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Topic: RadioSparx - General Issues and Questions
Article ID: KB3766
Last Reviewed: Dec 15, 2015

Q. Can I play RadioSparx music in my car? 

A.  Yes, you can play RadioSparx in your car provided that you have the necessary features. 

RadioSparx can always be played over your phone with the music signal broadcast from your phone to an in-car Bluetooth speaker system to provide amplification and playback on high-quality stereo speakers.

If your car has an Internet wi-fi service capability activated for it, your mobile phone can connect to the Internet through this wi-fi, or alternately via 3G/4G/5G mobile phone network service activated for your mobile phone.  

So, if your car and phone both support Bluetooth connections, you can synch your phone to your car's Bluetooth receiver and play the music from your phone on your car's stereo system and experience full hi-fi sound quality.

This gives you the benefit of using the native RadioSparx screen interface to select and play the various stations, and yet use your car's stereo system to enjoy high-fidelity sound quality.


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