jazz, Urban, Hip Hop, RnB, Dance, and Reggae.

Bobby Cole Bobby Cole - Bobby Cole is the edgy musician, producer and engineer behind several artists on our site, including "House of Horror" and "Christmas Music." This talented and prolific composer works out of his studio in West London UK, and creates music in a variety of styles -- his favorite being Horror and Thriller music. Bobby's spooky, creepy Augment My Horror and Dark Alleyway can add the psycho factor guaranteed to make kids all over the world line up to buy those movie tickets, while their parents cringe in protest but later rent the DVD.

Ross Martin Ross Martin - Since the late 1980s, Ross Martin has been composing and producing music for many genres, from Blues to Childrens Music, Symphonic chase scenes, and chilling, spooky Halloween music.  As a former Creative Director and Jingle Writer, Ross has the talent and expertise that keeps him hopping to stay on top of Hollywood requests for his hot tracks.

Pete Bax Pete Bax - For many years, Pete Baxter was a famous Bandleader and Trombonist whose clients included The Royal Family, Houses of Parliament, BBC, Granada Television, Marks & Spencers, and Southern Comfort. Among many achievements, he held the world record for the fastest playing of the "Sailors Hornpipe" on trombone, was the inspiration for the advertisement the Lurpac Butterman, and he also worked in musical comedy with icons like Tony Hancock and Benny Hill. Today, Pete devotes his time to writing original music for Film, TV, and Commercials.

Parish Parish - Parish is a very creative and laidback Italian composer moving to the forefront with her originality and elegance in music design. Her music genre is the very exotic and erotic Ethno World Music with some modern sounds and beats. Think of the Claude Challe and Buddha Bar vibe, much sought after to bring an Asian elegance to your film. Parish also composes versatile music, ideal for romantic scenes in TV, Film and Indie dramatizations, a perfect fit for your next Documentary or Epic Passionate Romantic Sexy Movie -- we love that!

Adagio Music Adagio Music - With a catalog of over 700 tracks, Adagio Music offers us the finest in world-class music production. These savvy musicians, composers, and sound designers bring their experience to every track on site, promising meticulous detail and ultra high-quality. Their work has been featured in Film, TV, and Radio projects by clients like Camouflage TV, Verizon, SpectraCom, AT&T, and MonsterMob, among others. From rocking action sequences to fun popular themes and delicate melodies, let Adagio Music add their professional sheen to your next project.

Mike McAnally Mike McAnally - Currently based in Delaware, Composer Mike McAnally approaches music from an inner perspective based on a wide range of early influences and musical experiences. His unique concepts cover Jazz, Fusion, Swing, Classical, and Blues genres. Mike has worked as a Sideman, Leader, Studio Producer, and Music Educator, and his current focus is on composing. His music has been featured on PBS - "Sit and Be Fit," the documentary "Evesham Twp. NJ, An Historical Portrait," and projects for California-based Dementia Whisperer, along with many others.

Apocalypse Cow Apocalypse Cow - Apocalypse Cow is a force of mainly three composers who create inventive music, whether it is for film, television, games, or fellow artists. Because not all music is the same, here's a studio that's different! Film scores include The Hollywood Dream, documentary scores for A Role of Their Own and Two Brothers, One Beer and the American Dream; and Background Cues for Emmy Award-winning TV sitcom Samantha Who, the History Channel’s Cities of the Underworld, and The Food Network’s Ace of Cakes.  Projects include music for Dr. 90210 and commercials for Sunbeam and Mountain Dew.

Mike Eaves Mike Eaves - UK artist Mike Eaves has been arranging, composing and co-writing music throughout his career. He has worked in studio sessions, television, West End shows, live concerts, and solo performances. Musicians he has worked with include The London Symphony Orchestra, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, BBC Concert Orchestra, and leading artists such as Shirley Bassey, Will Young, Chaka Khan, John Williams, and Russell Watson. Mike's experience in all styles of music brings diversity and quality to his compositions, which have been used extensively for TV, Computer Games and Documentaries.

David M Brown David M Brown - California Composer David M Brown spent many years as a teacher and performer before eventually recording over nine CD's of original music. As a native of New Orleans, David became well versed in traditional jazz, but you will also find him composing in styles ranging from Rock and Pop to Swing and Middle-Eastern music. With a unique array of instruments like the guitar, mandolin, fiddle, and bouzouki, David's music is hot, funky, and guaranteed to make you feel good!

