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Topic: RadioSparx - Website Player, R-Box Pearl, RS-PLAY, and Playback Issues
Article ID: KB3825
Last Reviewed: Aug 02, 2016

Q. What is causing the 2 to 5 second gap I'm hearing between tracks?

A. During normal operations, the player on the RadioSparx website preloads the next track while the current track is playing, so that when the current track finishes playing, the next track is already downloaded and ready to play.  

Unfortunately, an inter-track gap can occur on tablets and mobile devices including iPhone, iPad, iPod Plus, and Android tablets. On these operating systems, track preloading is not possible since they are specifically architected to disallow multiple tracks to be played or loaded simultaneously on a website, and there’s no way to override this.

The thinking behind Apple and Google disallowing multiple tracks to be played simultaneously is done with the intent of not using up the client’s allotted network bandwidth over mobile networks, potentially resulting in undesirable usage overrun fees for mobile plans with limited network traffic.  The very unfortunate side effect is that it also blocks the ability for browser-based music players to preload the next available track while the current track is playing.

So, for the platforms mentioned above, the player built into the RadioSparx website cannot preload the next track that it normally does to have the next track ready to play after the current track finishes playing.  To resolve the problem, do one of the following:

  • Use the R-Box Pearl hardware player device. This device supports both live streaming and dynamic full store-and-forward with real-time change control.

  • Use the free R-Box Pearl software which is compatible with Windows and Android.

  • Use the free RS-PLAY app which is compatible with Windows and Android.

  • Use one of the Streamit player devices such as the Lisa LCD or Lisa Compact

  • Switch to different hardware that doesn’t block preloading. This can include normal desktop operating systems such as Windows, and even Windows-based phones and tablets.

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