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Topic: RadioSparx - Website Player, R-Box Pearl, RS-PLAY, and Playback Issues
Article ID: KB3928
Last Reviewed: Aug 15, 2017

Track Suppression FAQ

This article addresses various questions relating to track suppression.

Q.  I'm a reseller who has multiple subaccounts under my own account.  If one of my client is logged in under THEIR MAIN account (a subaccount of mine), and they are listening to tracks in the web browser main screen and they click the Minus icon [ - ] on the player to suppress a track, does it suppress the track only from their user accounts (their players)?   I've been avoiding experimenting with suppress button since I don't know if I pressed it if it would suppress EVERYONE of my subaccounts, and I don't know how to restore it, etc.

A.  Any track suppression happens for both the current Subaccount that is doing the suppression as well as all of the Users under that Subaccount. Suppression won't propagate to other Subaccounts under your account, only to the direct User accounts underneath the Subaccount that is doing the track suppression.  If a user account suppresses a track, it only affects their own User account.


Q. When suppressing a track on either the music player on the home page, from the Play History Report, or for a Custom Station, will the track be suppressed only on that station or across the user’s entire profile?

A.  When a track is suppressed by a Subaccount, it will affect their own account as well as all the Users (if any) underneath the Subaccount.  If a track is suppressed by a User account, it will only affect their own account.  This suppression will be in effect site-wide, for all pre-existing curated stations as well as any Custom Stations that play for the account.  In other words, it completely prevents the suppressed track from any further playback for all stations that are played from the player on the homepage or elsewhere.


Q.  Does suppressing a track remove it from the current custom station that may be playing at that moment?

A.  No, suppressing a track adds the track to a "suppressed tracks" list for your account.  There is currently no user interface to administer the suppressed tracks list for your account.  It just has effect during station playback, in that any suppressed tracks are eliminated from playback eligibility during the calculation of which track should play next for any given situation (i.e. whether you're playing a custom station you have created, or a pre-existing curated station created by our staff here).


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