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Topic: RadioSparx - Website Player, R-Box Pearl, RS-PLAY, and Playback Issues
Article ID: KB3735
Last Reviewed: Aug 14, 2015

Playback Problem - Analyzing Network Issues

If you experience problems with music playback here at the AudioSparx or RadioSparx website, it is recommended that you analyze your network situation to make sure there are no problems occurring with your Internet service that can interfere with the music playback.  Follow the steps below.


Symptom:  You try to surf to either http://www.audiosparx.com or http://www.radiosparx.com and nothing comes up.  If this happens, it is possible that our system is blocking your IP number due to the previous detection of problematic web traffic from your location.

Solution:  Surf here:  https://www.google.com/?gws_rd=ssl#q=show+my+ip and then email your IP number to info@audiosparx.com and let us know you cannot reach the websites here.  We will investigate and email you back.


Surf to http://speedtest.comcast.net and click on the icon for Jacksonville, Florida (in north-east corner of the US state of Florida).  This will run an upload and download test and report the current speed for each aspect of your network.

The steps below are specific to Windows-based PCs and composers.  If you are running Macintosh or Linux, try using similar equivalent commands that are provided by each of the operating systems


1.  Click on the Windows Start button (typically in the lower-left corner of your computer).

2.  Click on "Run" and enter "cmd" and press enter.  A black command-prompt window will open up.

3.  Type this command:  ping www.radiosparx.com -t    (make sure all in lower case) and press enter.  This will run a continuous ping command.

4.  Look at the replies coming back and look to see if you are experiencing any dropouts (i.e. no replies), or any unusually long response times in the "time=" column. If you are experiencing a lot of reply failures, this is definitely indicative of a network problem somewhere between your computer and our data center here in Florida. Or your ping times are frequently above 500ms, this can be indicative of network problems or a generally slow internet connection between your location and our data center in Florida.


To really see exactly what is going on with each hop in the network between your location and our data center in Florida, you need to use a program that displays the performance of each network hop visually.  Visual Traceroute is an excellent program for this.  You can download the program from our web site.  Do the following:

1.  Surf to http://www.radiosparx.com/software.  

2.  Right click on WhatsUpVisualTraceroute.zip and save it to your computer's hard drive.

3.  Unzip the file, install it, and then run it.  

4.  In the HOST: field, enter www.radiosparx.com and set the "Number of Traces" field (just to the left of the Trace button) to like 5 or 10, so it runs the trace test multiple times and will then display you an aggregate average of the tests.

This will show you each hop in the network path and its relative performance including any packet loss and minimum and maximum latency.  If any of the hops are showing substantial packet loss, in some cases this can be a false alarm, or in other cases it can be indicative that there is, in fact, a malfunctioning network hop.

In the ping command run previously, if you are getting consistent pings without any failed replies as well as low ping times of under 100ms to 200ms, this generally means that there are no bad network hops and any substantial packet loss that is showing in Visual Traceroute may well be a false alarm.  But if your ping command is showing lots of dropouts, and Visual Traceroute also shows lots of packet loss, this is clearly indicative that there is a problem at one or more network hops and you may need to escalate it to your network administrator, ISP, and/or RadioSparx for further review and resolution.

Please provide the information you observed when running the tests above when reporting the problem to your network admin, ISP or RadioSparx.


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