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Topic: RadioSparx - Website Player, R-Box Pearl, RS-PLAY, and Playback Issues
Article ID: KB4032
Last Reviewed: Jun 28, 2019

Activating the R-Box Pearl Software on Windows (Quick Start Instructions - Condensed)

1.  Download rbox.zip file from https://www.radiosparx.com/software/rbox.zip and store in C:\RboxPearl\ folder.

2.  Right click on the rbox file in that folder and try to use 7-zip to "Extract here".

3.  After successful extraction, you can delete the rbox zip file, delete the rbox.apk file (which is for Android).

4.  Double-click the jarfix file to run it, install Java if necessary, then run jarfix again.

5.  Right-click on the rbox file (i.e. rbox.jar) and select Create Shortcut option on popup menu.

6.  Right-click on the new shortcut file and select COPY on the popup menu.

7.  Click on the Windows start button, and click on All Programs

8.  Right click on the STARTUP (INICIAR) folder and select the option to open for all users

9.  Right click in the open folder white space and select PASTE on the popup menu. This places the Rbox 
shortcut in the startup folder so Rbox will launch automatically on system bootup.

10. Double click on the c:\RboxPearl\rbox shortcut and the R-Box Pearl application will launch and 
may only be visible in the system tray.  Be careful to not launch multiple instances of the application.
You should not see multiple R-Box Pearl icons in your system tray -- if you do, right click on the
extra icons and select EXIT.

11.  To get the Device ID and Security code for the R-Box Settings screen, first find the User account 
within your RadioSparx account and then complete these steps:

  - Go into that user's Player Settings screen.  
  - Select the External Player Type field as the "R-Box Pearl" option.
  - Select the External Player Playback Mode as "Caching Mode".

12.  Access the R-Box Settings screen by right-clicking on the R-Box icon in the system tray and
select SETTINGS.  Configure the Device ID and Security code obtained in the previous step and save
the settings.

13.  Click PLAY on the R-Box software interface and the player will contact the RadioSparx site
and commence playback after a brief moment to synchronize with the server.


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