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Topic: RadioSparx - Website Player, R-Box Pearl, RS-PLAY, and Playback Issues
Article ID: KB4191
Last Reviewed: Oct 04, 2021

Q.  Player Status - What Does the Player Status Setting Mean?

A.  In your account at RadioSparx.com, on some screens will see a "Player Status" setting value, showing the current status for the active player for the account.  For any account, there can be only a single player active at one time.  The active player would be either the built-in player in the RadioSparx website, or it can be a separate R-Box Pearl or RS-PLAY software player instance.   The possible values for Player Status includes these various options:
  • Pending -- This will be the initial status of a newly created account, and signifies that no player has yet been played for this account.

  • Playing -- This is the status that will appear when there is an active player playing music right now for the designated account.

  • Stopped - When a human manually stops a player, the player status for the designated account will change to "Stopped". This indicates the player was manually stopped.

  • Timeout -- A Timeout status occurs for a player when, during playback, as a result of some unexpected situation (i.e. some change of player status other than a manual stop), the RadioSparx server system detects no communication from the player for at least 5 minutes.  When this happens, the account's player status will change to "Timeout" indicating a player timeout. 

    Note:  This is a signal that the player is potentially not playing, because a Timeout can also occur simply as a result of a transient Internet outage at the player's location.  Due to the Internet outage, the player is prevented from communicating to the server -- which it normally does every one (1) minute -- to update its current status with the server.  Hence, a player status of Timeout can indicate that the player has malfunctioned or lost power, or that the Internet may be down at the player's location.

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