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Topic: RadioSparx - General Issues and Questions
Article ID: KB3826
Last Reviewed: Aug 16, 2016

Q.  What is the difference between a reseller account, a sub-account, a user account, and a trial account?  What are User Groups?

A.  Here is a brief definition of these various things, as well as an explanation of how they interrelate and the capabilities of each in trial mode versus paid mode:

Reseller Account - A reseller account is a master account with control over all of the clients under it, for multiple different clients and all of the locations (if any) under each of the clients.  

Sub-Account - A sub-account is what a reseller would create for each distinct client under its service control.  For a client needing service at multiple locations, you would not create sub-accounts for each individual location, but rather, you would create one sub-account for the client, and then multiple user accounts under the sub-account for all of the client’s additional locations.  The client’s sub-account functions as their own master account for controlling their own service, and is essentially the "parent" account to all of the "child" user accounts under their sub-account.  

User Account - A user account is a distinct login account that is created for each separate location where the RadioSparx service will be played.  Please note that you cannot use the same login account at two locations simultaneously to play the music service; each location must have its own separate user account with distinct login information.

Trial Account - When a client first registers on the RadioSparx website, their account is automatically activated for a free 7-day trial.  The client can play the music for 7 days and then will be prompted to commence a paid subscription.  The client's account is not attached to any particular reseller's account unless they happen to register within a country that is controlled exclusively by a particular reseller, in which case the client's account is automatically assigned as a sub-account under that reseller's account.  In this case, the reseller will automatically receive an email informing them about the new client's registration and account information.  Additionally, before a user even registers on the website to create an account, when they first start using the website they can play the stations on the homepage for a full four hours of music before the site will even prompt them to register to create an account.

User Groups - For situations where a sub-account has many user accounts under it, a convenient way to manage the easy deployment of various site features to subsets of the total user account base is to create user groups.  When you define a user group, you can add any of the user accounts to the user group.  Then for the various commercial features that can be enabled for specific users under the sub-account, you can enable the features for specific user groups instead. For example, this makes it much easier to deploy various features to three user groups consisting of 100 users each - rather than having to click on anywhere from 100 to 300 checkboxes to deploy a feature to all of the necessary users, you can simply click on anywhere from one to three user group checkboxes instead.

Considerations About Trial Accounts

Features Available for Trial Accounts - When a reseller first adds a sub-account for a trial period, or a client self-registers to create their own account, the new account (i.e. sub-account) is not initially activated with full commercial features during the trial period.  Rather, it is only initially enabled with the ability to listen to the pre-existing stations and to create custom stations.  If you require any of the following things for the client's trial period, please contact your RadioSparx liaison to request that the client's free trial be adjusted as necessary:

  • A trial period longer than 7 days
  • A trial period for more than one user account
  • A trial period with access to all of the commercial features available at RadioSparx

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