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Topic: RadioSparx - Custom Features (Stations, Schedules, Ads, and Auto-DJ)
Article ID: KB4266
Last Reviewed: Jun 14, 2022

Real-Time Ad or Message Playback

For the version of RadioSparx's R-Box Pearl app (for Microsoft Windows) it provides a simple real-time keyboard control mechanism to allow the user operator to trigger the playback of a specific ad or message file from their local computer.  When the R-Box app is in the foreground with focus, it will respond to specific keyboard keystroke commands as described below to enabling the playback of audio message files in real-time. 

Deploy Audio Message Files
You can deploy up to 12 different audio ads or message files to the Windows PC and trigger playback of the files via keystrokes.  Specifically, create the files as 1.mp3, 2.mp3, and so on up to 12.mp3.  Place these files in the C:\RBox\Announcements\ folder where C:\RBox\ should be replaced with wherever you installed R-Box app. 

Trigger File Playback
Then, to trigger each ad or message file to play, press on the keyboard Shift+F1 (from F1 to F12) and each message will play.  Any playing music will be paused automatically first, the message file will play, and then the music will resume playback.


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