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Versatile US artist Rob Laber is an experienced composer, arranger, orchestrator, producer, conductor, and multi-instrumentalist. He writes in a multitude of genres, including Dramatic, Orchestral, Latin, Jazz, Dance, New Age, RnB, Country, and Corporate, and he has a particular interest in creating vibrant, evocative World music. His work has appeared in TV, movies, hot commercials, recordings, and other unique media dramatizations. If you're looking for music that will take your project to the next level, check out Rob’s diverse catalog.

Genres for This Artist

Total Tracks: 122

Instrumental Tracks (120 Tracks) | Vocal Tracks (2) |
Music Genres For Rob Laber
Action | African | Americana | Asian | Brazilian | Childrens | Christmas | Circus | Classical | Comedy | Country | Dance | Dangerous | Dramatic | East European | European | Horror | Indian | Jazz | Latin | Middle East | New Age | News | RnB | Spiritual | Sports | Themes | Tropical |

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Soft Lights Low
Rob Laber Rob Laber 369209 Jazz Latin Jazz Med Fast 140 Instrumental 3:11
Are You the One
Rob Laber Rob Laber 276360 Jazz Latin Jazz Med Fast 144 Instrumental 3:12
Buenos Aries 21
Rob Laber Rob Laber 358032 Latin Tango Slow 0 Instrumental 1:40
Two Faces in Beirut
Rob Laber Rob Laber 252848 Middle East Contemporary Dramatic Med Fast 140 Instrumental 2:47
Suddenly Mambo
Rob Laber Rob Laber 359757 Latin Latin Pop Ballads Medium 110 Instrumental 1:57
Lonely Streets
Rob Laber Rob Laber 553992 Dramatic Calm Mellow Music Medium 118 Instrumental 3:47
Salsa Este Noche (Salsa Tonight)
Rob Laber Rob Laber 259654 Tropical Salsa Fast 160 Instrumental 2:40
La Cara Mia Roma
Rob Laber Rob Laber 266662 European Italy Medium 110 Instrumental 3:20
Parisienne Promenade
Rob Laber Rob Laber 252847 European France Med Fast 149 Instrumental 4:24
Paris 21
Rob Laber Rob Laber 358029 European France Medium 120 Instrumental 2:46
Boplicitous Miss
Rob Laber Rob Laber 259644 Jazz Bebop Very Fast 240 Instrumental 3:42
Night Breeze (Bossa Nova)
Rob Laber Rob Laber 369877 Brazilian Bossa Nova Medium 120 Instrumental 3:49
The Rain and the Night
Rob Laber Rob Laber 345628 Dramatic Calm Mellow Music Med Slow 90 Instrumental 3:34
Back Woods Bebop
Rob Laber Rob Laber 423000 Country Western Swing Medium 129 Instrumental 2:43
Circus Trapeze Waltz
Rob Laber Rob Laber 286461 Dramatic Ethereal Music Medium 124 Instrumental 3:08
Mysterious Cathedral
Rob Laber Rob Laber 509480 Dangerous Dark Music Very Slow 40 A Capella 2:07
Rob Laber Rob Laber 509308 Spiritual Gregorian Chants Slow 60 A Capella 1:46
Rob Laber Rob Laber 245960 East European Russia Medium 120 Instrumental 3:05
Trafalgar Square
Rob Laber Rob Laber 422994 European England Med Slow 102 Instrumental 1:40
Lonely Streets (Indie)
Rob Laber Rob Laber 553995 Dramatic Contemplative Music Med Slow 80 Instrumental 3:08
Gothic Night
Rob Laber Rob Laber 277427 Dangerous Dark Music Med Slow 100 Instrumental 4:05
Granados' Villanesca (4:21)
Rob Laber Rob Laber 261592 Classical Romantic Medium 120 Instrumental 4:24
Strange Attraction
Rob Laber Rob Laber 522398 Dramatic Ethereal Music Slow 60 Instrumental 3:49
Brazilian Magic
Rob Laber Rob Laber 369133 Jazz Latin Jazz Med Slow 100 Instrumental 2:43
No Right to Sing the Blues (5:03)
Rob Laber Rob Laber 252154 Dramatic Sad Music Medium 120 Instrumental 5:07
African Backdrop
Rob Laber Rob Laber 345767 African African Dramatic Med Slow 80 Instrumental 4:09
Abstract Art Number 1: Somber and Profound
Rob Laber Rob Laber 554335 Dramatic Contemplative Music Slow 60 Instrumental 2:43
Indie Blues and Despair Music
Rob Laber Rob Laber 527715 Dramatic Sad Music Very Slow 40 Instrumental 1:56
Ponytail Princess
Rob Laber Rob Laber 522202 Dramatic Energizing Music Medium 120 Instrumental 3:26
Rob Laber Rob Laber 519510 Dramatic Calm Mellow Music Slow 60 Instrumental 3:26
Comedy Business
Rob Laber Rob Laber 522291 Childrens Childrens Instrumentals Medium 125 Instrumental 1:24
The Bold Ones
Rob Laber Rob Laber 237532 Americana American Patriotic Medium 120 Instrumental 2:13
Rob Laber Rob Laber 369131 Jazz Latin Jazz Med Slow 100 Instrumental 3:31
Plan of Action
Rob Laber Rob Laber 276346 Action Intense Orchestral Med Slow 104 Instrumental 2:08
Silk Stockings
Rob Laber Rob Laber 276351 Jazz Cool Jazz Medium 120 Instrumental 3:31
Calm Before the Storm
Rob Laber Rob Laber 519557 Dramatic Calm Mellow Music Med Slow 90 Instrumental 1:32
Abstract Art Number 3: Playful
Rob Laber Rob Laber 554917 Dramatic Hectic Music Fast 152 Instrumental 1:53
Action Please (Aka Action Adventure)
Rob Laber Rob Laber 243100 Dramatic Energizing Music Medium 120 Instrumental 1:37
Rondevous in Berlin
Rob Laber Rob Laber 246000 European Germany Slow 60 Instrumental 3:42
Big Ben
Rob Laber Rob Laber 522187 European England Medium 105 Instrumental 1:41
Mysterious Island
Rob Laber Rob Laber 509219 Dangerous Mysterious Music Very Slow 40 Instrumental 2:41
Sci Theme
Rob Laber Rob Laber 252150 Dangerous Dark Music Medium 120 Instrumental 2:05
Danger in the Middle East
Rob Laber Rob Laber 531983 Dramatic Sad Music Very Slow 40 Instrumental 2:29
There Used to Be a Jazz Place Here
Rob Laber Rob Laber 519865 Dramatic Calm Mellow Music Med Slow 80 Instrumental 2:25
Following the Clues
Rob Laber Rob Laber 509221 Dramatic Contemplative Music Med Slow 80 Instrumental 2:13
The Magician's Spell
Rob Laber Rob Laber 286462 Dangerous Mysterious Music Slow 60 Instrumental 2:58
Rob Laber Rob Laber 252761 Dangerous Dark Music Slow 60 Instrumental 2:00
Rob Laber Rob Laber 604293 New Age Space Music Slow 60 Instrumental 2:31
Feast of the Nobles
Rob Laber Rob Laber 528046 European European Vintage Medium 110 Instrumental 1:48
Abstract Art Number 2: The Scream
Rob Laber Rob Laber 554914 Dramatic Sad Music Slow 60 Instrumental 2:22

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