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Topic: RadioSparx - Website Player, R-Box Pearl, RS-PLAY, and Playback Issues
Article ID: KB2626
Last Reviewed: May 11, 2014

Local File Cache Settings
Available Only for Adobe Flash Player

Q.  How can I prevent a loss of music if my Internet service goes down temporarily?

A.  The Local File Cache option available at RadioSparx lets your computer store music files locally in case your Internet service goes down temporarily for any reason. With this feature, your computer will store up to 400 tracks on your local computer's hard drive.  Then, if your Internet service is disrupted, the player on the home page of this site will continue to play files from a locally cached file set until the Internet comes back up, and then it will resume playing new tracks from the server system at RadioSparx.

You need to have a reasonably fast computer to use this option so that it can handle simultaneous music playback and file caching actions without interference to the live music playback. Here are the basic requirements:

1.  Your computer must be using the Adobe Flash player (i.e. default player on Windows, Linux and Android computers).

2.  Generally we recommend using Google Chrome as your browser, although Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari browsers will support local file caching as well.

3.  Your computer must have at least 2GB of memory (i.e. RAM).

4.  Your computer's hard drive should have at least 400MB of free space.  Each track that is stored locally generally requires at least 20MB to 30MB of disk space to be stored.  Hence please check the available disk space on your C: drive before configuring the local file caching option to store any particular number of files, to ensure that you don't completely fill up the available space on your hard drive by trying to store too many files.

To enable Local File Cache option, click on Account at the top right of the website, then click on Local File Cache option and follow the directions you find there.


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