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Topic: RadioSparx - Website Player, R-Box Pearl, RS-PLAY, and Playback Issues
Article ID: KB2619
Last Reviewed: Apr 18, 2014

How To Retain Browser Cookies During a Browser Restart or Computer Reboot

When using the RadioSparx web site, it is very important to keep your browser's cookie history (i.e. retain cookies and not delete them) during a browser restart.  If your browser is configured to delete cookies during a restart, your browser will lose its identity as far as the RadioSparx web site is concerned, and then it will force you to wait for ten minutes before it will permit you to play music again.

The following shows you how to retain cookie history for the various major browsers.

Internet Explorer Browser

Step 1.  Click the Tools Icon in the upper-right corner.

Step 2.  Select "Internet Options" on the Tools Menu.

Step 3.  Uncheck the option to delete browsing history on exit.

Step 4.  Click Ok button, and you're done.

Google Chrome Browser

Step 1.  Click the Tools Icon in the upper-right corner.

Step 2.  Click the Settings option under the Tools Menu.

Step 3.  The Settings options will appear, click "Show Advanced Settings" at the bottom.

Step 4.  Scroll down to Privacy settings and click on the "Content settings" option.

Step 5.  Make sure the "Allow local data to be set (recommended)" option is selected, then click Done.

Step 6.  Click the X on the Settings browser tab to close the tab, and you're done.

Firefox Browser

Step 1.  Click the "Alt" key on your keyboard to reveal the top menu.  Click on "Tools" option on top menu.

Step 2.  Click on the "Option" link on the Tools Menu.

Step 3.  Select the "Privacy" option, change the History option to remember history, then click OK and you're done!


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