Gary Wolk Gary Wolk - For several decades, US Composer Gary Wolk has performed as a Guitarist and Bassist, and creates music using real acoustic and software instruments, keyboards and loops. He writes, plays, records, produces, mixes and masters his tracks, and genres range from a fusion of Classical to Pop, to Classic Rock and lively ethnic World Beat. Composing music in many different styles keeps Gary's sounds fresh, exciting and realistic. His specialty is music for film and TV, and he enjoys numerous placements in these areas of production.

Brenda Elthon Brenda Elthon - A classically trained pianist with a deep reverence for the Big Band music of Glenn Miller and the Dorsey Brothers, and a love of Alfred Hitchcock films, Brenda Elthon's music has enthralled patrons of independent film and charmed radio audiences around the world. Whether it's a dissonant, impressionist piano masterpiece, or a swinging country lyrical anthem, or an orchestral trip from Heaven to Hell, Brenda's music pulls out the emotional stops and takes the listener on a magical ride to a new, unexpected place. Sometimes simple. Often, complex. Always special.

Jasen Shawn Smith Jasen Shawn Smith - With a career spanning 20 years, Jasen Shawn Smith is a classically trained composer and pianist, and recently was named runner up in the instrumental category of a UK Songwriting Contest. He has released two CDs under the name Sonic Psyops, and both have charted high in the web licensing business. Tracks from his second album, Virtual Ornaments, are Classical cinematic film scores which fuse melody harmony, counterpoint and rhythm. In addition to Classical music, Jasen’s New Age, Pop/Rock and Electronic tracks can be described as Vangelis plays Twister with Enigma.

Eric Bolvin Eric Bolvin - Eric Bolvin is an award-winning California Composer/Arranger with a schedule that includes playing, writing, teaching, and creating music. Eric's music is on NBC, Fox, ABC, CBS, and many cable and international channels. He has played or recorded with Russell Ferrante, Jeff Lorber, Dennis Chambers and Greg Adams; as a composer and arranger, his works have been performed by Jerry Bergonzi, Russell Ferrante, and many others. Eric’s lush, soulful trumpet playing demonstrates why he was charted in 2008 on Smooth Jazz Radio, playing on 85 stations nationwide.

Dmytro Krasiuk Dmytro Krasiuk - Dmytro Krasiuk is a self-taught composer and producer driving a small project studio based in the Ukraine. He composes in a variety of musical genres, but his favorite focus of production is on cinematic moods for TV, films, commercials, and games. Dmytro is a classical guitar player whose music can often be epic, mysterious or sorrowful. His philosophy is simple, that one should create the unique and specific, not the same music being created by other composers. To bring your production to life in new and original ways, Dmytro's music will help achieve your goal.

Roger Lasher Nortman Roger Lasher Nortman - Prolific US Composer Roger Lasher Nortman has written 24 symphonies, 12 concerti for various instruments, six quartets, and several other chamber works. Among his many awards was The Beaux Arts Society's 2000 winner of Leonardo da Vinci's "Best Composer" award, the first such winner since 1997. Roger studied at the Julliard School of Music and has a Columbia University Master of Arts degree in Music Education. Exposed to the symphonic environment, he began composing on the piano as a kid but found his true medium in orchestral music.

Ethereal Motion Ethereal Motion - Ethereal Motion's founder, Scott Ross, is an accomplished engineer and producer from Washington who has recorded over 400 records to date, 8 of which went Gold. Ethereal Motion's music blends melodic grooves, atmospheric progressions, live drum loops, tasteful keyboard layers, and horn sections, always providing an esoteric musical soundscape. This artist covers a number of genres, including New Age, Industrial, Rock, Country, Disco, and Funk -- and each track tells a story that would complement any contemporary film, TV, documentary, indie, and a host of new media applications.

HarpString Productions HarpString Productions - HarpString Productions presents the latest in fun music that’s edgy, energetic and super-cool. A group of savvy guys with music degrees are the brains behind HarpString, and together they invent themes that you’ll be humming the next day. “Breakfast Surreal” offers thought-provoking serenity, while “Guitar Sling” rocks out with the best of 'em. Their music is of the highest quality, composed with rhythmic flare and instrumental depth, then tweaked to perfection. Try HarpString if you need solid music with at least one foot out of the box, like Horror, Animation, Corporate, etc.

