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Topic: RadioSparx - General Issues and Questions
Article ID: KB3652
Last Reviewed: Aug 15, 2014

RadioSparx Rebroadcasting Subscription

If you are operating an Internet-based or over-the-air radio station or a TV station needing a continuous stream of high-quality music in any genre, RadioSparx can forever solve your music supply and playlist supply problems!

Check Out RadioSparx's Solution  - RadioSparx offers a rebroadcasting subscription service from our RadioSparx website, providing a perfect music supply and playlist solution for both Internet-based and over-the-air broadcast radio companies and operators.  With a rebroadcast subscription from RadioSparx, you can rebroadcast any of the existing station’s playlists, or to build your own playlists as desired for rebroadcasting to your listeners.  

How Does it Work?  -  After you commence a rebroadcast subscription with us, you would simply play the music from RadioSparx and take an audio line-out from that player computer’s sound card and feed the stereo audio signal into your own mixer or broadcast system for further broadcast onto the web or air. The music from RadioSparx can play on any of the following player options:
  • Play from the website on a computer or player device in your office.  The music plays via a standard web browser, and the music player is right on the home page of www.radiosparx.com.
  • Play from the R-Box Pearl player (hardware version, or software version for Windows or Android)
  • Play from the RS-PLAY app (Windows or Android versions available).  

What Do I Get?  -  There are currently 320+ different stations to choose from, and you can also build essentially an unlimited number of your own custom playlists, of your own design, and add tracks to it from our catalog of over 600,000 tracks.  We sign between 50 and 100 new artists each month and they upload new tracks, plus our existing base of over 6,600 composers and artists around the world are constantly uploading new tracks, so there's always great new music tracks coming online, providing you with an endless supply of fantastic new music!

How Much Does it Cost?  -  For new startup companies, the cost for our rebroadcast subscription is $99/month for the first 12 months, for a single stream of music.  On an annual basis thereafter, we review the growth of your business to determine if any increase in pricing is warranted.  If not then it continues forward at the same price rate.  If you are a pre-existing company or organization already in business for more than one year, please send an email to info@radiosparx.com with the following information and we'll provide a price quote:

Information Required for Established Companies
  • Name of your company
  • Years in business
  • Annual operating budget
  • Annual ad sales revenue
  • Estimated listener base (i.e. number of monthly listeners)
  • Geographic broadcast territory (for terrestrial or satellite TV/radio broadcasting)

How Do I Pay?  -  We require a credit card or PayPal subscription to be activated so that we can automate the monthly payment draft.  

Can I Embed Ads Into the Music?  -  Yes, if you wish you can introduce MP3 audio ads into your music stream by uploading and scheduling the start date/time, play interval (in minutes), and an optional end date/time and days of week to play on.  Also, you can create custom schedules of the various stations as desired to have the play schedule change at desired times throughout the day.  This is a GREAT way to monetize your site, by attracting relevant advertisers for the market demographic your station is targeting.

Are There Any Restrictions?  -  Yes, there are a few:
  • Your broadcast may not be used by businesses clients to play the music in their venues, it is only for private listening by the target audience for their own private enjoyment and listening pleasure in their own private home or other non-public location (not in stores or other types of business venues).

  • You may not record the music content for later use.  All music must be streamed directly via the RadioSparx.com website, although it can be intermixed into an external production audio or video stream for your radio or TV station.  Please see our terms of service for any further details.
Please take a listen to the music stations at RadioSparx.com, or you can review our playlists online here:


To commence a rebroadcast subscription, please register at the www.radiosparx.com website and then send your Client ID to info@radiosparx.com with a short note to let us know you wish to start a rebroadcast subscription (for established companies, please make sure to include the necessary info listed in blue above) and we will provide a service quote for you..


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