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Topic: RadioSparx - General Issues and Questions
Article ID: KB3873
Last Reviewed: Jan 01, 2019

Welcome to RadioSparx - An Online Introduction to the Next-Gen Music Service 

This article provides a broad overview of RadioSparx, including our music and music artists, commercial features, player technology, support information, and technical support service.

Music Catalog - Independent Music Artists vs. Major Label Music Artists

HUGE CURATED CATALOG - RadioSparx has one of the leading curated royalty-inclusive rights-cleared music catalogs in the world today.  With currently over 340 stations ready for immediate playback, you have a diverse set of music choices available at the click of a mouse in over 25 top-level music genres.  

ARTIST-DRIVEN - The power behind RadioSparx is our huge artist community.  The music industry is very competitive and there are millions of highly talented music artists that, for whatever reason, do not have a major record label deal, but who are independent (indie) artists who write and produce their own music separately from major labels.  RadioSparx works with such artists and we specialize in licensing and representing their great music. Every month, we sign many new artists, with thousands of new tracks coming online from the huge music artist community at RadioSparx.

MUSIC DISCOVERY - The music at RadioSparx is not just “good enough” or "adequate" to replace major label/popular music.  Rather, our music provides a fantastic opportunity for you, your clients, and your staff to discover the hottest new curated music from the coolest new and long-established independent music artists in the world today.  

- Our music puts you at the forefront of taste-making, and will separate you from other businesses who play over-saturated, over-exposed major label music.  The commercial value of becoming a leader in providing a NEW MUSIC and NEW ARTIST discovery experience is significant.

COST SAVINGS - The result for your business is that you will be perceived to be a trendsetter and  tastemaker - unique and apart from other competitors in your industry. You can likely save at least 50% in the cost of deploying music in your business and access over 280 stations at any time, giving you a huge amount of high-quality music to suit any mood or situation.

How It Works – Broad Overview

To gain a fundamental understanding of what RadioSparx is and how our service works, please visit the Service Introduction page on the RadioSparx site.

Commercial Features

User Administration - One of the strengths of RadioSparx is its user administration system.   This allows clients who need to play the music service at multiple different locations to administer the login accounts for each of the users under your account.  The user administration option can be accessed by logging into your main administrative account and then clicking on the “Users” option, from where you can reset passwords, change contact name, phone, and email information, etc. for each user.  Each location that will use the service must use its own assigned user account for login purposes. 

Additionally, you can create one or more User Groups and assign any of your defined users to one or more User Groups.

Main Commercial Features - The primary commercial features of RadioSparx include Custom Stations, Custom Schedules, Custom Ads, and a Monitoring Service.  You can control which music and which custom ads (optional) play for each user, or user group, allowing for a very flexible service deployment capability.  The following articles explain these various commercial features:

How to create a Custom Station

How to create a Custom Schedule to play one or a set of multiple stations

Custom Ads Help Info

Monitoring System Overview - Service Monitoring, Email Alerts, Remote Control Features


R-Box Pearl Technology

One of the most important capabilities RadioSparx provides for commercial clients is our R-Box Pearl technology.  This includes our R-Box Pearl hardware player as well as the related R-Box Pearl software.  The hardware and software both provide the capability to utilize RadioSparx via store-and-forward (SAF) technology, which essentially allows the music to download and be stored on the local player hardware (Windows or Android computer) for local playback.  This is a highly desirable feature in comparison to streaming playback, because with SAF, if your internet service goes down for some time, you will not lose music service since the music is playing from the locally stored copies of the music files. 

Here is an article that explains how to download and install and use the R-Box Pearl software on your own Windows or Android computer system:

Activating the R-Box Pearl Software (Quick Start Instructions)

Here is a basic overview of the R-Box Pearl hardware player:



Online Knowledge Base

RadioSparx has an online Knowledge Base that has numerous different topics and articles.  You can access the online KB here:


Here are some popular articles from the KB that answer common questions:

What is the monthly bandwidth usage of R-Box app in store-and-forward (SAF) mode?

Why would I want to use the R-Box Pearl instead of just playing the music directly on the RadioSparx website?

Does RadioSparx support cross-fading between tracks?

Technical Support

RadioSparx provides responsive technical support with immediate response support available 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM Monday-Friday Eastern Time, and with 24x7-emergency escalation phone support available at all times in the event of a serious problem that requires immediate resolution.  To reach our tech support group, click here:  



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