Baroquenoise Baroquenoise - Baroquenoise is a composer and producer who writes in the style of 17th and 18th century artists like Bach, Vivaldi, Marais, et al. In addition to Classical and Chamber pieces with natural orchestration, he also creates Electronic versions of contrapuntal music along with some J. S. Bach arrangements. Baroquenoise's new focus on raw, lo-fi, 8-bit sounds to offset the Baroque style of his writing will definitely take him in a bold new direction!

MF MF - Originally from the UK, Composer MF's off-beat sense of humor is present in much of his work, while he also excels at writing powerfully dark and serious music. Currently based in NY, his work has been featured by high-profile clients in international TV commercials, corporate videos, mobile apps, online presentations, podcasts, animated films, and educational materials. MF is a self-confessed Beatlemaniac, and his varied taste in music is showcased in his tracks that span Dramatic, Classical, Rock, Pop, and Dance genres, among others.

Colorful Rhythm Colorful Rhythm - Colorful Rhythm is a Chicago-based Rock band founded by composer/pianist/producer Judy Huang in 2012. Her music has been described as an “imaginative, surreal synergy of instrumental and vocal music, with an enchanting mix of influences." Judy is a classically trained musician whose musical influences include Experimental, Electronica, Freak Folk, and Art Rock. She enjoys composing and recording music and performing outside of her day job as a music teacher.

Harry Sadler Harry Sadler - California-based composer and vocalist Harry Sadler has been writing and performing for over 10 years. Utilizing everything from solo piano to synthesized atmospheres, he writes in a wide range of genres that includes Classical, Neo-Classical, Dramatic, Electronic, Kids Music, and more. Among many other projects, Harry recently scored the feature film "More Than Stars," and also has been a featured artist for the band Carbon City Lights. Harry received a Bachelor of Music Composition and Theory from California State University, Sacramento.

Winthrop Brookhouse Winthrop Brookhouse - With a unique melodic style all his own, Winthrop Brookhouse composes instrumental works in Latin, Latin Jazz, Jazz, Electronica, Dramatic, and New Age genres. In 2018 Winthrop Brookhouse is concentrating on developing a greater range of thematic and melodic material with a focus on orchestrating a wide variety of instrumentation and composing in a broad range of style. With over 170,000 streams in 2016 Winthrop’s popularity is expanding into mainstream music.

Tom Rule Tom Rule - A dyslexic left-handed keyboard player who used to play the tuba, Georgia artist Tom Rule is a bit of an odd duck! Classically trained with degrees in Piano Performance, he performs, writes, and records in styles ranging from Classical and Jazz to Rock, Country, New Age, Electronica, and more. Tom has credits on over a dozen albums - including a couple of Grammy nominees - and he is simply as eclectic as they come. His diverse material is great for a big variety of Film, TV, Commercial, and Multimedia projects.

Michael Panasuk Michael Panasuk - Florida composer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Michael Panasuk creates everything from raucous Rock instrumentals to bass-driven Electronica, lilting Ambient Pianoscapes, and toe tapping Bluegrass. Writing for TV, Film, Radio, Web, and Recording Artists around the world, his work has been featured in shows like Pawn Stars (History Channel), Dog the Bounty Hunter (A&E), Say Yes to the Dress (TLC), Mob Wives (VH1), Watch What Happens Live (Bravo), Parking Wars (A&E), Man V Monster (Nat Geo), and the Kathy Griffin Show, among others.

Dream Valley Music Dream Valley Music - Dream Valley Music has credits that include themes and incidental music for BBC Audio’s Doctor Who, Blake’s 7 and I, Robot releases as well as commissions for comedy duo’s Mitchell & Webb and The Mighty Boosh. Often featured in commercials and movies, their unique, quirky and thoroughly original sound has been recognized by creative production houses and ad agencies around the world with placements on a huge variety of TV, radio, games, and feature film projects.

Steve Rice Productions Steve Rice Productions - Steve Rice is a versatile composer, keyboardist and accordionist based in Philadelphia. He records and writes with several outstanding ensembles, including Rouge (French Cabaret), Big Squeezy (Zydeco), Troy Kline (Retro Vegas Lounge), and the Steve Rice Quintet (original Jazz). Steve's compositional interests include Jazz, Classical, World, Traditional Ethnic, and Electronic music, as well as SFX. He has a Film Scoring degree from Berklee College of Music, where he received the prestigious Oscar Peterson Award.

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