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Topic: RadioSparx - Custom Features (Stations, Schedules, Ads, and Auto-DJ)
Article ID: KB2627
Last Reviewed: May 13, 2014

Q.  I'm not able to hear the preview tracks when trying to build a custom station. What can I do? 

A:  Our web sites utilize an audio player named "JPlayer" that is cross-platform compatible and supported in all of these environments:
  • Windows: Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, IE6, IE7, IE8, IE9
  • OSX: Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Opera
  • iOS: Mobile Safari: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch
  • Android: Android 2.3 Browser
  • Blackberry: OS 7 Phone Browser, PlayBook Browser
Depending on your operating system and the underlying audio capabilities of your computer, the JPlayer may either use Adobe's Flash Player technology for track playback, or HTML5's native audio playback capabilities.  

When you click on the speaker icon for any track you should see the waveform for that track appear at the bottom of the screen.  It will look something like this:

As it starts to play, the waveform will turn blue as the playback progresses, and look something like this:

Is Your Computer's Volume Muted or Turned Down to Zero?
Do you see the waveform and does it turn blue as the playback progresses?  If so, and you are still not hearing any sound, this generally means that your computer's playback volume is either muted or turned down to zero.  If this is the case, please unmute your audio playback or increase the volume of the audio playback for your computer.

If you don't see the waveform, or you do see the waveform, but nothing happens as far as any playback progress occurring, this could be caused by several different things.


Repair Adobe Flash on Windows-Based Computers
If you are on a Windows platform, please make sure you have the latest version of Flash Player installed on your computer.  To download the latest version, surf here and install the player:  
http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/.  After installation, then try the playback again for any track.  If you still have problems hearing the preview tracks, first simply try reinstalling Flash.  If you are still unable to hear the preview, try uninstalling the Flash Player and then reinstall it.  Once you install this player you should be able to hear the preview version of all tracks on the site.  

Use a Different Browser
Alternately, try using a different browser.  If you are using Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser, a relatively quick solution is to switch to Google Chrome.  You can download and install Chrome very quickly from this link here:  http://www.google.com/chrome
Reinstall Your Browser
If changing browsers is not an option for you, try uninstalling and then reinstalling your current browser.  Sometimes the audio capabilities of the browser can get corrupted or jammed up for various reasons, so a reinstallation or an uninstall followed by a reinstall can solve the problem.

Contact AudioSparx for Assistance
After trying the various things above, if you are still unable to hear the previews, send an email to info@audiosparx.com and let us know the following: 

1. When you click the speaker icon for any track, does the waveform appear at the bottom of the screen?

2. Does the playback progress bar appear to move from left to right across the waveform?


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