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Topic: FAQ - Payment Problems and Solutions
Article ID: KB4201
Last Reviewed: Dec 16, 2021

Invoice Payment Failed

When a client attempted to make a credit card payment their payment was rejected and a message like this appeared:

Declined: 10069-Payment could not be completed due to a sender account issue. Please notify the user to contact PayPal Customer Support.

Error 10069 is an error issued by PayPal as our merchant account provider service, and it means the credit card payment was deemed to be too potentially
risky to accept the payment.  However, it does not necessarily mean the client cannot use the credit card to make payment.  There are two possible solutions:

1.  The client can select PayPal as the payment method on our website (for our invoice), and then when they are redirect to the PayPal website, there they should select credit card as the method to fund the payment and enter their credit card information in the PayPal site.  The PayPal site will then likely process the payment successfully and the user will be redirected back to our website automatically.  If they need to download a track, they would then go to their Download Zone (under MyAccount).

2.  The client can call PayPal on the telephone to discuss the reason why PayPal blocked their payment attempt.  PayPal may be able to validate the credit card security information via the voice call and then approve the payment in real-time.  The client should then -- while still on the phone with PayPal -- attempt to complete the payment at the AudioSparx or RadioSparx website and it should go through immediately.


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