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Topic: RadioSparx - Website Player, R-Box Pearl, RS-PLAY, and Playback Issues
Article ID: KB3923
Last Reviewed: Sep 08, 2019

Google Chrome - Auto-Play Problem in Google Chrome Browser

Google has recently changed the Chrome browser to make auto-play on new page load impossible, at least with the default configuration of the browser.  They do this on mobile platforms including mobile phones and tablets to conserve network traffic, and they do it on both their mobile and desktop browser to avoid having unintended or unwanted music start playing for the user.  

This policy creates a undesirable side effect on the RadioSparx site in that it requires an additional "user gesture" (i.e. finger touch or mouse click) on the browser screen to get the music to play after loading a new page that is designed to commence auto-play as soon as it is loaded in the browser.  
Fortunately for RadioSparx, there is a way to overcome the problem by adjusting the default configuration of Chrome.  Do the following:

1.  Complete the following steps in Chrome browser:

     - Click on the "Customize and Control" icon in the upper-right corner of Chrome (might be the "3 dots" icon or an orange exclamation point)
     - Go into the Settings option
     - Scroll to the bottom and click on the Advanced option
     - Go into the Site Settings option
     - Go into the Sound option
     - On the right side of the "Allow" option, click the Add button
     -  Add "www.radiosparx.com" (without quotes) and save it and then exit from the settings tab
2.  Continue using the RadioSparx website and now stations and tracks should auto-play correctly as desired when loading a new page from scratch.


If the above does not solve the problem, try using Microsoft Edge browser instead, the problem does not appear to occur in Edge.


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