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Topic: RadioSparx - Custom Features (Stations, Schedules, Ads, and Auto-DJ)
Article ID: KB3673
Last Reviewed: Nov 03, 2014

How to Create a Custom Schedule to Play One or a Set of Multiple Stations

To create a custom schedule, follow the steps below:

1.  Click on Account at the top right of the site to access your account features.

2.  Click on the Custom Schedules option, then click the "+Add New Schedule" link at the top right of the schedule table.

3.  Give the schedule a descriptive name, then click CONTINUE button.

4.  On the Schedule Settings screen, click the "+Add Event" link at the top right of the events table.

5.  Select a start time for this new event, which will control when the selected station(s) will start playing.  If you just want the same set of stations to play all the time for whenever you are playing music, leave the start time at 12:00 AM (midnight).

6.  Below the "Select Stations" text, in each of the drop-down listboxes, select a station that you want to play during this event.  You can select up to five different stations to play in rotation.

7.  For the Station Rotation Method field, select either "Random Rotation" to make the selected stations play in random order, with one track played at random from the selected stations, or select "Round Robin Rotation" to have the site play one track from each selected station in successive order and then loop back to the first station.  For example, the round-robin option works well for Christmas time to play the Pop Vocals station and the Christmas Pop Vocals station, so that every other track will be a Christmas track and the other track will be a non-Christmas track from the Pop Vocals station, since it will play one track from each station then go to the next station in the list of selected stations.

8.  Click SAVE button at the bottom of the screen to save the configuration settings for this event.

9.  If you want to add another event to have a different set of stations play at a different time, repeat the process above starting at Step 4, and choose a different start time and a different set of stations.  

10.  If you want the music to automatically stop playing at a certain time of day, add one more event, select the time the music should stop playing, and set the first station drop-down listbox field to the "Stop playing" option, and save the event.

11.  At the bottom of the Schedule Settings screen, select which of your users or user groups you want the schedule to take effect for by checking the box next to each one.  Or to make the schedule be in effect for all of your users, simply check the "All sub-users/sub-accounts" option.

12.  Click on the SAVE CHANGES button at the top right of the Schedule Settings screen to get back to your list of Custom Schedules.

13.  The last step is to activate the new schedule by clicking on the red "INACTIVE" button on the left side.  When you click it, the button will turn green and then say "ACTIVE".  This lets you know that this schedule is now active for all of the users that you selected during step 11 above.

Miscellaneous Issues

For any users that the schedule is active for, when they refresh the home page of the site, they will see a new schedule icon at the top left of the homepage, above the list of preconfigured stations.  To start playing the schedule, click that icon, and the new schedule will start playing.  You can reconfigure the settings for the schedule at any time and the new settings will automatically take effect for all users playing that schedule.

If a user has a schedule activated for them and they try to play some other station that is not in the schedule, the schedule will override their choice and play only music from the scheduled station(s) instead.

The Custom Schedules feature is how you will control what music a dedicated hardware player device (e.g. a Streamit Lisa LCD or Lisa Compact) will play when they connect to the RadioSparx site.  You can configure a custom schedule for the client to play just a single station, or multiple stations at once in random or round-robin (sequential) rotation, and can even schedule different events throughout the day to cause the music playlist choices to change throughout the day, to alter the tempo and energy to suit your tastes for any particular time of day.


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