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Topic: RadioSparx - Website Player, R-Box Pearl, RS-PLAY, and Playback Issues
Article ID: KB3744
Last Reviewed: Aug 24, 2015

Q.  Does RadioSparx support cross-fading between tracks?

A.  Yes, with the Adobe Flash player and the R-Box Pearl player, as each new track plays, the next track pre-loads, making the inter-track gap less than one second.  

You may potentially hear a short amount of cross-fading that occurs in the last second as the new track starts to play, but only for a fraction of a second, not multiple seconds.  Sometimes tracks have a loud, abrupt ending and so automatic cross-fading for the wrong pair of back-to-back tracks, it can sound as if they are stepping on each other.  This creates an undesirable effect and hence we avoid having excessive overlap.  

The ideal goal is simply to have no delay whatsoever between the end of one track and the start of the next track so that there is no undue silence.  This is what we accomplish with the architecture of our various player technology.  

Please bear in mind that with some operating systems, such as the iPad, iPhone, and Android, any website-based players are unfortunately prohibited by the operating system from pre-loading tracks, hence the "next" track cannot be pre-staged while the "current" track is playing.  This means that the "next" track can only be retrieved when the "current" track has actually finished playing, so for this specific software environment, there will always be a silence gap between tracks.  This gap is generally short, only a few seconds at most, however, it is less than ideal.  The solution to the problem for these specific operating system platforms is to use our R-Box Pearl software, which is a non-browser-based player technology which is not affected by the browser-based limitations imposed by these operating systems.


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