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Topic: RadioSparx - Website Player, R-Box Pearl, RS-PLAY, and Playback Issues
Article ID: KB4251
Last Reviewed: Mar 24, 2022

Q.  When the R-Box Pearl (hardware player device) is playing and there is a power outage, will the R-Box resume playing on its own when power is restored?  Additionally, when the power is restored, if the R-Box is unable to connect to the Internet (i.e. the network is down or inaccessible), will it still resume playback immediately?

A.  There are a few different things to consider for this situation:
  • In general we recommend running the R-Box Pearl with a UPS so that if the power drops momentarily, the R-Box does not cut off unless the power is out for an extended time period and the UPS battery drains fully.  By using a UPS you can avoid losing music service in the event of a short power outage.

  • Power fluctuations can disrupt Wi-Fi and cause it to malfunction, and for this reason we recommend using an ethernet cable rather than Wi-Fi network connectivity.  This is true for all commercial uses of R-Box in general, because it eliminates a vulnerability of Wi-Fi failing and having to be manually reset.

  • In the event the R-Box power does go off and then comes back on, and presuming that the network is accessible, in general the R-Box will then connect to the server and start playing again automatically.

  • When the power is restored, if the network is still down or inaccessible to the R-Box, in general it will resume playing from its local cache, with the correct date showing in the upper-right corner, provided of course that it was operating in caching mode (aka SAF mode) and there are at least a few music tracks cached locally on the player device.
Make sure under Settings, More, More, under Date & Time options that the "Automatic date & time" option is disabled so it does not try to get the date/time from any nearby network devices.


Keywords: power failure, network failure, WiFi failure, Wi-Fi failed

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